Sharia in action in the mainstream media: Muslim gang-rapes across Europe underreported in press

The Qur’an allows for the owning of sex slaves:

If you fear that you will not act justly towards the orphans, marry such women as seem good to you, two, three, four; but if you fear you will not be equitable, then only one, or what your right hands own; so it is likelier you will not be partial. (Qur’an 4:3)

This verse is the basis for Islamic polygamy, allowing a man to take as many as four wives, as long as he believes he is able to “deal justly” with all of them. But justice in these circumstances is in the eye of the beholder. Ibn Kathir says this the requirement to deal justly with one’s wives is no big deal, since treating them justly isn’t the same as treating them equally: “it is not obligatory to treat them equally, rather it is recommended. So if one does so, that is good, and if not, there is no harm on him.”

The verse goes on to say that if a man cannot deal justly with multiple wives, then he should marry only one, or resort to “what your right hands own” — that is, slave girls.

Slave girls? Maulana Bulandshahri explains the wisdom of this practice, and longs for the good old days:

During Jihad (religion war), many men and women become war captives. The Amirul Mu”minin [leader of the believers, or caliph — an office now vacant] has the choice of distributing them amongst the Mujahidin [warriors of jihad], in which event they will become the property of these Mujahidin. This enslavement is the penalty for disbelief (kufr).

He goes on to explain that this is not ancient history:

None of the injunctions pertaining to slavery have been abrogated in the Shari”ah. The reason that the Muslims of today do not have slaves is because they do not engage in Jihad (religion war). Their wars are fought by the instruction of the disbelievers (kuffar) and are halted by the same felons. The Muslim [sic] have been shackled by such treaties of the disbelievers (kuffar) whereby they cannot enslave anyone in the event of a war. Muslims have been denied a great boon whereby every home could have had a slave. May Allah grant the Muslims the ability to escape the tentacles of the enemy, remain steadfast upon the Din (religion) and engage in Jihad (religion war) according to the injunctions of Shari”ah. Amen!

This is by no means an eccentric or unorthodox view in Islam. The Egyptian Sheikh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni declared in May 2011 that “we are in the era of jihad,” and that as they waged jihad warfare against infidels, Muslims would take slaves. He clarified what he meant in a subsequent interview:

…Jihad is only between Muslims and infidels”¦.Spoils, slaves, and prisoners are only to be taken in war between Muslims and infidels. Muslims in the past conquered, invaded, and took over countries. This is agreed to by all scholars–there is no disagreement on this from any of them, from the smallest to the largest, on the issue of taking spoils and prisoners. The prisoners and spoils are distributed among the fighters, which includes men, women, children, wealth, and so on.

When a slave market is erected, which is a market in which are sold slaves and sex-slaves, which are called in the Qur’an by the name milk al-yamin, “that which your right hands possess” [Qur’an 4:24]. This is a verse from the Qur’an which is still in force, and has not been abrogated. The milk al-yamin are the sex-slaves. You go to the market, look at the sex-slave, and buy her. She becomes like your wife, (but) she doesn’t need a (marriage) contract or a divorce like a free woman, nor does she need a wali. All scholars agree on this point–there is no disagreement from any of them. […] When I want a sex slave, I just go to the market and choose the woman I like and purchase her.

Right around the same time, on May 25, 2011, a female Kuwaiti activist and politician, Salwa al-Mutairi, also spoke out in favor of the Islamic practice of sexual slavery of non-Muslim women, emphasizing that the practice accorded with Islamic law and the parameters of Islamic morality.

…A merchant told me that he would like to have a sex slave. He said he would not be negligent with her, and that Islam permitted this sort of thing. He was speaking the truth”¦.I brought up (this man’s) situation to the muftis in Mecca. I told them that I had a question, since they were men who specialized in what was halal, and what was good, and who loved women. I said, “What is the law of sex slaves?” 

The mufti said, “With the law of sex slaves, there must be a Muslim nation at war with a Christian nation, or a nation which is not of the religion, not of the religion of Islam. And there must be prisoners of war.”

“Is this forbidden by Islam?,” I asked.

“Absolutely not. Sex slaves are not forbidden by Islam. On the contrary, sex slaves are under a different law than the free woman. The free woman must be completely covered except for her face and hands. But the sex slave can be naked from the waist up. She differs a lot from the free woman. While the free woman requires a marriage contract, the sex slave does not–she only needs to be purchased by her husband, and that’s it. Therefore the sex slave is different than the free woman.”

While the savage exploitation of girls and young women is an unfortunately cross-cultural phenomenon, only in Islamic law does it carry anything approaching divine sanction. Here is yet another human rights scandal occasioned by Islamic law that the international human rights community and the mainstream media cravenly ignore.

“Muslim gang-rapes across Europe under-reported in press,” by Katerina Nikolas for the Digital Journal, March 23:

High profile-gang rapes in India have been in the headlines since December. The phenomenon is growing across Europe too, but tends to be under reported due to the high incidence of Muslim perpetrators which makes it politically incorrect to mention.

In December 2011 a Swedish mother-of-two was subjected to a brutal gang-rape by 12 Afghan immigrants in a refugee camp in Mariannelund. Reports stated “The rape was oral, anal and vaginal sometimes with three rapists inside her at the same time while everybody was cheering and clapping. The gruesome rape marathon lasted for 7 hours. 11 suspect may have been involved taking turns while drinking and getting high on drugs. The asylum seekers were cheering and clapping their hands during the rape marathon while calling the victim “whore” and “slut”.”

According to Vimmerby Tidning “The woman went into shock while the rapes were still underway, and has since been in a heavily traumatised state. She is now subject to nightmares and panic attacks, and lives in a psychiatric clinic. She is bound to a wheelchair due to damages to her abdomen, and suffers from faecal incontinence.”

The main perpetrator Rafi Bahaduri, 25, had already committed four other rapes in Sweden. The case is not unique. There is a growing trend of gang-rapes perpetrated against white women by Muslim rapists.

In the U.K. there has been a steady stream of cases where primarily under- privileged young English girls have been targeted, groomed and raped by gangs of what the British press euphemistically refers to as Asian men. However, the published names of the perpetrators are primarily of Pakistan and Afghanistan origin when the gang rapists appear in court. The Asian gangs do not contain rapists from China, Japan, and the Philippines.

Cases have been reported in Rochdale, Rotherham, Derby, Bradford, Blackpool – the list goes on. An article regarding the phenomenon in Standpoint notes: “According to some of the mothers, a fear of being branded racist makes many of the police and social services reluctant to investigate the crimes as organised and connected. One mother from Rotherham, whose 14-year-old daughter was groomed into prostitution and multiply raped during a 12-month period, told me that almost every man convicted of these crimes in the north of England is from Pakistan but that the authorities insist that it is not relevant.”

More and more cases are reported across Europe. The following is just a very small sample (some figures indicate 5,000 gang-rapes occur in France alone each year.)

In October 2011 a British woman was brutally gang-raped by five Afghan refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia. According to the Austrian Times the men were living in a local refugee centre housing 2,500 illegal immigrants.

In June 2011 a 14-year-old Norwegan girl, Eva Helgetun, committed suicide after being gang-raped by three teenage migrants.

In January 2013 the Local reported a 22-year-old woman was gang-raped by five men in Stockholm, the first of three reported gang-rapes in the city this year. Eight Muslim male teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated rape in connection with the three incidents.

In March 2013 a British tourist was gang-raped by three Arab men in a Spanish resort.

The Archbishop of Cranmer’s blog spot details a high-profile disturbing case in France where two teengage girls were the prolonged victims of constant gang-rapes by dozens of Muslim teenagers.

Cranmer states that all the men involved that were eventually convicted were Muslims which leads him to question: “Why is the issue of gang-rape committed by young men identified as belonging to a particular minority background consistently suppressed? Are there reporting restrictions? Infringement of their human rights? A conspiracy of silence?”

The silence across MSM in Europe regarding the growing number of gang-rapes against white women by Muslim men and grooming gangs is indeed deafening.

#MyJihad in Denmark: Muslims get prison for misunderstanding Islam, plotting to "assemble a whole group, go to Europe and murder everything"
San Francisco Examiner aligns with the jihad, attacks Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer over AFDI anti-jihad ads
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  1. says

    “Why is the issue of gang-rape committed by young men identified as belonging to a particular minority background consistently suppressed? Are there reporting restrictions? Infringement of their human rights? A conspiracy of silence?”

    In my opinion… These men should be publicly shamed. Photo, name, religion ALL published in the papers. And each time the press should HOUND their families, Imams, and community leaders pressing them for statements and demanding ANSWERS.

    Free speech is the answer to crushing this type of barbarism – but only if we use it.

    My hat off to Robert, Pamela and the other great freedom fighters.

  2. says

    The rapists may be Muslims, but they are also dark-complected foreigners who bear the awful legacy of Western, White, imperialism and racism.
    That’s why they get a pass. And if you disagree, then you’re a racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic fascist. You’re also no fool.

  3. says

    That is what you get whwn there is no free press like in EUrope. The people do not hear these atrocities there. Only government propaganda. Sounds familiar, Ha?

  4. says

    The thought that bothers me the most is that Western governments may come to recognize and enforce these aspects of Sharia law.

