Boston jihad bomber clams up after being read Miranda rights 32 hours before it was required

Bravo, Obama. Bravo, Holder. Once again you have aided and abetted the cause of jihad: the public safety exception to Miranda lasts 48 hours, and these investigators only had 16 hours. “Officials: Suspect described plot before Miranda,” by Rodrique Ngowi, Lara Jakes and Matt Apuzzo for the Associated Press, April 25 (thanks to Mike):

BOSTON (AP) – The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings acknowledged to the FBI his role in the attacks but did so before he was advised of his constitutional right to keep quiet and seek a lawyer, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

Once Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was read his rights on Monday, he immediately stopped talking, according to four officials of both political parties who were briefed on the interrogation but insisted on anonymity because the briefing was private.

After roughly 16 hours of questioning, investigators were surprised when a magistrate judge and a representative from the U.S. Attorney’s office entered the hospital room and read Tsarnaev his rights, the four officials and one law enforcement official said. Investigators had planned to keep questioning him.

It is unclear whether any of this will matter in court since the FBI says Tsarnaev confessed to a witness and U.S. officials said Wednesday that physical evidence, including a 9 mm handgun and pieces of a remote-control device commonly used in toys, was recovered from the scene.

But the debate over whether suspected terrorists should be read their Miranda rights has become a major sticking point in the debate over how best to fight terrorism. Many Republicans, in particular, believe Miranda warnings are designed to build court cases, and only hinder intelligence gathering….

Before being advised of his rights, the 19-year-old suspect told authorities that his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, only recently had recruited him to be part of the attack, two U.S. officials said.

The CIA, however, named Tamerlan to a terrorist database 18 months ago, officials said Wednesday, an acknowledgment that will undoubtedly prompt congressional inquiry about whether investigators took warnings from Russian intelligence officials seriously enough.

The U.S. officials who discussed the terrorist database and other details of the investigation are in addition to those who discussed the Miranda warning. They were close to the investigation and insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case with reporters….

Investigators have said the brothers appeared to have been radicalized through jihadist materials on the Internet and have found no evidence tying them to a terrorist group.

Dzhokhar told the FBI that they were angry about the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the killing of Muslims there, officials said….

But if it weren’t Iraq and Afghanistan, it would be something else. The pretexts always shift; the jihad is constant.

In Russia, U.S. investigators traveled to the predominantly Muslim province of Dagestan and were in contact with the brothers’ parents, hoping to gain more information.

Investigators are looking into whether Tamerlan, who spent six months in Russia’s turbulent Caucasus region in 2012, was influenced by the religious extremists who have waged an insurgency against Russian forces in the area for years. The brothers have roots in Dagestan and neighboring Chechnya but had lived in the U.S. for about a decade….

Boston jihad murderer "more than likely got some instruction in Dagestan"
Sudan: Muslim cleric says Israel behind Boston jihad bombings, Iran earthquake
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    Being read Miranda rights! The clown is probably wondering why Miranda should have more rights than him. After all, she’s a goil!


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    Exactly what sort of Big Cheese do you think this Tzohkar Tsarnaev guy was? Just how much interrogation do you think he’d need to undergo to spill everything he knows? He isn’t bin Laden. He’s not al Zawahiri. He’s not a real big time jihadist who is likely to have lots of good intelligence material in his background that can be mined FOREVER to keep tracking terrorist links. LE/FBI/Homeland Security certainly would have known at a certain point in the interrogation when they were reaching the limits of his knowledge. If they got what they needed in order to stop any terrorist connections in NYC and they’ve got enough for a successful prosecution of Tsarnaev, then I’m OK w/the interrogation stopping at this point. The computer forensics is what will give us the GOODS on what Tamerlan Tsarnaev had for contacts and actionable jihadi. The way they operated in planning the attacks (ignoring the surveillance cameras) tells me all I need to know about the likelihood these guys were operating w/as sophisticated a security plans as bin Laden. They weren’t. They were dumber than SHIT and if there’s plenty of evidence on their computer HDs then we’ll get as much actionable intelligence information out of them dead as alive.

    If these LE/FBI folks couldn’t get about all they needed out of this guy in 16 hours of questioning and a thorough forensics search of their homes and computers then I don’t hold out much hope for us being able to stem this tide of jihadist shit. The biggest mine for material if this younger brother was simply a co-conspirator along w/his older brother will likely be the forensics analysis of his computer. This should lead to all sorts of contacts of which the younger brother may have been unaware.

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    Well, that choice of charging them/him w/MURDER is outright stupidity. Whatever the FBI/Government hopes to gain by not acknowledging this as a successful act of TERRORISM, they lose in the greater overall legal and psychological battle of ACCURATELY identifying events as terrorism for the American people. It certainly doesn’t make the U.S. less of a target by choosing this ‘MURDER’ charge over a ‘TERRORISM’ charge and that should be our government’s guiding light in our choice of tactics against jihad.

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    This New YorkDuranty Times article puts perspective on Djhokhar Tsarnaev’s potential intelligence:

    According to a university transcript reviewed by The New York Times, he was failing many of his classes. The transcript shows him receiving seven failing grades over three semesters, including F’s in Principles of Modern Chemistry, Intro to American Politics and Chemistry and the Environment. According to the transcript, Dzhokhar received a B in Critical Writing and a D and D-plus in two other courses.

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    The Truth is Spoken Here …

    Specifically, The Truth About Muhammad: one of Robert Spencer’s valuable books, and the evil Truth about islamic supremacy, mohammedan SOA’S and sharia law.

    Now the following is not from Robert’s book, but these are my own *special* thoughts about this evil man, muhammad (perdition be upon him), and his mohammedan followers. He was one of the vilest and most heinous criminals known to man; if not THE worst criminal that ever lived, and mo’s currently rotting in hell, right where he belongs, and anyone following–or aiding and abetting his evil cause; the cause of jihad, will join him one day in the lake of fire for eternity. Wow how’s that for a wasted cause and a wasted life!

