Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on Muslim persecution of Christians and more

Last night I discussed Muslim persecution of Christians with Michael Coren, in my weekly spot on his Sun TV show.

Libya: Head of Parliament Human Rights Committee flees country after threats, as Christian persecution escalates
Egypt: Mosque used to imprison and torture Christian opponents of Muslim Brotherhood regime
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    It is so true,here are the facts:

    “More than 100,000 Christians killed in 2012,for their Faith,according to Italian Scholar Massimo Introvigne”


    “Ivo Andric(1892-1975),the Greatest Writer in the Serb-Croat Language,wrote about the Muslim Occupation of his Country”

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    Yep, clear those obstacles to the spread of Islam/sharia…I wonder what it feels like to be out smarted by Allah and Mahoundians? I have no experience with that…but it probably doesn’t hurt much…no sense, no feeling…

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    Some stuff to this dubious organsisation called ENAR, mentioned in the interview. Mainly sponsered by EU, its director Michael Privot is a Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood figure and others on the board too.

    ANALYSIS: One European Muslim Brother- The Hour Of His “Coming Out”
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    Michael Privot

    Perhaps the most common criticism leveled at the GMBDR is our use of the term “Global Muslim Brotherhood” which we employ as explained in our FAQ:

    We use the term “Global Muslim Brotherhood” as a shorthand to refer to this global network, which in fact is a closed group of people who work together on closely connected organizations, with interlocking directorships, around the world. A close examination of our work validates this practical approach.

    Over the years, our critics have leveled various accusations against this concept, calling it a “Hollywood Fiction” or labeling it a “myth.” In light of these criticisms, we should explain that before we identify and individual and/or organization as part of the Global Muslim Brotherhood, we carefully examine the relevant considerations such as the background, affiliations, statements, conference participation and other such data pertaining to the question at hand.

    It has come to our attention that one individual so identified has made the rare admission that he is, in fact, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. In November 2008, we posted a story on a a seminar on womens’ issues at the European Parliament which we said ” featured leaders of the European Muslim Brotherhood” and identified Michael Privot, director of the European Network Against racism (ENAR), as one of those Brotherhood leaders. As that post noted:

    Another NEFA report discusses the Brotherhood ties of Michael Privot which include serving as an officer for the Federation of Muslim Youth and Student Organizations (FEMYSO), the youth division of FIOE Over the years, FEMYSO has developed a relationship with both the Council of Europe and the European Commission where it has been invited since 2003 to attend meetings of the Group of Policy Advisers (GOPA). One of the important leaders of FEMYSO over the years has been Ibrahim El-Zayat, the leader of the Islamische Gemeinschaft in Deutschland known to represent the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany.

    A recent Belgian media report announced an online Q&A session to be held with Michael Privot who is described as “an Islamologist and a member of the Musllim Brotherhood”:

    Monday February 27, 2012 “May we still criticize Islam?” In the context of our dossier “May we still criticize Islam?”, ask your questions to Michaël Privot, an Islamologist and a member of the Musllim Brotherhood on Tuesday February 28 between 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM (Belgium Time). You can already send your messages to the following address:

    Further research revealed that Mr. Privot had acknowledged his affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood in a June 2008 Belgian newspaper report in which he obliquely refers to the NEFA report cited above and which had been published only two months earlier. The title of that newspaper article translates roughly to “Muslim Brothers: The Hour of their Coming Out.”

    We consider Mr. Privot’s admission a further vindication of our work and can only speculate if his admission is the harbinger of more such to come as the Global Muslim Brotherhood is being legitimized in light of developments in the Middle East. We can only wonder about the policies of the Council of Europe and the European Commission who would allow an agent of a foreign, covert organization to participate in policy discussions without disclosing his affiliation.

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    U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Reacts To Arrest Of Bin Laden Brother-In-Law
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    GlobalMB @ February 27, 2012

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    Verviers: Hamas headquarters
    The NEFA Foundation recently published a new report: The Muslim Brotherhood in Belgium (PDF)

    According to this report Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have a base in Verviers, through the Al Aqsa charity organization. This organization had been banned in both Germany and the Netherlands on suspicion of supporting Hamas.

    Michel Privot, a convert to Islam living in Verviers, is named in the report as one of the Muslim Brotherhood heads in Verviers. He denies the accusations and warns for the dangers of such reports.

    Privot was also mentioned by former American Ambassador to Belgium, Tom C. Korologos, as a participant in the Belgian-US Muslim dialogue, who said the conference will help in countering ‘extremism fomented by alienation’. The Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organizations, an organization claimed to be controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, is one of the sponsors of this initiative.

    Source: HLN (Dutch)

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    It’s a bit of a paradox for the Canadian Human Rights Commissions because they have been enabling the spread of Shariah Compliant work places and schools.
    The pro-gay HRC’s are just setting the stage for a future where the true Shariah will brutally kill many of the ones on the Left and include the feminsists. Imam Aly was on the Michael Coren show and he opined how he wants Shariah law for canada so women adulters can be hung from light pole as an example to those offending islam and allah.
    Muhammad Elamsry told Michael the “Every israli over 18 is a valid target by terrorists because of the military service rules “.

    Nobady had the guts to go after Aly or Elmasry, plus we now how the HRC’s in bed with the islamists that hide how much they hates feminsts and jews or even gays. BUT, for now these are useful idiots too blind to know about Taqqiyah which they use until thses tools have fullfilled their purpose.
    Pirranna in tanks take their time to earn the trust of the live fish fed to them, they wait to catch the fish off guard and then BOOM!, chump off their tail and then go in for the kill cutting the fish off at the head. I’ve seen it , the pirranna don’t want to waste the energy and use up more calories that they fish is worth.
    Westerners are the goldfishes in the piranna tanks and Obama is the big fish to be eaten fist.