    We seem to be our own worst enemies in these matters. Bill Clinton, while President, bombed the Serbs into submission when they attempted to maintain their own territories.

    Imagine a situation where a Western woman is held as a slave by Muslims who claim they have fought jihad. Even if Western troops are in the area, and capable of defeating the Muslim gangs/posses, it is entirely conceivable the Western troops will be instructed by their governments not to interfere with a situation that is legal under Sharia.

  5. says

    While most of the European politicians, to my knowledge, may not be deliberately intending that women in Europe be raped by Muslims, they are certainly knowingly creating the conditions in which this happens. It is through the importing, and forcing upon European women, the large numbers of violent backwards rapist and racist Muslim immigrants, that this happens. They certainly should be held legally accountable for the vast criminal negligence in creating the totally unnecessary conditions in which this happens. It is at least criminal negligence. They know full well that there has been a massive increase in rapes of European women, and that Muslims are responsible for this increase. The European politicians who continue to insist on keeping the Islamic immigration floodgates open, while all these rapes continue, and continue to increase, must be properly and appropriately tried, convicted, and put away for a very long time for the crimes they have facilitated on the women and girls of Europe. Some day, if we ever get some decent politicians to replace the present batch of criminals, we may be able to put these former leaders and authorities on trial for their ruthless, criminal, and unconscionable facilitation of the rape of women in Europe.

    As for the mainstream media, their cover up, downplaying, spinning, and denial of the massive increase in rapes due to Muslims is most definitely deliberate and is part of a conscious explicit policy. Again, they should be held criminally responsible for obstructing justice, undermining the safety of the society, and facilitating the rape of women and girls and Europe due to their deliberate silencing of the warnings and their deliberate attacks on those who do try to make genuine warnings.

    Exactly which legal charges we should use, and what should be the punishments? 10 years in jail per convict? 20 years? Life in prison? How much is enough? How about hefty fines, on top of the prison?

  6. says

    The short and the long of it here is that were Islam not “restrained” by this or that annoying regulation in the modern world by kuffaars, Islam’s believers, the largest deluded group of human beings in all of history it should be clear by now, would be even worse respecting regular abuse of basic human rights.

    What really ticks me off, more and more with each passing year, are all those out there, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, who keep making apologies, excuses aplenty, for Islam all the while they contend that Islam CAN fit in with the modern world. I’m referring here to the Jassers, the Manjis and, yes, the Pipes, who simply refuse to connect all the dots and come to the only sane conclusion that a sane person should come to about Islam—-that it’s egregious, that it’s a monstrosity from its inception, and that all that sensibly (and safely) that should be done with it is to once and for all put it, ALL of it, on the trash heap of history.

    In brief, the apologists for any kind of Islam are even a greater obstacle than the hoard that wants to implement Islam in its entirety on all of us. Again can be seen that interference for evil is so often worse than evil itself. In brief again, the Chamberlains of this world are the ultimate problem, not the Hitlers.

  7. says

    I’m becoming very tired of the inaction on the part of the European population I mean sure ok the politicians suck but these people are voted in again and again by the European people. What’s wrong with the Europeans can they not understand that they need to vote more for people like Wilders in my opinion these rapes should continue and start to occur more regualry until the European people decided to wake up and fight back until then I have zero sympathy for these people.

  8. says

    Coincidentally, I was lunching at an upmarket place restaurant and could not help overhearing a relatively audible conversation between two pretty dressy, in their lower 30s my reckoning, women. One of them was advising the other about the wonderful conditions there are for women in UAE and explaining in details how to obtain an entry visa.

    I could not help wondering, exactly what are these women or others like them find it so attractive to go to Muslim countries that endorses raping infidel women. After reading the report above, it is hard not to conclude that is the price we pay to have equal rights for everyone. We will NEVER know how many western and other women are raped throughout in the Islamic countries. We can educate everyone about the dangers of Islam – there will be still enough people, including women, who will venture into the Islamic “parasites” willingly – there is a classic rape case of Lara Logan in egypt. She stated “.what really struck me was how merciless they were. They really enjoyed my pain and suffering. It incited them to more violence.””.

    If anyone wants to have a dialogue with these people without referring to the source of their savagery behaviour has sent his brain out for a lunch.

  9. says

    In December 2011 a Swedish mother-of-two was subjected to a brutal gang-rape by 12 Afghan immigrants in a refugee camp in Mariannelund…

    The main perpetrator Rafi Bahaduri, 25, had already committed four other rapes in Sweden. The case is not unique. There is a growing trend of gang-rapes perpetrated against white women by Muslim rapists…

    In October 2011 a British woman was brutally gang-raped by five Afghan refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia.

    “Refugees””*that’s* how these brutal gang rapists are gaining access to the West. How many other “refugees” are known for *gang rapes*?

    This is more infiltration than anything else.

    And the European authorities are are allowing this to continue”indeed, are encouraging more of it.

    How much worse is this likely to get with the final American withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan? Muslims will make both places such violent hell-holes”even worse than they are now”that the West will feel obligated to give more of them “refuge””and Western women, regarded as no more than “possessions of the right hand” are the ones who will suffer.


    Cranmer states that all the men involved that were eventually convicted were Muslims which leads him to question: “Why is the issue of gang-rape committed by young men identified as belonging to a particular minority background consistently suppressed? Are there reporting restrictions? Infringement of their human rights? A conspiracy of silence?”

    Why, because they are all “refugees””all “victims”. Never mind that they are all ‘victims’ of Islam, the very creed they are taking with them into the West, which leads them to become rapists.

    Madness, and suicidal madness.

  10. says

    What was the Swedish mother-of-two doing in a refugee camp which appeared to be full of single men? Perhaps she was there as a volunteer? Why was there no Swedish personnel nearby who could hear what was heppening for SEVEN HOURS? Doesn’t anyone call the “refugees” for dinner? From where did the drugs come? Did nobody hear the men cheering?

    This is absolutely horrific.

    Were the rapists given “asylum”? I would bet they were not sent straight back to Pakistan. After all, this incident did not become well-known, and maybe was hushed up by officials who are under the thumb from the government, which condones ANY CRIME done in the process of changing the demographic composition of the country.

    A man in South Sudan was telling me one day about the southern Sudanese in Khartoum. He gave me many examples of how the southern people, who had fled to Khartoum after war and atrocities against them, yet believed Islam to be superior. For instance, he told me of a Catholic church which had a celebration and killed a cow; only they didn’t kill it themselves, they brought in a Muslim to kill it which chanting Allahu Ackbar.

    Victims of rape or other Islamic abuse must hear from all sides how superior Islam is, and swallow it to the point where some must actually believe it. I think of girls in my country who have been brutally raped by Muslims yet must hear, daily, politicians and journalists praise Islam and rustle Muslims into the country and bestow endless favours on them. It must be very hard to bear, or perhaps like some of those southern Sudanese they cannot join the dots for psychological reasons.

  11. says

    No, you are not joking. You are merely a fool. Yes, I know it is disgusting. That is why I called it such. And IF, repeat IF, you were familiar with the history of the war with islam, you wouldn’t make such a stupid statement. When you fight with civilized people, you are, if civilized, bound by rules of warfare and conduct. Queensbury rules on a small scale, rules of war on a large scale. When you are dealing with a psychotic nation or individual, you do NOT fight clean and honourable. You meet force with force, and if what you do sickens you, and it does any soldier with honour, and you must do it to preserve the civilization behind your back,you do it. And civilized people do NOT start wars.

    If you were familiar with the history of war in the last century, you would not make such a stupid statement.

    Atomic weapons used against Japan? Should not have been done as it was. The MILITARY wanted a bomb dropped on a deserted island to demonstrate what would happen if surrender was not agreed to…. Politicians over ruled what should have been done.

    Perhaps you should study the siege of Malta? No, that would require you to actually know something about the subject.

    Oh, and since I am NOT the one initiating conflict or attacking women in a cowardly and sub animal mob… Suggesting that I am no better than them, again, you are merely being stupid. Or a muslim. I do not WISH to inflict such on ANYONE.

    It sickens me to think about it. But I do not wish to lose against those who are lower than animals, and proud of it.

    And that does not make me the same as them. If you cannot see that, it is a waste of time to bother with you.

  12. says

    Learning self-defense is important at the level of the individual, especially due to the Muslim presence. Non-Muslim girls and women, in particular, need to be taught self-defense and specific counterattack methods to debilitate rapists, and should learn to use various kinds of weapons.

    However, we must not lose sight of the bigger picture. The long-term demographic picture in the West is such that it will be physically impossible for non-Muslims to endlessly fend off violent young Muslim males year after year, as the latter eventually will become more numerous than the former. The more obvious point of course–call it the raging stampede of elephants in the room–is that there shouldn’t be so many Muslims here in the first place. If there were no Muslims here, there would be no Islam problem. Remove the Muslims, and you remove the Islam problem. Hence, the main part of the solution to the Islam problem in the west is (a) ending most or all Islamic immigration, and (b) removal of most or all Muslims from the west. Both a and b are required; they are not the only important countermeasures in a comprehensive plan, but they are the most important. Any proposed solution that does not include a and b is a probably waste of time and probably self-defeating.

    These actions of course are not likely going to happen. The prospect of their implementation becomes less likely, and less feasible, with each passing year. I could go over again the numerous reasons why I believe the West is probably cooked, and why various alternatives to a and b are not likely to work or not as effective as a and b, but, having done so numerous times previously in these threads I think I will pass at the moment.