    Have a good day :->

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    Why, Auntie M, don’t you understand me??? What the above isn’t written in plain enough English for you? Maybe I should try Google translate and put it up here in Arabic instead. Jeepers, bleepers telling me to “Fuck off” is the best you can come up with? I’ve never met such a bunch of blind ideologues who are so close-minded they can’t even READ ENGLISH. They expect they’re being blind-sided by a Muslim Fifth Columnist who’s written what I’ve written because I don’t have a cutesy anti-Muslim handle? (Think of me as posting the previous w/TURKISH FEZ as the handle instead.) It’s so likely I’d be a Muslim disinformation expert because this web site is soooo crucial in the fight against the Muslim hordes, the Muslims would dispatch a Fifth Columnist to come on here and post PAID-FOR DISINFORMATION? You’ve kind of got delusions of grandeur about your roles on JW as part of the anti-jihad intelligence push, dont’cha think?

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    “Red rover, red rover, send Miriam right over.”
    “Red Rover, Red Rover, let Istanbul Clit come over.”
    “Red rover, red rover, we call Chump to come over.”

    You know, come over to the dark side of the moon, the jihadi cause! (Sure it sounds just like what I’m selling/saying in my previous post!) Are you related to Karl Rove by any chance? Is that why we’ve got this failure to communicate going on? Tip of the hat to you, chumps.

    Thanks to Jihad Watch’s Fifth Columnist Ladies Detective Agency my breakfast was disgorged….Puke clean up, Aisle 1!

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    Hi, George! …I miss Darcy too she’s so great; oh yeah Jim Foster was a real piece of work, wasn’t he? Whoa! And you’re welcome, George. Take care, my friend :)

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    AMERICANA has quite suddenly appeared here on JW in the last several weeks. I strongly believe *IT* to be a paid troll. I have been observing IT. IT has engaged and enraged many regular posters here, in a short period of time, with banal counter-intuitive arguments. IT has annoyed “Champ” and “George” and “Miriam Rove”. In an argument with Champ IT claimed to be a “Female”, which is why I call “IT” IT. It is remarkable the amount of drivel IT has produced in a few short weeks. To me the writing style is distinctly masculine in nature. IT also claims to be from the Boston area but with “strong” British connections and British experience.
    IT tries to position itself as supporting the counter-jihad position but has a host of non-viable suggestions, which clearly demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding the basic tenets of Islam. ITs basic argument is that Islam needs to self-reform and set up a forum of “moderate” Mullahs to call for reform. Fat chance. It writes long puerile sections while trying to pretend IT is in agreement. ITs intent is to draw posters into endless debate about issues that have no traction. Classic communist agitate/propaganda techniques. Ignore IT. Don’t waste your time engaging IT in any way. Trolls are paid for EACH post. This is why they begin arguments. The more the merrier. If there is no response, they move on. IT will eventually go away. Click here for the profile and tactics of a PAID TROLL Max.


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    But I like to engage trolls…Beating up on trolls relieves stress, and it’s good mental exercise…However it’s not for everyone…sometimes you have to wear a plastic suit…I’m pretty good at confusing trolls, most of the time they don’t have the slightest idea what I’m talking about…

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    Once again, the idiots on the playground have come out to play. Their brains are hard at work!!! The little women of the Jihad Watch Ladies Detective Agency are desperately looking for those telltale clues that there might be, yes, there is, accuracy in posts of posters w/which they disagree. Those little brains of theirs are on overdrive w/their analysis of the jihadi Fifth Columnists who must target this site on a daily basis. It’s so essential for them to remain vigilant, they’ve gone over to the point of vibrating w/hyper-vigilance like junkyard dogs who don’t know when to shut TFU. They haven’t extricated their heads from their asses long after the visitor ought to have been clear to them, but, then again, some of them are men so maybe they’re of an age when their prostates need some daily masssage. istanbul Clit doesn’t realize that if Islam takes over the entire world that FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) might become prevalent in areas where FGM isn’t yet practiced. She thinks maybe that it’s better it’s better to be a Chick with a CLIT rather than without a CLIT but she’s too stupid to realize when there’s another chick in the crowd who might think the same.

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    I don’t think any guy who’s got “duh” as part of his handle could possibly have a REAL ACTIVE social life, do you? That wouldn’t make too good of a personal advert anywhere on the web but HERE…

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    Sure, give me the opportunity and I’ll speak w/Robert Spencer by phone anytime. But I’d also insist that he look over who did what name calling on this site first. If he’s also so blind as to suspect I’m a jihadi Fifth Columnist then I’ll call the Boston Globe and clue them into this story. I’m sure a story done by the Boston Globe publicizing my Newton and other Boston Irish-American relatives while being regarded as a jihadi/Muslim apologist on this site simply because I made the mistake of choosing “Americana” as my handle would clear the air big time for you folks. I think the Boston Globe’s writers would find these kinds of accusations of Fifth Columnist behaviour by you all and the intellectual culture clash evidenced by your posts accusing me in the crudest terms of Muslim frontman/woman a really easy story to write. It sure would make for some amusing reading!

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    Jeepers, there you go again w/the CATCH-22 STUPIDTY!!! Since I wasn’t allowed to respond w/other than a SIMPLE ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ in a previous challenge issued by some other JW bimbo, of course I opted for the simple ‘YES.’ But, no, that wasn’t again the right answer given the nature of this web site. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t unless you’ve got a jingly little handle like TURKISH FEZ.

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    Another thread gone completely astray.

    Stop interacting.

