Robert Spencer interviews John Guandolo on John Brennan’s Islam and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration

John Guandolo is the former FBI agent who broke the story that Obama’s nominee for CIA director, John Brennan, converted to Islam while in Saudi Arabia — which would explain why he is so hospitable to the Muslim Brotherhood. Last Wednesday on my ABN show, I interviewed John Guandolo.

Up to 100,000 Christians have fled Muslim Brotherhood Egypt
Former FBI agent says John Brennan converted to Islam in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s
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    Check out:

    “Collection of the 5 Articles that Prove Reza Aslan,Famous Muslim Intellectual,Says Untruths in his “Scholarly” Books”


    “”All Currency is Genuine and Valuable”(Article about Islam and Other Faiths),by Louis Palme”

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    A lot of ground was covered in this exceptional video, worth watching again.

    One of the main points I took from the initial view is the problem is not the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration as much as the willful negligence of the danger of this penetration by elected officials who should know better. After 9/11, the jihad in Spain, Britain, France etc . . .EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

    In the video, John Guandolo remarks about the “superb” technique the Muslim Brotherhood develops to penetrate this (any) government:

    ff 40:35 “Because of their understanding of our system they – and even organizationally, when they go into organizations they DON’T go into ‘leadership’ positions necessarily. They go into advisory roles, policy roles to write policy for the various government agencies because they know how powerful that is AND they go into HR (human resources) departments, so who gets hired and who gets fired. They are superb at what they are doing.”

    Daniel Greenfield (Sultan Knish) puts it in perspective:

    Obama’s worldview did not win. Not in 2008 or 2012. His tactics did.

    We need to change tactics.

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    Excellent video, accounting for many of the perplexing US foreign and domestic policy decisions over the past 12 years.

    It also raises serious question as to when and how US intelligence assets will be turned against its own citizens in the service of the Muslim Brotherhood agenda. Drone strikes against US citizens within the US anyone?

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    I have to say, I find the Guandolo interview to be hugely unconvincing. I may agree with some or all of what he says, but the question is, does he provide any convincing evidence that John Brennan is a secret Muslim?

    The answer is “no”. All Guandolo does is to state that he knows people who know people who know that Brennan fell under the influence of Saudi intelligence, and was a secret convert to Islam because he was such a weak personality.

    You may or may not believe that in your heart of hearts, but you certainly wouldn’t use that as evidence to convince someone who didn’t already share your opinion.

    Guandolo then goes on to expound on the dangers of Saudi intelligence, and Saudi obfuscation in assisting US intelligence to round up al-qaeda terrorists. However, Gaundolo also states that al-qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood have the intention to overthrow the Saudi monarchy. He makes the Saudis out as protecting the people who intend to overthrow them.

    Now, this is not beyond belief, as Muslims are notorious for persecuting other Muslims who don’t share their beliefs. However, I would expect a senior investigative official like Guardolo to at least recognize and address the contradiction.

    Guardolo never really answered the question of why, if Brennan were a secret Muslim, it would make a difference in his performance? Guardolo punted with the assertion that a senior intelligence official should not have the susceptibility that Brennan displayed by letting the Saudis convince him to become a Muslim. But, this whole assertion is a chain of speculation. If Brennan is so susceptible to influence, then send him to Israel, where he will become Zionist and a secret Jew.

    I’m just saying, I don’t think Guandolo brings anything new to the table.