  13. says

    Aids is coming to the Muslim communities big time. They are heavily exposed to infections by taking part in gang rapes. Muslims in particular are vulnerable because they don’t use condoms. Nearly all men and boys will already have chlamydia from girls who have been infected but they won’t know it because it’s not obvious in males. The infection, if untreated will render them impotent – and rightly so.

  14. says

    My uncle was executed by the Japanese in WW2 and my father served there fighting them as well.

    He told me about the fanaticism with which they fought and how the Geneva Convention was laughed at by a Japanese officer who blew his own head off with a grenade rather than surrender. My father was a Christian in 1941. By 1945 he routinely shot Japanese wounded unless naked and hands up and in a combat lull and he bayoneted every Japanese body that he saw, to be certain.

    It took him 10 years to go back into a church and after he discovered the fate of his brother he could not look at a Japanese tourist ever. Yet before his death he realised the impact of their indoctrination and in his way he forgave them.

    The Japanese brought themselves into the 20th century with some help and have thrived.

    Islam and Muslim countries will NOT change until FORCED to do so. The rapes will escalate in the west as will all of the violence. Remember the John Howard gun laws? THIRTY shootings in NSW and its not even April/ 90% by…you guessed it…. Muslims.
    Muslims do NOT obey our laws yet we protect them with ours.
    Islam should be outlawed as was national socialism and its supporters legally targeted en masse and forced to moderate or emigrate and not “moderate” by word but by act.

    This ideology ONLY responds to ONE action and that is greater violence. Why do you think that the conquerors of Spain, the conquistadors were so cruel?
    They had learnt the HARD way that there is only ONE way to fight Islam: by being more violent.

    Now the PC wonders and the bleeding hearts will probably have me deleted here but I was a pacifist until I FELT its uselessness versus fanatics and yes, I have the scars to prove it. I was also anti the death penalty.
    Not anymore.
    These mass rapists. any mass rapists, should not be gaoled or deported but shot out of hand.
    Just like all serial killers or mass murderers.

    But, alas we have NO ONE in Canberra who protects our rights and our culture: we only have the choice of the lunatic leftists who will produce a Sharia state here within 50 yrs or the Multinational LNP who wont dare rock the oil share boat. All gutless, clueless wonders. The only one with a clue (and she targeted the wrong group unless by “Asian” she meant Muslims) was Pauline Hanson and look at what the mongrels did after they united out of fear to remove her.

    A tactical nuke at a dual sitting might be good in theory but there are plenty of ACTU bludgers only too willing to jump onto the money wagon while the ruling elite always have more of their talking heads in reserve. We NEED a new party and a NEW leader. But where could we find our Churchill or our Lincoln?

    My wife was shopping the other day. A Muslim child ran into her trolley and knocked himself over. She helped him up and for some strange reason, apologised to the mother about how sorry she was despite it being totally his fault.
    The Muslim mother’s reply: “not as sorry as you will be when we take over”.
    My wife thinks she meant it. I know that she does.

  15. says

    The punishment for this pond life should be death by firing squad. However, the bullets should first be dipped in the blood of pigs. The bodies should then be buried wrapped in the intestines of pigs. Muslims fear the pig so let us use the pig against them!

  16. says

    Tommo. I ceased to be a pacifist when those beating me repeatedly boasted openly about how easy I made it for them. I realised then that it does not work with fanatics or those with no conscience. I was 14 and that was the last straw with my Christianity as it had already been 99% eroded by the below.

    Not trying to disparage your comment but I read that book along with “The Scourge of the Swastika” when I was ten. After that I read everything I could on the Holocaust and over the years I have talked with Concentration Camp survivors, one Einzatzgruppen survivor and exSS although mostly WaffenSS as opposed to Totenkopf. Most of the former SS sought redemption even if they were not involved in the camps or killings, but not all. One was Totenkopf and a fanatical anti-Semitic man in his 80s who still smiled when he thought of the Jews that he had helped to kill and how the hell he managed to migrate from Egypt to here was anyone’s guess. He was dying and he still hated. Why he told me I don’t know as I did not ask him unlike the others but I saw the axillary tattoo and said nothing (I was tired it was 4am)then he spoke. He died at 6am.
    I hope his victims met him upon his arrival.

  17. says

    Sophronius……a Pershing man…….one like me. If you go to war you go to win or you stay home.

    The aim of war is to win not placate the enemy.
    I would be dropping c4 filled dead pigs all over Caliphate remnants.
    Nuclear powered carriers can make JP4 from sea water using catalysts and energy which makes me wonder why we still need oil so much when we do have safe Nuclear plants. Ohh that is right!! The ruling western elite all have large amounts of oil shares.

    Sure they could use the oil weapon and we could withdraw ALL western technicians from each country which did so and let them run it themselves. There is a substitute for oil but not when western money is involved. We made our own oil here from still vast shale reserves although I think there are better fuel sources available but strangely not pushed.

  18. says

    Tommo…sorry I meant to add that I have been “Q” for almost its start (my wife said..does that mean I am “queer” as she looked over my shoulder and I said:”Well you married me. Surely you know by now” : ).

    Dammit I will be stoned next.

    I loved Pat Condell’s “Flying Pigs”

    ramble over and out

  19. says

    I’ve read the comments. I’m largely with westerncanadian but would go much further.

    1. the ONLY punishment for such barbarians comes from the barrel of a gun.(not just for muslims I must add)
    Perhaps a guillotine to “respect” (so PC) the islamic penchant for beheading. Ooops, we ultra liberal westerners have stupidly discontinued capital punishment as “too extreme” and “uncivilised”.
    If “civilisation” allows rape and murder and much else with minimal punishment then I am living in a very silly world which surprisingly reflects sharia law when it comes to dealing with islamic perpetrators – and others for now but that will change when they get the upper hand.

    Wake up call. I AM. MY instinct would select alternative and devastating punishment. It worked in my youth long ago in a “coal” community and police and lawyers were rarely involved. My advice? Look to the animal world. THEY kill or exile those who threaten the natural order, or otherwise deal with it in unpretty fashion. If they hadn’t then you would no longer see, say, lions and tigers.

    2.Deport ALL of the perpetrators’ “extended family”, good or bad. Time is running out on that one because Pakistan, for example, only goes as far as “those whose grandparents were born in Pakistan” Given the breeding habits of ex Pakistanis (and others of muslim persuasion) then time really is running out. Those of Pakistani origin are the major perpetrators of “grooming” and gang rape of the indigenous girls in the UK. Most ARE muslim even though “non practising” – the media usually emphasise that. I am a non practising Christian but I still always follow Christian principles. Go figure. Me? Well I am starting to wonder if my abhorrence of “paki-bashing” in the 1960s may have been displaced. I have since seen quintessential English districts which I knew become “little Pakistan” no-go areas.

    Butterfly, I think you need to re-evaluate the real world. I wonder where you live and whether you have actually been exposed to the reality.

  20. says

    I receive quite a lot of mail through those related to my once occupation. It is the usual general stuff: jokes, nice pics, the rare bare D cup, an unusual car, a crashing plane etc. But over the last 2 years(and I have been online since the start thanks to work) I have noticed an increasing tsunami of “everyman’s” opinions of Muslim here, the boat people and the totally gutless wonders that we have for “leaders”.
    Fifteen years ago there was the odd comment and complaint and camel/goat joke. But since 11/9 it naturally increased slowly over the years as Mr Average opened his eyes.
    But since the election of the ALP here the dissent is incredible. If I do not receive a daily mail about muslims/madrassas/mosques/burkhas/rape/shootings/illegal immigrants it simply means that I have not logged on.

    No one in the LNP is taking the slightest notice and they have now gagged Sen Bernardi our once hope while the ALP glow as Muslims vote ALP (until they can replace the greens.)

    But NO ONE seems interested in “Us”: not the media, not the academics or the current affairs programs who merely stick the odd toe in.
    What the politicians in this country are doing is slowly but surely creating a 1933 Germany aura where the backlash could be quite violent UNLESS they do something and soon.
    Even Mr trade unionist is becoming fed up as his wife gets pushed out of a queue by an illegal wearing a burkha and on a benefit but driving a car that he cannot even afford.

    It is NOT impossible here that the Eureka Flag could well be flown at the head of a new and pro Australian party and then gang rape will get exactly what it deserves.

  21. says

    When one reads the news stories such as these –and these days eventhe MSM seem more tuned in– and then read the comments here, the outcome appears increasingly polarized. Either the outrages will continue until the West is thoroughly cowed to the point of extinction or committees of vigilance will arise, given the lethargy of the police response. And this will be tantamount to civil war.

    It’s difficult to believe that those in a position of setting policy are unaware of this. The question is what their contingency plans are in either case.

  22. says


    It’s not a vast Lefto/Islamo conspiracy, just to many otherwise nice folks lost in PC/MC dreamland.

    Got it.

    Enter Obama and tribe.

    Questions anyone?

  23. says

    Any conspiracy theory should be judged on it’s own merits, or more often, it’s complete lack of merit.

    There HAVE been conspiracies, soviet infiltration of British intelligence units springing to mind…

    And yes, most conspiracy theories are complete rubbish.