    The DOJ filed the criminal complaint on Monday and gave the interrogators only 16 hrs before sending over the judge to read him rights and shut everything down.

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    For the love of all that’s sane quit feeding the bi-polar, burnt out old hippy slag, folks.

    Every time you try to engage this lunatic, positively or negatively, she turns the thread into a diatribe about poor little her. You’re encouraging her to spam her incoherent blatherings and forcing everyone else to scroll, scroll, scroll through her bullshi’ite.

    As DDA has suggested, several times, go back to the article and re-read it.

    Make the thread about islam and its carriers. Not about the mentally ill troll in our midst.

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    Here is how I would handle this Medina Muslim: Take his goat smelling ass out back and tie him to a pole. Place a pressure cooker bomb 10′ on his left and a pressure cooker bomb 10′ to his right. Both bombs are to constructed exactly as those that he built and detonated. Dual prime both cookers, use 10 minutes of time fuse on one pressure cooker and 12 minutes of time fuse on the second. Ignite both powder trains by yelling “fire in the hole” three times. This will give him 10 minutes to watch the time fuse burn down and explode the first cooker. He will also know that if he is still alive after the first cooker is detonated, that the second cooker will detonate in two minutes. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…justice will have been served.

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    Having read many a suspect his or her rights over the years, I can tell you it’s all about timing.

    We asked patrol officers not to Mirandize anyone if we had been called to the scene, we would take care of that, because they weren’t professional interrogators, we were, and needed to take our best shot first before the suspect clammed up because we might only get that one shot at what he or she knew a/o did.

    We had to be careful how we offered the rights waiver so a suspect. Generally it went something like: “the law says we have to read you this before we talk, and I know you want to tell us what happened, so…”

    No lawyer or judge ever came into the equation as far as waltzing into one of our interviews and reading our bad-guy his rights. The fact that this was done in this case and under the “leadership” of this DOJ is not surprising but very alarming.

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    I just heard something on the national news that may be pertinent here (imagine that!).
    When first questioned about his immediate plans last Thursday night, muslim #2 stated that they were going to New York to “party.” In a subsequent interview muslim #2 fessed-up that they really intended to plant their remaining explosives in Times Square. LE had 32 hours of exception-period left to conduct further Miranda-free interviews; but then the federal judge arrived…

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    WHOA! Now I just heard that the Saudi–al-Harbi–the subject of all this speculation–has been found DEAD! This was a “first report,” not sure yet if it’s true…

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    >>>Of course it isn’t a BIG NEWS STORY, CGW, and I wouldn’t have contacted the Boston Globe as if this were a ***big news story.**** (Oh, boy, we’ve got a hot story here!!!) But it would establish the facts about my family, etc. End OF BIG NEWS STORY. Get it? It seems you’ll only believe I am who I say I am if it’s written in REALLY BIG LETTERS in a big time city newspaper that just happens to be the city that was just attacked. So, hey, why don’t I just avail myself of my hometown newspaper? Get it?<<<

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    I usually don’t get so angry or worked up by things,but mirandizing this suspect before the allocated guidelines that allow for 48 hours based on this suspects background is unconscionable.

    I hope the hell they pin down the person(s) who approved this order without consultation with the FBI.

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    CGW —– I’ve been trying to say I’m a British-Irish American from Newton w/Boston Irish relatives sprinkled all over the Boston area for days now. The only thing you’d seemingly believe is if the Boston Globe gives me two thumbs up for my personal bona fides as being a British-Boston Irish American from Newton. Clear? It’s not a threat. It’s saying my bona fides would stand up to being looked at by the Boston Globe. You decide on a clear way to vet me right now because I’m not going to continue to put up w/this bizarro playground bambini BS.

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    You decide on a clear way to vet me right now because I’m not going to continue to put up w/this bizarro playground bambini BS.

    I don’t believe that anyone is forcing you to stay. And your phrase, “not going to continue to put up with…this BS,” raises a question.

    If you’re not going to put up it, what do you plan to do?

    Whoever you are, you’ve been very unpleasant here. Given your increasingly hostile tone, how can you blame CGW for thinking that you are beginning to make threats?

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    I’m going to continue to post in the vein that you all find so objectionable. I’m going to state facts. Facts like there are advantages and disadvantages to treating these jokers as enemy combatants. It’s that **INVECTIVE** I don’t know what the word means.

    How any of you can continue to spew your inane BS about what is and isn’t in CERTAIN of my posts while COMPLETELY IGNORING OTHER OF MY POSTS that more than qualify as being equally as anti-jihadi as all of yours is insanity. As for you all not disputing my being from Newton, I’ve been told in so many words that’s a lie. I’ve been told I don’t have any personal experience w/Islam even when I’ve said my oldest sister had finally retired from being dean of a women’s university in Saudi Arabia because she’d had enough. I’ve been told that same sister being in the oil business for a British company earlier in her career wasn’t accurate, or even if she were, that she was sucking at the teat of Saudi oil money. If you don’t see this as pretty primitive reasoning and discussion, well, you’ve got your head up who knows where… All I know is that if you can’t discuss her experiences w/Islam then you obviously DON’T have any personal experiences.

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    gravenimage —–

    Just WHAT do you not understand about my previous post that said most of what the older brother Tsarnaev would have had for Chechen contacts is ON HIS COMPUTER and would be retrieved by COMPUTER FORENSICS TECHS? Why would anyone need to question the dumb bro for months on end? If there were a huge interlinked plot these brothers were part of, it’s far more likely that any fellow conspirators would have gone about whatever terrorist mayhem they had planned once the Tsarnaev brothers started their spree because bigger is always better and several days of mayhem would qualify as better and more disruptive yet.

