Up to 100,000 Christians have fled Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

These Christians must be misunderstanders of Islam, who don’t realize that Sharia is benign and completely compatible with Western principles of human rights. “Thousands of Christians flee religious persecution in Egypt,” from the Voice of Russia, March 5 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Life for Christians under the government of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt has become difficult. Reports are emerging that up to 100,000 Christians have left Egypt since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power. Some of those have arrived in Moscow. VoR”s Brendan Cole went there to investigate.

This week Cairo saw the launch of a Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice designed to protect ‘Islamic morality’. Many Christians fear that Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood may further limit their ability to live and worship freely.

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  1. says

    Can you blame them??

    It’s only a question of time before they are rounded up and God (The real God) knows what will happen!

    Western countries of the World, open your borders and for every one you let in remove 2 Muslim’s from the list!

  2. says

    This is the end of the 2,000 year old Egyptian Copt community.

    But don’t cry for them. When you attend the funeral of a stranger you cry for yourself.

    The BBC report into the latest Muslim attempt to bring mass murder to the streets of England didn’t once mention the words Muslim or Islam.

    There’s a good take on the implications of that in: “BBC Dumb Delicacy” at:


  3. says

    John Kerry is rewarding Egypt with billions of American tax payers dollars,but see the plight of these sons of the soil- Coptic Christians. This ‘dracula’of a man never uttered a single word about the ill-treatment of Christians in Egypt or any other Islamic country like Pakistan when he and Obama gleefully sqander Amercian people’s money to them freely.

  4. says

    Up to 100,000 Christians have fled Muslim Brotherhood Egypt

    I’ll bet many more of them would flee if they could. The “religious cleansing” continues apace. That “Arab Spring” is looking darker all the time…

    But I agree”the West should offer them asylum”and not their vile persecutors, which is what we’re suicidally doing now.

  5. says

    You wrote – “Western countries of the World, open your borders and for every one you let in remove 2 Muslim’s from the list!”


    Just think: France has several million Muslims. Imagine if they turfed them out and replaced them with several million Copts.

    The banlieues, full of hard-working and sincerely-grateful Christian Copts instead of sullen, scheming, violent Muslims, would blossom in no time…and all the mosques would get remodelled and turned into lovely Coptic churches.

    Australia has 600 000 or so Muslims. I’d be very happy to send them all to Egypt in exchange for 600 000 Copts.