    One possible tool to consider when hearing of such theories, would be: How many people are in on it. A few, several dozen, hundreds, thousands???? The larger the number, the larger the likelihood that it is rubbish.

    It only takes a few, at most dozens of people to infiltrate and weaken a government, branch of government, chain of command, small scientific establishments. For conspiracies of intent, a fairly reliable tool.

    But for a conspiracy of attitude… Raise/educate a generation of ‘journalists’ who are idiots and useful (to some) idiots at that…. A cultural conspiracy if you will. A small percentage of a population, out of ignorance and self importance, reducing the bulk of the population to the status of sheep. All for their own good, of course. A social/political conspiracy, one called politically correct. Plausible.

    A deliberate take over of a department of justice, removing or rendering ineffective anyone actually dedicated to justice, and installing radicals who wish to force a distortion of the concept of justice on a culture or country. Plausible, but possible to expose, we hope.

    A gradual take over of institutions of higher learning, with the intent of rendering alternative viewpoints unheard or unacceptable. Plausible.

    A couple of dozen fools, hypocrites or otherwise morally compromised thugs in positions of trust in news services such a AP. Any news item not on the approved list, remains local. Period. Very feasible. And the alternative media (on steroids, soon we hope) is the antidote.

    How many motivated people would it take to succeed in a conspiracy of intent?? How many is too many?

    Rather off topic.

    And more:

    The ultimate conspiracy: Conspiring to produce absurd false conspiracies, with the intent of rendering the concept of conspiracy beyond the ken, to allow actual conspiracies to succeed.

    I need more sleep.

    The muslim response to brutality committed against rather than by them, could depend on the violence being targeted to the more absurd aspects of muslim ego: Not just random terror, but violence designed to separate them from their standing as muslims…

    You can find historians who will support and others who will deny, the response to islamic (RTC) terrorism in prior centuries: Any captured jihadis in the Philippines would be shot, their bodies wrapped in pig skins, and burned. And the occasional prisoner would be placed in a situation where escape was possible, to ensure that other jihadi/murderers would know what fate awaited them. It worked.

    Obviously, islam so twists the mind that ANY response or no response to a given counter-attack, is not cast in stone.

    These poor fools insist that Jews and Christians ‘tie allahs hands’ with certain beliefs… Two errors in that, only muslims worship allah, and their “beliefs’ that the bloody koran does tie allahs hands since it cannot be changed, is a short demo of how demented islam and its primary victims are.

    Islam: a conspiracy of ignorance and hatred. Huge number of conspirators, being the exception that tests the rule.

  24. says


    I have never liked the LNP although I have time for Bernardi (now muzzled.)

    Now that the greens have shown their true colours. But there is NO ONE who truly represents the majority here. A major third party is regarded as a destabilising force in most politics and while they all combined to remove Pauline Hanson none have tried to remove the far more dangerous Greens.

    I quite enjoyed wading through Lemonlime’s post trying to find the hidden point. I see it now but that was also(although far less academically stated) my own point. The politicians do something (which they wont) or a THIRD party arises to shove the Greens back into their red hell, This party will be the ONLY way to stop antiIslam violence from spewing forth everywhere.

    I found the West article quite shocking with regards to its implications: those who cannot shoot at Taliban hiding behind women and children will be allowed to target such as well as the women and children in the Homeland if antiIslamic violence breaks out. The moral and political consequences of the acts discussed by her are so shocking that they have the aura of the Russian Civil war about them and so they should as the US state has MUCH for which to answer.
    I have had contempt for the US state for decades (not its people) and it is only that we are supposed to be their ally that has me even near their side and I do NOT trust them for one second. We are the US’s most faithful ally but if we were nuked, would the US retaliate in kind? No Way!!! Loads of sympathy and blankets but no nuke back to the source.

    So my point: create a Third party, stop the boats, make it clear: our constitution or back to the Middle east and the USA can go to hell by itself. Otherwise there WILL be vigilante violence:civilians have a definite, finite limit.

    BTW I can see NHS troops killing fellow US citizens because they are told to do so.
    But I truly wonder if any similar troops in this country would obey such orders and I can tell you that I know SAS men have told their leader to “get ****ed” upon receipt of at least one order tinged with same although if this is general or exception I have no idea.

  25. says

    I have read your comment several times over, as well as my own, in order to better understand the point you are raising and how your posting was triggered by mine. So let me start by stating that my comments were attempting to extrapolate to a wider social context than that represented by this blog. Here’s how I came to my extrapolation.

    There are three tools I used in formulating my post. First, I asked myself what the facts of the case are. It is hard to say with great certainty. While by now I trust much of what I read on this site due to the diligence of Mr. Spencer in providing references and full context, there can never be substitute for searching for corroboration. This is time-consuming and sometimes impossible to do directly for the average citizen. Which is why the second and third tools are so important: To ask “Who benefits?” and to use Occam’s razor to pare that down even at the expense of one’s predispositions.

    What are the facts? Mohammedan presence in the West has JUMPED in the past few decades. Mohammedism preaches Jihad fi sabillah. The West has sustained unprovoked attacks on its territory throughout Mohammedism’s history and in the present day jihad attacks have taken place in the US, UK, Spain, France and Israel — in the last case almost continuously. And in case it be lost on anybody, the 9/11 attacks were the most devastating suffered by the US EVER, dwarfing the Pearl Harbor attacks. But whereas the fact is that in 1941, the day after the attack, the President of the US clearly condemned the perpetrators…not just the pilots that flew the planes but the society that had placed itself on a collision course with the US. In 2001, in the days following the attack, the President of the US did condemn the immediate agents of the attack but left us to wonder at these words: “Islam is a religion the very name of which means ‘Peace.'” This appalling utterance too is a matter of fact.

    Further facts to be processed: Mohammedism refuses to condemn slavery, their persecution of what they call “unbelievers” and the chattel status of women under shariah. Historical accounts, if they are to be believed, are replete with examples of Mohammedans using violence –including rape– to terrorize and subjugate communities they felt to be susceptible to such intimidation.

    Now it is reasonable to expect that the any responsible government would get clear intelligence on the threat facing it in the wake of the 9/11 attacks; that a coherent policy would be drafted and implemented. Such a policy would account for the total toxicity of large-scale Moslem presence in the West, using the numerous historical precedents to show the way. The Holy Land trial and its glaring evidence concerning the Enemy’s intent could have been placed, at that time, front and center in US foreign policy towards Mohammedan-dominated countries with a clear message: If you’re in bed with these guys it will have serious repercussions on relationships with the US. I don’t recall that ever happening.

    I don’t have enough facts at hand to say that politician’s in the West are part of an “evil cabal” but I am cynical enough to believe that the first job of any politician is to get elected and stay that way. And that takes money. And who, with enough money and an agenda, benefits by buying influence on BOTH sides of the aisle that results in government blindness? Or who, with enough money and an agenda, benefits by instituting chairs in Universities and where the painstaking work of critical analysis concerning Islam from earlier scholars is now so easily overturned. Revolutions in thought and paradigm shifts are not unknown, but they have been heretofore accompanied by a better explanation of the facts, not hiding of the facts, particularly those that are awkward.

    So we come to it: the increase is Mohammedan-perpetrated rapes and the underreportage in the media. If the comments here can be taken as a sample of the opinions held at large, –and without censuring anybody directly or indirectly for making them– then it’s clear that there is a great upwelling, of righteous anger, “righteous” that is, if the reports of Moslem sex depredations are true.

    A big “unknown” of course is how representative such opinions are of the general public’s opinion at present. But if these crimes continue to rise, it is inevitable that a greater percentage of the population will become aware of the situation. And most will not like it one bit. You can’t hide what’s happening on the street. And that’s pretty much a fact too.

    So without direct appeal to the animating motives of the “Cabal of politicians” up to now, I ask: Is there anybody who has a plan? Is there anybody discussing where this could lead? With all the resources those elected officials have at hand and with all the very perplexing decisions made in foreign and domestic policy, I don’t think it at all paranoid to ask.

  26. says

    As King of the World…
    All mosques in the West would be razed. They are places where Islam is taught and its spread must be stopped. The Sharia would be outlawed. Men and women are legally equal and, though sanctioned by the Qur’an, slavery, rape, and marrying children are crimes. A massive public information campaign would ensue. Not propaganda, but the truth, Islam’s word and deed in practice, all of its Technicolor horror would be common knowledge to all. Islam would be treated as any other murderous cult and shunned by decent folks. Muslims would have a simple choice, live by our laws or leave. Islam and Muslims would be isolated to their places, no help, no money, no food, nothing. They either make it by their own hand or die. No one was mutilated, no one tortured — we leave them to their vices and prevent those vices from escaping — by force. We, as a people, have the right to decide what is acceptable in our culture and what is not.

    Since there is no King of the World…
    There’s no effective humane way to deal with barbarians without the government’s help, on a grand scale anyway. Therefore, the most effective, logical way, to do something about barbarians is to mass protest our governments and force them act in our interest. We all know this is not going to happen. There’s too much political correctness, corruption, and money involved. Besides that, here in the States, the vast majority doesn’t know or care about this problem. So, game theory evolves into reality. True Believing Muslims commit the unimaginable which finally provokes the Kafir’s simmering wrath. They strike with a righteous vengeance. There’s blood in the streets. Muslims retaliate. More blood. We Infidels do the same. More blood. And so it goes, neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city, whole countries engulfed. Just a few days into it and there’s a full blown war in the streets, mob rule. Governments declare martial law and it’s ignored. It’s too late for government. They are impotent to the momentum but they try anyway. In comes the military to restore “peace” only to find they are not welcomed by either side, because they won’t pick a side (see above – political correctness, corruption, and money). Then, not surprisingly, other governments with an interest in the conflict get involved. Suddenly, we’re in WWIII.