  27. says

    CGW —- I have NOT identified myself as a Progressive or as any other political leaning. You all have chosen to identify me as such. Bad thing to be on this site, I guess. Boo hoo, woe is me, or maybe I should just shout “Boo” since I don’t think of myself as anything but middle of the road. Sure, I’ll ignore the jabs and BS from here on out, once you lay off the stupidity of sharing code words liberally sprinkled in posts like “Doesn’t she seem STRESS-FREE and easy going?” If you think you all can up the ante past the wittischisms (pun) I can muster in response, let’s continue to have at it. Otherwise, I expect my identifiably anti-jihadi posts to carry whatever clues are needed.

  28. says

    CGW —– See above post.

    I expect the validity of my saying the following would be seen as pretty straightforward (Is the following all about “ME?”):

    Any jihadists linked to the Tsarnaevs’ plot would likely have FELT COMPELLED TO ACT by now considering the possibility that the Tsarnaevs, if captured, would have been liable to reveal them.

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    “How any of you can continue to spew your inane BS about what is and isn’t in CERTAIN of my posts while COMPLETELY IGNORING OTHER OF MY POSTS that more than qualify as being equally as anti-jihadi as all of yours is insanity.”

    Paging Dr. Phil!!! …paging Dr. Phil!!!

    Okay not even Dr. Phil can reason with this nonsense and get Americana to see how her incredible boorish nastiness more than *eclipses* all of her “OTHER POSTS” that may or may not be of any value …

    Which is why I think Max Modine is correct. I mean no one is that obtuse; not unless they’re being paid to act that way.

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    Everything that comes out of Rasool O or his henchmen is suspicious…The way they are dealing with the jihasi is very suspicious…
    It’s almost like they are covering something up…again…

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    One of the men accused of plotting to derail a Canadian passenger train has challenged the Canadian legal system’s authority over him.

    Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, told a Toronto judge that “all of these conclusions” were based on the country’s criminal code, which was “not a holy book”.

    He and co-defendant Raed Jaser, 35, are charged with conspiracy to carry out an attack and kill people.

    They are accused of plotting to bomb a train between New York and Montreal.

    Officials have said the alleged plot had support from al-Qaeda in Iran, although they say they have no evidence of state sponsorship.

    The two men’s arrest comes amid debate and an expected vote on Wednesday on changes to Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act.

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    Why wouldn’t they have an infidel dean? They’ve got plenty of infidels working in their oil industry??? For pete’s sake, it’s not like she was paid to teach these women the Qur’an or run a religious school system for good little Saudi women. She was hired because of her business acumen. PS —- It should be kind of a clue that she was the dean of a women-only Saudi university. Again w/the stupid accusations. I’ll have to ask Trish for the name of the university and one of you can call them and ask when she retired.

  33. says

    International recruitment for faculty positions in the Middle East is all over the darn place in academia (this is how Trisha found her job, not on this particular site but same difference):

    Prof Azhar Kazmi , King Fahd University Dharan
    Prof Antonio Muller , Prince Sultan Univ, Riyad < <<< GEEZ, does this person sound Muslim to you? >>>>International recruitment for the Chemical/Materials Engineering Dept. at KAUST: Yes, I think this reads as calling all infidels if you happen to have the right skillset!!!!!< <<<< Opportunities at CEMSE (King Abdullah blah blah blah University/KAUST) This is a great time to consider joining KAUST. The University has embarked on a period of unparalleled growth that offers unprecedented opportunities for professional enrichment and personal fulfillment. Why, LOOKY HERE>>>>>>KAUST is actively recruiting world-class students, faculty, and researchers who are committed to meeting the grand challenges of science through bold and collaborative inquiry that focuses on issues of regional and global significance.

    The diverse and international faculty, staff and student body create a unique multicultural experience, while the beautiful and quiet residential campus favors dedicated research and study.

    Why, LOOKY HERE, RECRUITING ALL YOU INFIDELS>>>>KAUST is in the midst of recruiting outstanding, multinational faculty and staff to to help one of the world’s finest teaching and research institutions fulfill its educational and research missions. To be competitive, we are hiring solely on the basis of merit, and will offer an attractive base pay augmented with benefits that compare favorably with the best global private and public institutions.

    Although Saudi Arabia is notorious for its rigid interpretation of Islam, KAUST says that it will be open to both men and women from around the world. It has promised that it will provide “unfettered” access to information and that it will “nurture and protect freedom of research, thought and discourse relating to scholarly work”. The university will also be overseen by an independent board of trustees, which includes former Irish president Mary Robinson and the current director-general of the CERN particle-physics lab, Rolf-Dieter Heuer.
    The president of the university is Choon Fong Shih, a mechanical engineer who was formerly president and vice-chancellor of the National University of Singapore. Shih previously spent 30 years in the US, including spells as at Harvard and Brown universities and General Electric. He hopes that the number of papers published by KAUST faculty will, within a decade, equal those of scientists at the world’s best research universities.

  34. says

    duh swami, CARE to apply? 😉 The pay is very, very good. Life sucks though if you’re a woman and you’ve got to wear an abayah outside your home…and you can’t DRIVE your own damn car…and you can’t do anything without being accompanied by an overseer… Care for me to go on about the list of downside if you’re a woman faculty member? ‘Course for you, being an identifiably swinging dick guy and all, the only thing you’d miss out on is DRINKING. Alcohol is smuggled in and is avaiable, you just have to know where to look or whom to curry favour with and be invited to the right parties. There are clubs where Saudis go to drink and carouse and the religious police look the other way. If you’re a woman faculty member though, they might not be so lenient…

  35. says

    Istanbul Chick, whoa, whoa, whoa, dear! Tut, tut, I very clearly stated that she had left the oil business and took up a job in academia and is now retired. Why did she retire from the oil business? Because she became allergic to the fumes and dermatological contact of any kind began to give her serious skin issues. Do a little research on the oil business, oh, by golly — in big, bold type, look at the below factoids!

