Turkey refuses U.S. request to mend relations with Israel

Rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey doesn’t want peace with Israel. “US asks Turkey for help with ME peace process,” from the Jerusalem Post, March 16 (thanks to Joshua):

US Secretary of State John Kerry called his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu this week, asking for Turkey’s help in restarting the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, Turkish daily Hurriyet reported on Saturday.

Turkey turned down the request citing bad relations between Ankara and Jerusalem and saying the responsibility to fix the murky relations between the two countries falls on Israel.

Relations between Jerusalem and what was once its only Muslim ally crumbled after Israeli marines raided the Mavi Marmara ship in May 2010 to enforce a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and killed nine Turks in clashes with activists on board.

The rift has continued despite US efforts to encourage a rapprochement between the two regional powers whose cooperation it needs to address changes sweeping the Middle East.

“Turkey is always ready to do whatever it needs for a fair two-state solution based on the 1967 borders,” Davutoglu said during a joint press conference with Kerry in Ankara on March 1.

“If Israel wants to hear positive statements from Turkey, it needs to review its attitude. It needs to review its attitude toward us, and it needs to review its attitude toward the people in the region and especially the West Bank settlements issue,” the Turkish foreign minister said.

A Turkish official speaking to Hurriyet has accused Jerusalem of blocking attempts to restore relations with Ankara….

Projection alert!

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    What else does this idiot expect go get from Turkey? I just can’t believe that the Department of Secretary of State can be so brainless as to expect Turkey to agree to peace while at the same time this Administration has been aiding and abetting Islamism by overthrowing Mubarak, Gaddafi opening even worse dictatorships the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only did we empower Turkey but we are financing our enemies. What fools.

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    “So,” Secretary Kerry said, “as long as I’m up can I get you Turks another couple of Patriot missile batteries ???” “And thanks again, for not letting our 4th Infantry Division to pass through to go a-knocking on some of Saddam Hussein’s many palace doors.”

    That “ally” word may not mean what Secretary Kerry thinks it means.

    Muslim gratitude is like a Missouri-Warhol River: a verbal mile wide; and actual inch deep; and flowing for about 15 minutes.

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    “Turkey refuses U.S. request to mend relations with Israel”

    Well then, we dodged a bullet there.

    As Rush said about Obama “I hope he fails”, I hope Kerry fails in getting Turkey to help with his Middle East “stab Israel in the back” process.

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    Well, I think I’ve heard a derisive comment elsewhere, that this is the regime of “war by “pretty please'”!

    A real invitation to the sign on the back reading “come and hit me” to the type of people out there, the bullies who respond positively to such invitations.

    How in hell do you deal with such a regime, as hussein’s? What a farce hussein and company is. So Carter-esque.

    This Turkish episode, along with all the other episodes, reminds one of the disastrous behavior of our braintrusts (not) of government, all of them, beyond just the hussein types, described in a desolate piece of highly intelligent observation and analysis here:


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    While we are at it, everyone make sure to put on your big boy and girl pants to read this one, it is a big one, chock full of reality based, desolate of nice sweet words, of superb analysis, of the terrorism and bureaucracy reality, from a speech, by this highly capable writer:


    It kind of puts the whole mess into a much bigger picture, that is a true picture to behold. One can only hope the reality will come to America’s understanding, and sink in somehow, sooner rather than later.

    The public masses seem awfully slow to learn, such truths as are these. They must learn.

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    The morons in Washington actually think that Turkey has more clout w/ Israel than the US itself? Of course, the US clout would have been eroded since Bush 41, but it’s still not so low that even Turkey is higher.

    The US could ask Turkey to help w/ countries like Iran or Saudi Arabia, assuming that it’s an issue where the Turks ain’t already at one w/ those.

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    “US asks Turkey for help with ME peace process”

    That headline is itself utterly flabbergasting. Fox, henhouse…


    Relations between Jerusalem and what was once its only Muslim ally crumbled after Israeli marines raided the Mavi Marmara ship in May 2010 to enforce a naval blockade of the Gaza Strip and killed nine Turks in clashes with activists on board.

    What *absolute crap*. For one thing, Turkey was only an ally to Israel to the extent that Islam was *suppressed* in Turkey through Kemalism.

    Secondly, it was not Israel’s response to the Jihad flotilla that caused the rift between the two nations”it was Turkey’s sending in a Jihad flotilla in the first place.