    Now, no one else may see this scenario, or, perhaps it unfolds differently for them, but does anyone see an alternative to this mess our leaders dumped in our lap? Do you see a happy ending? If so, I’d love to hear it.

    Mob rule is their way, rule of law is ours. When we lower ourselves to mob rule and become “like them” we’re only hurting ourselves, our families and our future. And if you’re a person of conscience, you’ll have to live with yourself because mobs, from either side, don’t play by rules. The “enemy” is every man, woman, and child – your husband, your wife, your child. To see your loved ones succumbed by a mob must be fate worse than dying. Conversely, imagine yourself in a mob, “dealing” with the enemy and they are being defended by women and children. We know jihadists do this. We’ve seen it time and time again. It’s a proven strategy. Do you kill them to get to the ones who deserve killing? Of course you do, you’re in a mob! No rules, remember?

    Sorry, I will defend me and mine but I will not be “like them.” Not ever.

  27. says

    butterfly, you say castration and penisectomy is barbaric. you are right. castration and penisectomy has been standard treatment meted out by the religion of peace to african slaves for centuries. when a muslim castrates and penisectomizes an african slave, it is merely a wise precaution, after all, they dont want the africans molesting the white women they have enslaved and who populate the harems of rich and powerful muslims. of course, there is nothing barbaric about enslaving those women either, because their men, after all, did fail to kill the muslims kidnapping their women, therefore the women deserve it. however, if a vile muslim rapist were castrated and penisectomized by an infidel, that of course would be barbaric. you will probably make a wonderful slave, when your favorite religion wins the breeding war being financed by fools in the west. enjoy your own genital mutilation when you encounter it. muslims are, after all, nonsexist in one thing–they genitally mutilate both sexes.

  28. says

    “Imagine a situation where a Western woman is held as a slave by Muslims who claim they have fought jihad.”

    Imagine? It has been happening to some extent for the past 1400 years. It’s happening now in Europe, especially see the numerous cases reported in the U.K., where the problem is now systemic.

  29. says

    I have lots of sympathy for the women and girls who are raped. It is in part that sympathy, along with other motivations such as for justice and basic security, which leads to my opposition to the Islamization of Europe or of anywhere else.

    You want the majority of European people to stand up and fight back. I agree, they should. But to conceive of the nature and practical feasibility of that fighting back, you have to first appreciate the extent of the problem of inhibitions on the possibility of fighting back. If you publicly oppose sharia and Islamization in Europe, you are branded by the authorities and media as an outcast, you stand a chance of being thrown in jail for merely expressing an opinion, you may well lose your job, and of course you and your loved ones will be threatened and quite possibly attacked and killed by Muslims and Leftists.

    For someone to publicly push back against Islamization and sharia in Europe, is roughly equivalent to an ex-Muslim in a Muslim country coming out and publicly, in his her own name and identity, criticizing Islam and Muhammad in public.

    A far greater crime than the inaction/ignorance/indifference on the part of most Europeans (or Canadians, Americans, etc.)–who at least want Islamization to be stopped–is the crime being perpetrated by the authorities who are actually facilitating the destruction and replacement of Europe and its peoples. Let us not put the ordinary European in the same category as politicians and authorities who are acting in a manner that is the opposite of what most Europeans want. Let us not put the victim in the same category as the criminal. Blaming the ordinary European is like blaming a rape victim for not fighting back.

    Polls have shown that Europeans for example are opposed to Islamic immigration. These polls and popular views are known to the politicians, who continue to act contrary to the wishes of the majority. The politicians who are currently installed will not reverse the Islamic mass immigration policies. Due to their ideological commitments, they are hell-bent on turning Europe into what they believe will be a modern-day Andalusian (and delusional) multicultural paradise. These politicians have to be replaced.

    Do the Europeans have the option of voting for reasonable viable candidates who would oppose Islam? There aren’t many. Most of what’s on the menu is either multiculturalist (which in this case entails a dominant position for Islam) or fascist-leaning. It is up to Europeans to come up with reasonable parties that appeal to the mainstream while opposing Islamization. To do this, enough people are going to have to come out in public and put their careers and their lives on the line. That’s what it takes.

  30. says

    Shaming them is impossible. They don’t know the meaning of the word. The only punishment that might begin to make an impression on these thugs is immediate and summary DEPORTATION for them and their entire extended families. Refugee, shefmugee!
    And ban the entire clan from from ever setting foot outside Afghanistan unless it is to another OIC country.

  31. says

    “Polls have shown that Europeans for example are opposed to Islamic immigration. These polls and popular views are known to the politicians, who continue to act contrary to the wishes of the majority.”

    People may oppose Islamic immigration but they’re not willing to take the necessary steps to stop it. They’re not willing to vote out those who support it. People have to choose. If the choice is between saving Europe from Islam and saving social benefits for themselves, more people will choose the latter. That’s where their priorities are: making life more comfortable in the short term. That’s the sad part about democracy. We get the government we deserve.
    No need to worry. The US is in the same boat. We’ll sink together.

  32. says

    Shaming would have no effect, they are so sick and twisted they are PROUD of what they do. In dealing with lower than gutter bullies and thugs like these, the response cannot be in any way a mild one. These criminals would respond only to something that would horrify them.

    As disgusting as the following suggestion is, anything short of this would be ineffective, and the horror it would instil would not lend the recipients to “exalted” status as “martyrs”.

    Total castration. Not just the testes, but the penis as well. Followed by deportation, and absolutely minimal medical support. Any family members would also have to be ejected, and barred from ever returning.

    A further suggestion: The sentence is to be carried out publicly, and with a chainsaw.

    And I am not joking.

  33. says

    “Total castration. Not just the testes, but the penis as well. Followed by deportation, and absolutely minimal medical support.”

    That’s barbaric. That “horror” you wish to inflict makes you no different from them. When we become ‘like them’ we have lost.

    And I’m not joking.

  34. says

    PJG wrote:

    What was the Swedish mother-of-two doing in a refugee camp which appeared to be full of single men? Perhaps she was there as a volunteer?

    Almost certainly so, PJG. This was almost certainly the case with this victim, as well:

    “In October 2011 a British woman was brutally gang-raped by five Afghan refugees in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia.”

    That is, Muslims were gleefully gang raping a woman”and calling her “whore” and “slut””*even though she was there to help poor “refugees”.

    This is exactly like the pious Muslims in Dar-al-Islam who slaughter aid workers, doctors, and teachers who go to the hell-holes of the Muslim world in order to help Muslims.

    God, I hate Islam.

  35. says

    Butterfly wrote, in reply to Western Canadian:

    That’s barbaric. That “horror” you wish to inflict makes you no different from them. When we become ‘like them’ we have lost.

    And I’m not joking.

    Butterfly, I agree that Western Canadian’s comments were over the top, probably out of frustration.

    But do you realize what you are doing here? Here is a case of innocent women’several, as noted, actually volunteering to aid Muslim refugees”who are brutally gang raped, all on the principles of Islam.

    And what so so many Westerners do? Fret that if we take *any* action against these savage rapists, that we are’somehow””just like them”.

    This is absurd”and it means that, year after year, we continue to invite these barbarians into our midst to prey upon us. And with nary a peep, lest we be considered “Islamophobic”.,

  36. says

    I agree with butterfly. When we become like them, we have lost. We don’t need to kill or even to castrate.

    But we do need to enforce our more “civilised” punishments. Twenty years in jail should mean twenty years actually in jail, not two years and a good behaviour bond. Criminal asylum seekers should be denied asylum – they should be sent straight home after they have served their term.

    People whose crime was directly inspired by religion should not receive any religious concessions in jail. On the contrary, if the crime was inspired by Islam (I’m not talking about a petty misdemeanour committed by a bored or angry teenager who just happened to be a Muslim), the criminal should be directly exposed to Islamic deprogramming. The usual therapy of trying to engender some victim-empathy should be combined with a deliberate campaign of teaching disrespect for the example of Muhammad.

    It’s obvious who inspired the rape of a kuffir woman whom the Muslims just happened to capture.

    Muhammad said it was all right to rape captives. In fact Muhammad implied that rape was allowed in any situation where sex was allowed. He did not address the issue of the women’s consent at all; he only addressed whether their husbands or fathers still had any rights over their persons. They did not.

    Muhammad raped Juwayriya. He gave her the “choice” of marrying himself, marrying a notorious wife-beater or watching what (undefined) he chose to do to 200 of her relatives who had also fallen into his power, including her own father.

    Muhammad raped Rayhana. When she said she didn’t want to marry him (because he had just killed her husband) he chose not to understand that she didn’t want him to touch her at all. He interpreted her words as her desire to be his sex-slave.

    Muhammad raped Safiya. He has already killed 700 members of her tribe, including husband, father and brother, when he proposed to her. Safiya was a friend of Rayhana’s, so she already knew that refusing the marriage-proposal would not excuse her from sex-slavery.