    Hallelujia, hallelujia, PETROLEUM ALLERGY!!! It’s a genuine syndrome! Look out, after working in the oil biz for 15 or 20 years, it might happen to you!

    Respiratory Reactions
    The respiratory system often exhibits the first signs and symptoms of a petroleum allergy or sensitivity. According to the University of Pennsylvania, the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose may itch causing sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. Irritation to the mucous membranes may also cause inflammation and discomfort to the sinuses and can lead to headache, congestion and feelings of pressure in the nose and across the forehead. More extreme allergic reactions can include wheezing and shortness of breath. Respiratory reactions from petroleum are often due to petroleum vapors but can occur with contact exposure as well.

  36. says

    duh swami, I’m not going to do all the work. You want to say there are no international faculty at the biggest NEW university in Saudi Arabia, go right ahead. Look the other way or look (____) but considering I’d posted numerous ads for international faculty, it’s pretty darn clear, the Saudis are doing university outreach for INTERNATIONAL faculty members of BOTH GENDERS.

  37. says

    Not interacting, however…

    A non-Muslim dean of a Saudi university, in other words a kafir having authority over Muslims?

    Sheikh Manna` K. Al-Qubtan, professor of Higher studies at the School of Islamic Law in Riyadh, indicates that:

    “Basically, the command of non-Muslims over Muslims in not admissible, because God Almighty said: ‘Allah will not give access to the infidels (i.e. Christians) to have authority over believers (Muslims) {Qur’an 4:141}. For God – Glory be to Him – has elevated Muslims to the highest rank (over all men) and foreordained to them the might, by virtue of the Qurtanic text in which God the Almighty said: ‘Might and strength be to Allah, the Prophet (Muhammad) and the believers (Muslims) {Qur’an 63:8}.

    “Thus, the authority of non-Muslim over a Muslim is incompatible with these two verses, since the Muslim has to submit to and obey whoever is in charge over him. The Muslim, therefore becomes inferior to him, and this should not be the case with the Muslim.

    Dr. Salih Al-Sadlan, professor of Shari`a at the School of Islamic Law, Riyadh, cites the same verses and asserts that it is not permissible for a infidel (in this case is a Christian) to be in charge over Muslims whether in the private or public sector. Such an act:

    “entails the humiliaton of the Muslim and the exaltation of the infidel (Christian). This infidel may exploit his position to humiliate and insult the Muslims who work under his administration. It is advisable to the company owner to fear God Almighty and to authorize only a Muslim over the Muslims. Also, the injunctions issued by the ruler, provides that an infidel should not be in charge when there is a Muslim available to assume the command. Our advice to the company owner is to remove this infidel and to replace him with a Muslim.”

  38. says

    She didn’t have RELIGIOUS AUTHORITY over these Saudis, she had ACADEMIC AUTHORITY over them. That’s not disallowed and it’s certainly not being discouraged as proved by the international nature of the academic staff at KAUST. Read the KAUST site/links and get back to me…

    I don’t care what the Shar’iah joker you posted about is blathering on about. Dr. Salith Al-Sadlan is a professor of Shar’iah at the School of Islamic Law, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. >>>What does that mean?<<< It means that the poor man is insulated from the REAL WORLD in which Saudis have to take their education where they can find it!

  39. says

    For some reason part of my previous response was cut off…

    What does that mean? It means that some professor of Shar’iah doesn’t have a CLUE what goes on in the REAL WORLD OF SAUDI ARABIAN ACADEMIA. Shame on him. He wants to pretend the Saudis can do all the intellectual heavy lifting on their own, let him. But if King Abdullah (blah blah blah) University is offering jobs to INTERNATIONAL FACULTY of BOTH GENDERS, then this Prof. Al-Sadlan is just slight out of touch.

  40. says

    Why on earth would I *not* post personal information on “the subject at hand?” Personal information and reasons — including having family living in London and Boston — is why I came to this site.

    My bona fides aren’t even being allowed to be established. Here I posted clear evidence (in response to someone doubting my sister working there) of international educators being recruited to teach at KAUST (King Abdullah U.) and there goes jackdiamond whipping out a professor of Shar’iah law, no less, who says there aren’t any infidels in charge over Muslims. He does that as if that totally discredits the ENTIRE FACULTY listing posted on the KAUST site on which there appear many, many folks w/infidel names????

  41. says

    And Guys, if you think she’s a troll, stop antagonizing her further.

    There have been lots of trolls and Mahoundiabs to dance with over time…Abdullah Mikail and Naseem, for two well known’s, Loonwatcher types and a hundred guys named Jim…It’s just sort of a habit to interface with them and try to bring somw joy to their wretched lives…

  42. says

    Mr. Spencer, I’m begging you, please ban Americana.

    JW posters, please let’s stop encouraging this mentally ill person. The capital letters are KILLING ME!

  43. says

    In this echo-chamber, how can anyone conclude that “Americana” has nothing intelligent to say, or question his mettle as a staunch, anti-jihadist?

    Get real everyone!

  44. says

    What I find extremely disturbing here is that under the guidelines of Miranda the FBI was fully within its rights to continue its interrogation of Tsarnaev, quite frankly as long as they wished under Miranda.

    The guidelines clearly reflect that this interrogation of this terrorist bomber falls within the parameters of the exemption rule known as “Public safety”.

    The public safety exemption derives from case law of “New York v. Quarles (1984)”, a case in which the Supreme Court upheld that there could still be serious concerns about the safety of others if law Enforcement was not given adequate time for interrogation.

    The exemption does not even put any time limit on this interrogation, whoever made this decision needs to be confronted post haste, I cannot think of a more serious breach of public safety at this time.

  45. says

    The big hangup? The legal choices and the case law for terrorism are so far inadequate. This article below, though it’s from 2002, describes the difficulty of adjudicating terrorists. Read the full article and tell me if we aren’t still talking abut the very same things as they were in 2002. I chose an article from 2002 specifically to indicate we haven’t moved forward on the legal front. Want to read the same arguments in the present day, just do a search for more recent discussions.

    From the article:

    While the administration maintains that it is pursuing a policy in concert with international and constitutional law, it recognizes that in waging a war against terror they are carving out a place where no extant body of law fits precisely. The United States is looking carefully at other regimes to find a more appropriate way to deal with emerging threats. Several discussants pushed for the United States to go beyond the Geneva Conventions. Current legal regimes can be utilized to maintain security in the face of terrorism, and we should not be so quick to discard them as irrelevant. Any attempt to do so should be accompanied by a clear disclosure about the costs and adverse effects of laying aside legal regimes.

  46. says

    well, this is indeed a site to watch. I am told Americana is bad, so be it, but I do have something to say. An Obama judge walking into an interrogation of a terror suspect makes me sick. The once proud USA has handed its powers to judges and the bureaucracy, same as Canada. Our beloved and great countries will reap what judges and bureaucrats sow, mark my words. They are all after their coveted pensions, not what we the people want. What We the People Want is justice for wrongdoings against us and any people in power who want the same thing, not playing the truth for their pensions. Which we the people pay. Oh, yes, the truth WILL out as it always does, maybe too late for all the victims.

  47. says

    ***Notice that “Americana” has developed a new tactic this morning to maintain civility and attempt to befriend many posters here and on other threads; but I must warn you not to be taken in by this new-and-improved impostor. When dealing with mohammedans, always be on your guard.***

  48. says

    When I saw that such a new story had almost sixty comments, my first thought was to wonder whether “Americana” had show up and was dominating the thread with her crap.

    Sure ’nuff.

    “Americana” wrote:

    Exactly what sort of Big Cheese do you think this Tzohkar Tsarnaev guy was? Just how much interrogation do you think he’d need to undergo to spill everything he knows? He isn’t bin Laden. He’s not al Zawahiri…

    The Tsarnaev brothers had enough explosives and other fire power for several more Jihad terror attacks.

    And at the very least, they were in contact with Chechen Jihadists. Assuming that they have no other links and that the carnage at the Boston Marathon was necessarily the last hurrah is absurd in these circumstances.

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may not be bin Laden”but he’s not some guy who pulled a stick-up at the local 7-11, either.

    From the article:

    After roughly 16 hours of questioning, investigators were surprised when a magistrate judge and a representative from the U.S. Attorney’s office entered the hospital room and read Tsarnaev his rights, the four officials and one law enforcement official said. Investigators had planned to keep questioning him.

    Despite “Americana’s” implication that the interrogation was over, this makes it clear that that was not the case. The investigators had intended to continue their questioning.

    The question, really, is why the U.S. Attorney’s office decided to involve themselves at this point.

    Certainly, sending a magistrate judge and a representative from the U.S. Attorney’s office to this vile Jihadist’s hospital room was not a casual matter. It sounds like they wanted to shut things down.

    And then, of course, “Americana” has gone on to totally lose it, spewing invective and profanity. Very unpleasant”but hardly surprising.

    And once again, she is going on about being from Newton, Massachusetts, which no one has challenged, in any case. But the idea that it matters one of the the other is simply ridiculous. After all, the brothers Tsarnaev spent years in the Boston area, and that didn’t make *them* Anti-Jihadists.

  49. says

    Finally we have a gorgeous day here in NYC and Americana he/she it beginning. to ruin it and it is only 1130 am here and no where close to a is bad enough to deal with jihadists and it is 10 times worse to deal with stealth jihadists as he/she is.

  50. says

    Hi Champ!

    Remember our old friend Jim Foster? Naaahhh, couldn’t be! Kinda’ makes me wish Darcy were here though…

    Thanks, Champ.


  51. says

    A question for you Americana: Do you believe that the Boston bombing Muslim brothers carried out their murderous action in the name of Islam?
    Yes, or No?

  52. says

    ” It’s so likely I’d be a Muslim disinformation expert because this web site is soooo crucial in the fight against the Muslim hordes, the Muslims would dispatch a Fifth Columnist to come on here and post PAID-FOR DISINFORMATION? ”

    Unfortunately, it’s happened before. That’s why so many here are gun-shy and defensive due to hyper-vigilance.

    I don’t expect you to understand. We have an established dynamic here, and you’re rocking the boat has caused some to be suspicious. We’ve had every stripe of mahoundian here, from blatant jihadis to apologists to taqiyya artists to dawa enthusiasts to infiltrators posing as Jews, Christians, even atheists in attempts to disrupt the constructive efforts of this movement.

    You may be unaware that many of us are involved in counter-jihad activities in the real world, i.e. outside of our interaction on this site. Many of us have taken what we’ve learned and experienced at JW and from Robert’s books and translated it into meaningful ACTION. It’s not just “talk” for us, it’s a real-life struggle against evil. A sense of camaraderie is vital. JWers come from as broad a social spectrum as you will find anywhere, folks of varied faiths, ethnicities, countries, political parties, sexual preferences, and political ideologies. No one is excluded based on anything other than acceptance/tolerance of islamic beliefs and practices.