    Muhammad raped three other slaves who had fallen into his possession. They had no legal right to say no.

    A girl called Mulayka agreed to marry Muhammad to please her family. But she said afterwards that she wouldn’t have agreed if she had known that Muhammad was the one who had killed her father. But does a modern Muslim understand that Muhammad had withheld essential information – that this was to all practical purposes a rape?

    I don’t see how we can de-programme the criminals unless we enforce the idea that Muhammad is not worthy of their allegiance.

  37. says

    Thank you gi, for the not actual support, but the awareness shown in your comment. I have know a considerable number of military men, and am aware of how brutal they have been forced to be. And amazed at how they still manage to be civilized and even gentle men. Truly amazing. I have seen film of south american pilots, crying when they saw the damage done to British soldiers and naval crew, by the mission they flew (falklands). There is nothing uglier or more depraved than going to war. It is never ‘glorious’, it is always a failure of the most extreme kind. Mere people do not make war. Governments or ruling bodies do.

    Would it be possible to cut off the head of the snake of islam without mass slaughter? Yes, but it will sadly not happen. Governments and rulers will fail (the west), or seek war (islam). And the brutality that western soldiers resorted to, came closer to killing them then any action of the axis powers. They did not want to do what they had to do. But they did it.

    And it sickens me to think that it is going to happen again. And this time, we just might lose.

    If we do lose, the human race might not even survive. Do I WISH to see any harm inflicted on anyone? No. Not ever. Do I wish to see the human race dragged into a primitive sewer, never to climb out of it again? No. Not ever.

  38. says

    I’m not saying that we do nothing. The “leaders” of Europe have forsaken the morals of Western civilization. Shall we, the people, also give them up? Shall we treat them as they treat Infidels? I won’t. It may come to all out war, and we may have to kill them, but I will not torture them. I will not be dragged to the level of an unrepentant rapist because I know, I believe, one day I will have to stand before my Maker.

  39. says

    Western Canadian,

    I think medical castration is part of a reasonable punishment option for violent rapists such as those we’re discussing, though I suspect what may have ticked off “butterfly” was your additional suggestion of public castration using a chainsaw, which seems gratuitous and graphic.

    Of course, if one were to encounter a rapist in the act, and it was clearly a rape, and one was armed, and the rapist refused to stop upon being warned, one would have a moral obligation to put a bullet through the head (or anywhere else) of said rapist in order to stop the rape. And if one were not armed, one would have an obligation to use whatever other means of force available at one’s disposal to stop the rape.

    butterfly is no fool but is a long-time reader of JW, who comments on occasion, who has seems reasonable.

  40. says

    I find my final comment on the suggested response to be quite sickening, as much as anyone else would or could. We, in the west, are as much targets of psychological warfare as physical, and the psychological aspect is quite brutal. It is effective. Given the mindset of either violent jihadi’s or the stealth variety, what would the impact of such an extreme response be? And what would the deterrent effect be? I would suggest it would be considerable…. ‘no, they are not dhimmis who we can do with as we please. They are berserkers when pushed to far’. And the first such appalling display would probably be the last. As well as being appalling failures as human beings (sad for them as well as the rest of us), they are the most disgusting of cowards.

    Re-read the last section of the comments on the article from start to finish. I’m impressed by the nature of the replies. We are a very disparate group, unlike our opposition. That could prove to be a very great strength. If we manage to survive long enough to engage the enemy without having to guard our backs.

  41. says

    BlueRaven, maybe “MS 30’s fancy pants” at the restaurant is a judas goat trying to procure to other woman as an expensive sex slave for someone when she was selling the “wonderful conditions there are for women in UAE and explaining in details how to obtain an entry visa.”

  42. says

    SpeakUpForThem wrote, replying to Blue Raven:

    BlueRaven, maybe “MS 30’s fancy pants” at the restaurant is a judas goat trying to procure to other woman as an expensive sex slave for someone when she was selling the “wonderful conditions there are for women in UAE and explaining in details how to obtain an entry visa.”

    That’s possible, SpeakUpForThem”but I imagine it is much more likely that she was just another clueless Infidel, who conceived of working in the UAE as just another “adventurous” destination, like working for a firm in Japan or Italy or any other “exotic” but civilized place.

    In the West, there are far more terminally naïvé people than there are those who are deliberately evil.

  43. says

    Western Canadian, Some advice from someone who has been to war, albeit long ago and far away.

    When you mutilate the enemy, it will change you, forever – and it will drive you mad.

    I have seen it, it is real. I understand your rage, I feel it also, but if you let it control you, you are doomed.

    So trust me son, just shoot the enemy – “till you exhaust your ammo, if it pleases you.

    But when you start carving off body parts, Satan will laugh with joy – because he will own you.

  44. says


    thank you for your insight.

    You, and other Vietnam Vets – the ones who have managed to exorcise their demons, and have remained sane – are going to be absolutely crucial, I think, for this fight we are in: and there are quite a few of you, not only in the USA but in Australia and in New Zealand (and Canada? did Canadians take part in Vietnam?).

    Further thought, re veterans.

    I have a great-uncle who enlisted at 16 – 16! – and saw active service in the Pacific theatre of WWII.

    He survived the hell on earth that was combat at Milne Bay, and Borneo. He was in the Occupation of Japan, and then, after returning to Australia, he joined the police force, and ended up in the Fraud Squad, tracking down white-collar crims by following the paper trail. He was very good at it, and an honest cop.

    He married a nice Catholic girl, and they have three children, and numerous grandchildren.

    He is now a clear-headed and clear-eyed 90 (if he is spared, he will turn 91 this November). He has always been very active in the RSL (Returned Servicemen’s League).

    A few years ago, I was speaking with him, and I explained to him the basic facts about Islam, Jihad, and Taqiyya.

    He – and his wife – understood *instantly*; they also immediately grasped that the war in Afghanistan was a waste of time, and – entirely off their own bat, without my suggesting it – proposed that our best course of action would be a complete ban on Muslim immigration.

    I am hoping that ever since that conversation – and I gave him a little piece I’d written that set out the basic facts, including Islam’s rejection of reciprocity / the Golden Rule – he has shared some of those interesting and disturbing facts with his brothers in the RSL. For if the RSL ‘gets’ Islam they are in a position to do a very great deal, re. awareness-raising.

    The same goes for veterans in the US, Canada, and elsewhere.

    And if older blokes like you, *especially* the Vietnam Vets many of whom are still fairly active, study up on Islam and have all the facts, you may be able to help the younger blokes who are being demobbed or have been invalided home or are on furlough – those who have served in Iraq, and those from Afghanistan, and the smaller number who went through the mill in Somalia.

    Maybe we need some leaflets specifically targeting our soldiers. ‘Know Your Enemy’ sort of stuff.

    Explain Hudna, the Treaty of Hudaybiyya, Taqiyya, but in very basic terms, with illustrations and actual historical examples (all those ‘Insider Killings’ in Afghanistan).

    And it might be interesting to have a series of comic-book style leaflets that dealt with great Defenders against Jihad from the past – people like Charles Martel, Jean de Valette, Jan Sobieski, and the guys – American, and then French – who tackled the Barbary Pirates, and Orde Wingate who helped sow the seed for the Haganah which became the IDF.

    Our soldiers – and when I say ‘our soldiers’ I am thinking not only of soldiers but of policemen, our law enforcement officers who are coming up against Muslim ‘street jihad’, and I am thinking not only of ‘the West’ but of Russians, Indians, Thais, Filipinos and Christian Africans – need to be informed and not only informed but inspired.

    We need *thousands* – tens of thousands – of Allen Wests.

    And I think that for a lot of soldiers who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq psychologically confused and disturbed (because of having been told all sorts of nonsense and at best half-truths or less, about Islam), as well as physically damaged, it may be a step on the road to healing, if they encounter a lucid no-holds-barred account of Islam and what it does to its adherents.

  45. says

    Yes DDA, Canadians did volunteer to serve in Viet Nam. They would have to join another countries military to do so, and at least a few thousand did. And as usual, served with pride and honour.

    A friend (haven’t seen him in years… a romance fell apart, and he and the young lady disappeared in opposite directions), was a medivac pilot, flying helicopters to get the wounded etc out. Had a knee cap blown off, and when he came back to Canada… was treated most shamefully. Even by his own family, especially his own mother. He had trouble relating to people (female variety), but could rehab any abused dog, and turn them into loving, trusting critters… Dobermans as lap dogs, anyone??

    Another who CLAIMED to be a vet, flying F4’s… he was a wanna be, someone found the book he was lifting his supposed history out of… he was known as a fool.

    My own father served (not in Vietnam) a long time ago, and like most would not talk about it, except with other vets. And then not much.

    I was lucky enough to train (martial arts variety) with some former SAS types…. now THAT was interesting. Hand to hand is NOT something everyone recovers from… killing at a distance is not easy. Face to face.. pure hell. DGB, I have seen some come back who recover, and some who don’t make it through a day without chemical time outs… drugs and booze. And that’s not making it.