    I’m not happy with this flame-war going on here; it’s upsetting to have such a distraction from the seriousness of our Common Cause. I’m going to be frank: you seem to have genuine entusiasm for opposing the worst of islam, but there are deeper issues that I fear require further education. We can offer you that here. But you must stop antagonizing and responding to aggravation. I saw you make a good first attempt but when others continued to come after you you struck back with viciousness. Of course, it’s natural to want to defend yourself, and I think some of the criticisms leveled at you have been a bit unfair. The only solution is for you to “prove yourself” over time by continuously taking the high road and refusing to indulge in verbal “payback”, humble yourself and be the better person. Although you belittle us as a group, we are one of the more solid, knowledgeable groups opposing jihad on the internet, thanks to the good graces of Robert Spencer.

    I don’t hold out much hope that you’ll follow my advice, but for the sake of harmony, please consider it. We have enough trouble on our hands with the islamic Menace; internecine personal battles here at JW are destructive with regard to what we are trying to accomplish.

    Here’s hoping that ST. ANTHONY will help you find patience, perseverance and humility. What are you looking for here – a home or a battlefield? Are you looking for a group of comrades with whom to share ideas and experiences and from whose wisdom you can benefit and with whom you can share your own knowledge, or a place to come to abuse and be abused? You got off to a rough start; at this point, the only way for it to turn around is for you to “turn the other cheek” when insulted and not respond in kind, be patient and persevere in attaining your greater goal.

    I’m appealing to your better nature here. Some of us were easily riled/offended but you came on a little too strong, too fast. If you can’t figure out a way to initiate cordial relations with other posters, there is no reason for you to stick around unless you somehow enjoy conflict. Whats’ your true purpose, to learn and contribute or to antagonize? The perception that it’s the latter is why some consider you a “troll”. I may be naive in this regard, but I see someone who is is seeking fellowship and wants to participate and “fit in” but is having difficulty adjusting to the personalities of some of our regulars.

    Give it some thought. leave out any personal invective and respond ONLY to and with substantive points on the issues associated with the respective articles. Don’t respond when provoked. If you have the patience to persevere in this, I can promise that it will be worth the effort in the long-run.

  53. says

    Don’t let that bloody troll ruin your day. It isn’t worth it. A is a bloody w****r and only wants to provoke us, better ignore him.

    Help yourself to a good glass of Scotch, lechaim

  54. says


    Relax and enjoy the show, my friend! It isn’t every day that we get to witness a nut-job publicly self-destruct and melt down like a defective Roman Candle! Proof again that you don’t have to a muslim to be a troll–but it helps!


  55. says

    “Americana he/she it beginning. to ruin it…”

    Because you fed her, Miriam.

    Just ignore her. Period.

    Every time you feed her she comes back for more.

    Here’s a game to play:

    Every time this repugnant, self-absorbed lunatic makes a post or responds when someone feeds her slam a shot of scotch instead of replying to her.

    If we just ignore her she will get bored and go away. If she doesn’t and just keeps posting she’ll be tagged as a spammer.

  56. says

    That ‘YES’ should have been very clear to you, Buraq, from my previous post that said they should have been charged w/TERRORISM, don’t you think? Why the need to ask me that question when the answer to that question was IMPLICIT in my previous post?

    Now, it seems to me, the QUESTION you should be asking **me** and everyone else is what to do about such fallacious tactical legal choices being made by our government? To me, we should let our Congress and President know that if there are jihadi attacks they should be treated as TERRORISM from here on out. No ifs, ands or buts. **If there’s evidence of Muslim terrorism, that’s what the charges should be.**

  57. says

    Hi George …

    Americana is turning Jihad Watch into a circus act. So far she’s behaved like a toothless tiger, a silly monkey, and an boorish elephant. Okay where’s the ring leader, and when will this show from hell end? :)

  58. says

    When was the last time you had a date? You sound…lonely…I can tell by the way you write that you are tense, really tense…Have you talked to your therapist about this?

  59. says

    My name is duh to give liberal fools something to talk about when they run out of substance…Which as we can see is quickly..You fell for the trick…I gave you a test and you flunked…Now you have to stand in the corner for ten minutes…./

  60. says

    Y’see, there’s the contradiction that makes us all suspicious of you.
    You yelled: ‘That ‘YES’ should have been very clear to you, Buraq, from my previous post that said they should have been charged w/TERRORISM, don’t you think?’

    No, ‘terrorism’ is not ‘jihad’ in the nomenclature of Islam. Charging him with terrorism would let Islam off the hook! You’re confused, or you’re trying to confuse us. You even repeat yourself by saying ‘Muslim terrorism…’ There’s no such thing in Islam. There’s violent jihad, it’s called for throughout Al Qur’an, but terrorism; No!

    You’ll have to try harder Amrika!

  61. says

    OK, I just read your threat about contacting the media, which you wrote while I was composing my long post to you. Go ahead, give it a try – I’m sure they’ll just be FASCINATED by your BIG NEWS STORY!

    You have officially gone too far. Are you really that immature, or just wacky?

    I’m done.

  62. says

    Hi, Hellbat44,

    I approve of your idea …

    This guy definitely deserves the death penalty, and I really hope that he gets it; and I’m all for creative ways to accomplish that end, so bring on the Just Desserts after force feeding him burnt pork chops, he he.

  63. says

    I’m hearing nothing further on this–and I think it would be a big story–so I must assume this was a false report. My apologies…

  64. says

    Extended waterboard interrogation for maximum information…then make him a permanent member of the “72 Club” using the aforementioned technique. Bury him facing Israel in an unmarked grave filled with pork chops.

  65. says

    OK, the body found was that of the missing Brown Universtity student Sunil Tripathi, NOT the Saudi al-Harbi. My bad.

  66. says

    I usually don’t get so angry or worked up by things,but mirandizing this suspect before the allocated guidelines that allow for 48 hours based on this suspects background is unconscionable.

    I hope the hell they pin down the person(s) who approved this order without consultation with the FBI.


    Agreed, Mackie.

  67. says

    “”The most dangerous thing that can happen is (once again) that Muslim students (that Muslim peace-loving people) are targeted for hate or exclusion,” he said.”