    Classical martial arts is good for your head, but only so so for street use. DDA, when you recommend training, I would suggest something a bit more real world. Krav Maga (which you have recommended), Defendo, check with any military buds you have, for others. Karate-do is very aesthetically appealing. Karate-jitsu is for the real world… If you can find an instructor. I’m debating introducing elements of it to my own students.. It is NOT a sport version, and I would have to really know someone was stable, before introducing it. And sad to say, those of s certain background, I would refuse as students.

  46. says

    “Hand to hand is NOT something everyone recovers from… killing at a distance is not easy. Face to face.. pure hell.”

    Only for civilized people, not for psychopaths & sociopaths. For Muslims, killing face to face is a joy, better than sex.

    The blogger Lawrence Auster, aside from blogging on the problem of Islam, also reports on many cases of criminality. I recall one article about a young white kid, probably late teens or early 20s, who had taken a girl out to a self-defined “Satanic” rock concert. After he brought the girl back to her house, he murdered her and her parents. When the cops arrived, one officer remarked that the boy behaved remarkably calm, as though nothing had happened.

    If anyone thinks that brutalizing Mohammedans is going to scare them off, I think they haven’t fully appreciated the horror here. Our only concern should be mitigation and management. This business of a “solution” and “cutting off the head of the snake” is misguided. We can manage the problem with sufficiently aggressive, forceful means, as long as our society slowly but surely gets collectively on board with the plan. We may well have to do comparatively horrible things (as we had to do in WW2) in prosecuting that plan, but the ball on which our eye should be will not be aided by the theory that Muslims will recoil if we out-Mohammed them. It will just goad them on. They are more fanatical even than the Japanese were, who finally — after unimaginable pummellings by atom bombs and fire-bombings — said, in effect, “wow, okay, I surrender!” Muslims will never do that. Not because they are noble or their cause is noble — but because they are lunatics on a scale and to a degree which our own Western sensibilities find it difficult to grasp. I myself cannot say I grasp it; but at least, unlike many of you, have grasped the concept that it is likely the case.

  47. says

    OT…Kajukenbo…A martial art system based on combat first, sport second…I trained under my friend EB, who is now a 9th degree Grand Master, in the Ramos method…I knew Tony Ramos personally…I used to officiate at tournaments and because of that, met Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris…
    Now those were the good old days…Over the years, Kajukenbo has lead me out of some very dark valleys…In some cases, I would have been toast without it…

  48. says

    The reason you can’t ‘grasp it’, is because you have not grasped Allah…or Allah has not grasped you…Mahoundians have been grasped, or they would be kuffar…When Allah grasps, all the critical thinking mechanisms are disabled…
    Fantasy replaces reality and becomes a life style…This is what happens in psychotic episodes…In a psychotic episode, any brutality is possible, the person is ‘out of his mind’…
    It is the Mahoundian life style to be out of their minds 24/7…You are not out of your mind, so it’s hard for you to grasp it…Since Islam creates psychotic episodes in the pious, Islam is a mental health problem…Allah slays reality…A Mahoundian who slays the slayer of reality, becomes an apostate and regains his mind…

  49. says

    What’s needed is a Mahoundian wrench…One such wrench is to deny them sharia…This would mean they are not free to practice their religion in its entirety…Mahoundians are not going to accept practicing only half their religion on a permanent basis…If they want to do that, they need to move to Pakistan or wherever they can freely practice Islam…They will push for sharia, but they won’t get all of it…hopefully they will get tired of the rejections and leave…

  50. says

    We beat the fanatical Japs, surely we can beat the stupid Muslims but we will need different tactics. Japanese atrocities on POW’s were indeed horrific and vividly described in the book ‘Knights of Bushido’ by Edward Russell which should be compulsory reading for all Aussies and Kiwis.

    If you do nothing else today, join the Q-Society who are very active Muslim watch and free speech activists in Australia. I admire them greatly for the work they have done in spreading word of the Islamic threat Aus faces today.

  51. says

    wish you are right Tommo. It would solve a very big problem – a 1.6 billion illiterate problem. Then again the west would stupidly offer trillions worth of drugs instead of just saying “tough luck”.

  52. says

    gravenimage, you are probably right when you wrote:

    “That’s possible, SpeakUpForThem”but I imagine it is much more likely that she was just another clueless Infidel, who conceived of working in the UAE as just another “adventurous” destination, like working for a firm in Japan or Italy or any other “exotic” but civilized place.

    In the West, there are far more terminally naïvé people than there are those who are deliberately evil.”

    funny how i didn’t even think of two “clueless Infidel’s. i took forgranted it was a big bird “swooping in from the east, going after it prey.”

    what a world.

  53. says

    “What’s needed is a Mahoundian wrench…One such wrench is to deny them sharia…This would mean they are not free to practice their religion in its entirety…Mahoundians are not going to accept practicing only half their religion on a permanent basis…If they want to do that, they need to move to Pakistan or wherever they can freely practice Islam…They will push for sharia, but they won’t get all of it…hopefully they will get tired of the rejections and leave…”

    After the description of Mahoundian psychosis you provided in your previous comment to me, you now write this pie-in-the-sky conjecture quoted above that in effect the tens of millions of Muslims in the West (yes, it will be tens of millions in the West by the time the West gets around to implementing the plan you describe) will just comply without revolting and fighting back? Seems you need to do more grasping… and not just at straws.

  54. says

    “When one reads the news stories such as these –and these days eventhe MSM seem more tuned in– and then read the comments here, the outcome appears increasingly polarized.”

    I think a good deal of half of the polarization is irrational and reckless — speaking of the half in the Counter-Jihad. The rhetoric is drawing for its intellectual support in speculation on a dastardly cabal of Elites and, by extension, a certain subset of Westerners who must, by the logic involved, be evil and our enemy as bad — if not worse than — the Muslims themselves. If this vision isn’t Breivikian, I don’t know what is (and I’ve read his Manifesto). If we don’t dial back this rhetoric and if this small but growing nucleus of apocalyptic civil war Mad Maxes doesn’t check its growth to reach an uncritical critical mass with sociopolitical influence to galvanize too many people into a recklessly hostile polarity, these very same people will personify and perhaps actualize that old addage: “Be careful what you wish for.”

    There is still a better explanation for why the West remains myopic to the problem of Islam — an explanation that does not require that there be an evil cabal of non-Muslim elites inside our West pulling all (or most of) the strings. But that explanation (which I have described Every Which Way But Loose about a thousand times over the past 7 years in about 500 comments threads here, as well as in dozens of exhaustively detailed essays on my blog The Hesperado) demands a little more reason and a little less trigger-happy hyperbole and alienation from one’s fellow Westerner than many in the Counter-Jihad seem currently capable of.

    Now, the PC MCs who are in government and media (and they are also everywhere else more or less in majority numbers, which is the principal reason why they are in government and media) are — as part of their PC MC template by which they continue to adjust to the problem of Islam they, incoherently and paradoxically, simultaneously deny — more worried about “Islamophobia” and “bigotry” and a white “right-wing” “backlash” against the vast majority of Muslims whom they have designated an Ethnic Minority (and as such, under the PC MC paradigm, deserving of utmost deference and protection). And as they are exercized by this PC MC concern, they of course cannot help but notice the growing discontentment against Muslims and against their “Government and Media” from various areas of the Western populace (still small, but growing to more visibility and voice).

    Since their paradigm already predisposes them to minimize Muslim bad speech and behavior, and to exaggerate the urgent potentiality of some “backlash” against Muslims, then, Chatillon, regarding your other remark:

    Either the outrages will continue until the West is thoroughly cowed to the point of extinction or committees of vigilance will arise, given the lethargy of the police response. And this will be tantamount to civil war.

    It’s difficult to believe that those in a position of setting policy are unaware of this. The question is what their contingency plans are in either case.

    — I invite you to read a recent Diana West article; and to keep in mind that the data she is reporting need not be interpreted by leaping to the sinister conclusion of the evil Cabal of Elites, but can with adequate concession to Occam’s Razor, be explained by what I articulated above: as, namely, evidence that the U.S. government has through its PC MC template, become growingly concerned about the possibility of bigoted right-wing yahoos becoming violent in response to the problem of Islam which those same PC MCs semi-consciously recognize, but manage to suppress and re-direct into a problem of anti-Islam “backlash”.

    And my long-winded point here is that the irrational rhetoric I find here, and among those who comment at Gates of Vienna blog, will only tend to exacerbate this situation. And if there were another way, the ensuing mayhem would be tragically pointless.

  55. says

    Zathras: I have met Muslims who vote for the Libs. Not because of the Libs’ economic policies, but because they came here in the Howard period. Their main concerns are
    1) That more of their brethren be allowed to emigrate and
    2) What special favours will the government they vote for grant them (such as sharia concessions, grants, political power)
    That’s it. Nothing to do with the national interest.
    The Libs are onto this and are actively trying to seduce Muslims away from Labour. They MIGHT stop the boats again, but Muslim immigration, all manner of special funding, leg-ups into privileged positions and so on will continue.
    The Libs perhaps don’t actually LIKE PC MC nonsense but I suspect they see that politically speaking, it is a battle to appease the PCMC thinking which has swept through the country and the entire Western world; they have capitulated and will play the game. The political competition in this era, when multiculturalism is a fait accompli,is: which party can sell out “Aussies” most quickly?

  56. says

    The same logic is operating throughout the West, more or less. If a cabal of “cultural Marxists” did not exist at all, the West would be pretty much doing the same things it is doing now with regard to the problem of Islam.

    Hence, Occam’s Razor: We do not need to multiply Enemies. One enemy for which we have a mountain of proof — plus a dominant and mainstream sociopolical culture of myopia to a designated Ethnic Minority’s deadliness — is adequate; no need to add other enemies to “explain” anything. Unless one could produce a good deal more than a tissue of inferences and suspicions, of course.

  57. says

    “I agree with butterfly. When we become like them, we have lost. We don’t need to kill or even to castrate.”

    And when have we ‘become like them’ or suggested that we should do so? Have we as vicious cowards beaten and raped a woman who was there out of generosity to offer help to us? No, and no one here advocates for it.

    Have we slit the throat of a months old infant for the crime of being “the other’? No, and no one here advocates for it.

    Have we hijacked aircraft and used them as missiles to murder thousands, and cheered when the murders were accomplished? No, and no one here advocates for it.

    Do we burn mosques to the ground with the congregation inside? No, and no one here advocates for it.

    Do we push conquered populations into the status of off the plantation slaves? No, and no one here advocates for it.

    When someone rejects the “suggestion’ that they convert out of their own faith, do we grab their 2 ½ year old child, and rape her so viciously that she is mutilated for life? No, and no one here advocates for it.

    Have we murdered children in a pizza parlour by blowing it up, hailed the murderer as a hero, and reproduced the scene as a work of art and a cause for laughing and jubilation? No, and no one here advocates for it.

    Did we begin the slaughter? No, we did not. That alone means we have not become like them.

    “But we do need to enforce our more “civilised” punishments.”

    And when our “civilised’ punishments fail so badly with our own “civilised’ criminals, why would you expect a better result when dealing with those who are NOT civilized.

    The axis was defeated by those who fought as hard and a brutally as the axis did. By men who managed (for the most part) to somehow hang onto their souls, decency and humanity. When you lose those, THEN you have become just like them. But not until.

    And for even those of us who do not pray, pray that we are never driven to that.

    The threat to civilization CAN be blunted, and pushed back. But it hasn’t started to happen yet.

  58. says

    Thanks for that informative post Diana. You write:

    “I don’t see how we can de-programme the criminals unless we enforce the idea that Muhammad is not worthy of their allegiance.”

    To get to the point where the deprogramming of Muslims out of their Islam were an accepted practice, the authorities and enough of the general public would have to view Islam as sufficiently dangerous etc. that the deprogramming was justified. Of course, not only are we now nowhere near that point, but the authorities are more likely to hold the view that opponents of Islamization are actually the sick ones who need to be deprogrammed. Our mere discussion of this possibility would be taken by the authorities as evidence of our sickness/phobia/delusion.

    And this is partly why I think the West is very probably cooked: Any of the large-scale measures needed to stop the Islamization of the West, such as
    -mass deprogramming of Muslims and mass proselytizing of Muslims into other religions and/or philosophies,
    -ending immigration of most or all Muslims,
    -non-violently and appropriately removing most or all Muslims from the West and relocating them in Islamic countries,
    i.e., ideas which are viewed as frankly crazy and dangerous by the vast majority of the authorities at this time and for the foreseeable future. The educational systems, the mainstream media, and the mainstream politicians will not likely ever let our ideas and proposals be implemented. It is extremely unlikely that we will ever get leaders in place who can implement these policies. Yet if we don’t implement these policies, most Western countries will probably become Islamized within a century or two.

    So the West, for reasons I’ve touched on here and above and in previous posts over the years, is probably cooked. Even if Islam doesn’t take over, the West will still die out due to long-term demographic trends.

  59. says

    Well said, Western Canadian. Sometimes we have readers here who worry that retaliation will make us “just as bad” as our attackers.
    But our men came home from WW2 and formed Returned Services Leagues (from which they honoured the war dead and such things), not neo-Nazi parties.

  60. says

    “I have read your comment several times over, as well as my own, in order to better understand the point you are raising and how your posting was triggered by mine. ”

    I was using the polarization you pointed out as a platform upon which to expatiate. While I agree there is a polarization a-brewin’, I also was disagreeing with your doomsaying prophecy that “[e]ither the outrages will continue until the West is thoroughly cowed to the point of extinction or committees of vigilance will arise, given the lethargy of the police response. And this will be tantamount to civil war.”

  61. says


    You left out one rather large fact: The evolution of PC MC over the past 60-odd years as a sociopolitical fashion dominantly mainstream (though, needless to say, not uniformly nor totally) throughout the entire West permeating (though, again needless to say, not uniformly nor totally) virtually all strata of society and all institutions.

    When this fact is ignored or bracketed out as we confront the massive myopia of the West to the problem of Islam in our time (“the Great Age of Inhibition” as Hugh Fitzgerald has termed it), it leaves an Explanatory Vacuum, into which, vacuum-abhorringly, rushes in either incoherent, implausible, or needlessly conspiratorial explanations.

  62. says

    SpeakUpForThem wrote:

    funny how i didn’t even think of two “clueless Infidel’s. i took forgranted it was a big bird “swooping in from the east, going after it prey.”

    what a world.

    Thanks, SpeakUpForThem.

    I’m sure the Muslims in the UAE are taking that attitude”but not necessarily the silly Infidels themselves.

    It amazes me how many of the Kuffar still jaunt off to places like Saudi Arabia to work, and the Gulf States for vacations.

    It seems to take something as obvious as a takeover by the Muslin Brotherhood, as in Egypt; or stoning in the public square, as in Mali, to actually give the tourists serious pause.

  63. says

    Because I have the impression that I am being given a label by you as a conspiracy theorist that I neither want nor deserve, I shall try one last time to clarify my point.

    Large forces are coming into conflict world-wide, which in limiting cases at either extreme work out with widespread civil unrest, perhaps like the Troubles in Northern Ireland writ large or capitulation to Islam.

    Whether this situation has happened by accident or design is now irrelevant. The forces are even now at play. What is relevant in the miniscule amount of time and opportunity apparently left to resolve the conflicts peacefully, or at least to mitigate the worst of it, is the vision and influence of those loyal to the ideals of the US Constitution.

    I confess that I do not know the answer to this question and I am no wiser in that respect from having read your comments. But it is hardly an appeal to conspiracy to ask.

  64. says


    Thanks for responding. I’d say one doesn’t have to “be a conspiracy theorist” to entertain or even indulge in the premises and conclusions which partake of conspiracy theory. I disagree on one of the points in your comment — that it doesn’t matter whether the problem of the West’s myopia to the problem of Islam “happened by accident or design”; for that offers the only way we may avoid a needless civil world war.

  65. says

    kaz wrote, replying to Butterfly:

    …you will probably make a wonderful slave, when your favorite religion wins the breeding war being financed by fools in the west. enjoy your own genital mutilation…

    This is *way* over the top, kaz. Butterfly has made it abundantly clear here that barbaric Islam is in no way her “favorite religion”.

    We can discuss tactics respectfully without resorting to personal calumny. This response was, with respect, in no way warranted here.

  66. says

    If I understand your post correctly, you’re calling me a pussy. No problem. Insults and name calling don’t bother me much. And since I’m armed 24-7 I don’t worry too much about marauding Muslims trying to enslave and mutilate those around me either. By your tone, I can tell you feel passionately about those who you believe won’t defend Western civilization and that’s admirable, but you’re wasting your time with me. Have a nice day.

  67. says

    Western Canadian – re your posting of March 24 at 7.47, on ‘a conspiracy of attitude’

    have you ever read French sociologist Jacques Ellul’s classic work, ‘Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes’? I think I need to re-read it myself.

    (In the original French, the title is a plural – ‘propagandes’, i.e. ‘propagandas’, as Ellul argues that there are several different kinds. It should be borne in mind that Ellul lived through most of the 20th century, in France; being born just before WWI, and dying in 1994; he saw the rise and rise of Hitler and was in the Resistance during WWII; he experienced first- hand – and detested – both Nazi and Soviet propaganda, and in his book ‘Un Chretien Pour Israel’, which has, alas, never been translated into English, he identifies and then totally deconstructs the vast Muslim – but also, initially, Soviet-assisted – propaganda campaign against Israel. In a way, his book on Israel, which spends a good deal of time exposing and analysing the massive decades-long and quite consciously orchestrated and organised and extremely well funded – petrodollar-funded – campaign of disinformation against her, forms the ‘companion piece’, or accompanying detailed real-life case study, for ‘Propaganda’).

    Ellul in his foreword to Bat Yeor’s The Dhimmi (1983, 1985) speaks of a *Muslim* propaganda campaign. There *is* such a thing. He could see it getting underway and expanding.

    “…in fact we are witnessing a vast operation of Islamic propaganda, building of mosques everywhere…”.

    He also discusses this propaganda in the opening paragraphs of his (also untranslated) essay, ‘Le Trois Piliers du Conformisme’ which he wrote around 1991, at the time of the first Gulf War.

    Also worth reading: John Roy Carlson, ‘Under Cover’, ‘The Plotters’ and ‘Cairo to Damascus’ [1951] (don’t forget to read the Appendix, on the ‘Arab-American Liaison Network’) which shows us the first beginnings of what would become things like the Boycott Divestment Sanctions campaign against Israel, and the likes of Sabeel and the ISM, today).