    Someone better tell those “peace-loving” muslim supremacists to stop excluding themselves by refusing to respect the non-muslim customs, laws, and cultures.

    They can cease to be “targets of hate” by ceasing their supremacist litigation jihads for special treatment. They can also stop the hate by ceasing their non-stop hate-fueled attacks on Jews (under the guise of “anti-zionism).

    Yet again the high and mighty “intellectual elites” utterly fail to put the shoe on the other foot and pimp out the morally inverted notion of “one set of rules for us, another set of rules for them.”

    Thank you for reminding us that we are fighting on more than one front, Kaddafi.

  68. says

    You prove your “bona fides” by your behavior. Your insistence on your “background” just seems like suspicious over-emphasis to those of us who’ve dealt repeatedly with impostors.

    If you really want to stay and be a part of this, buckle down, cut out all the inflammatory rhetoric, keep your own nose clean without worrying about what anyone else does or how they respond to you. We care less about your heritage and more about your stance vis-a-vis islam.

    If you continue to be uncomfortable here, since you’ve mentioned that you are a progressive, you might want to visit left-leaning sites and try to make inroads toward educating others there about the real issues surrounding islam. There is a genuine dearth of supporters on the left, both liberal and progressive, of counter-jihad efforts and even ideology. Perhaps your efforts would be better spent convincing them of the vital importance of these issues. I warn you, should you decide to embark on such a journey, it will prove a daunting task. Many on the Left are woefully (and willfully) ignorant with regard to the truth about islam and doggedly determined to perpetuate that ignorance. You think you are abused here? Challenge their pie-in-the-sky notions about islam being a “religion of peace” and “all religions are the same and deserve respect” and you will be called every foul name in the book and even threatened with physical harm. Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it.

    Whatever you do, you won’t make any headway HERE until you stop making the discussion about YOU. Ignore jabs and carry on. Response to provocation increasingly turns your behavior into what could be deemed *truly* troll-like. I have refrained from calling you that but you keep digging the hole deeper.

    The task at hand is islam and jihad. Focus and cease distracting unpleasantly. (Pleasant distractions are welcome.)

    BTW, duh swami is our resident low-key comedian. He’s a treasure.

  69. says

    Once again, your last post is all about YOU. Don’t you see what you are doing?

    Post as you like, but be aware that Robert WILL ban for whatever reason he chooses, and one of those is off-topic ranting. There used to be a disclaimer heading up each comment section before the site was re-worked but it hasn’t been put back up yet. It listed various causes for deletion and banning, one of which was simply “otherwise annoying”. Please be respectful of your gracious host.

  70. says

    Sorry, I thought I saw you self-identify on a previous thread as a progressive. My bad.

    I don’t know if you are accusing *me* of using “code words” or just addressing JWers in general. I haven’t done that, but in any case, someone has to go first. Sick to paragraphs like your last one, refuse to be provoked and things will go fine. A thick skin will help you win the day.

  71. says

    “Americana” wrote:

    I’ve been told I don’t have any personal experience w/Islam even when I’ve said my oldest sister had finally retired from being dean of a women’s university in Saudi Arabia because she’d had enough…

    An interesting detail that “Americana” had mentioned before.

    Does anyone with experience there know whether it is possible for a Saudi university to have an Infidel dean? This seems unlikely to me…

  72. says

    She did, CGW. Or at least a progressive “POV.”

    Why won’t anyone heed my advice and just stop encouraging her. She’s got issues and no good can come of dialoguing with nuts. Mental illness is a tragedy but she’s not going to get better here.

    As I’ve said over and over, she’s all over the place with her though processes and continually contradicts herself.

    Has no one here had to deal with a family member, friend or co-worker who is bi-polar? She fits the profile to a “t.” It’s quite obvious if one follows her posts chronologically from the beginning.

  73. says

    Graven, she never said anything about her sister being a dean until now.

    Her first post on the topic only mentioned the sister “working in the region.”

    The next post in which she brought it up she mentioned the sister being in the oil business in the region.

    Now that has morphed into her sister being a university dean.

  74. says

    Jihadi’s say the darnedest things, especially when they get caught…His holy law book is sharia, the Canadians a lot of man made nonsense…

  75. says

    Why wouldn’t they have an infidel dean?

    Why would they is more like it…There are no Saudi’s qualified for the position? Ten to one you don’t really know the Saudi’s attitude about that and are just speculating…

  76. says

    I wonder what happened to all the smart and educated Saudi’s? Are they just too rich to work?…I’m not going to read all that or any opinion post of yours, that is longer than two inches…Learn to pack your power points into a small area…Yours, if you have any, are spread out all over the place…Remember this…
    Limitation is the source of power’…so limit yourself…

  77. says

    Not a professional, but just a personal opinion–but I think we’re dealing with a sick individual here. If you’re desperate for acceptance you don’t kick your prospective acceptees in the shins, over and over (and over) again. When you get a sincere, humane reponse from a concerned hornet (CGW) and you reject that and choose to keep poking the nest…

    I confess that I saw some morbid entertainment value with this person at first. But, at this point I think it’s just sad–but it’s also distracting–and hence harmful to this site. Does Mr. Spencer watch these threads? If so, I would respectfully suggest that he end this sorry interlude now. That’s enough of this sorry spectacle. Time to get back on-topic…

  78. says

    I didn’t say no kuffar were employed in SA…I just asked a question…But even if you did fall down and skinned your knee’s, thanks for keeping your reply within the required limits…

  79. says

    Hi IC! The other thing they can stop doing is killing and maiming innocent Christians (and other religious minorities) in countries where Islam rules. There are so many atrocities going on daily that the general public never hears about because the Lame Scream media never reports any of it.

  80. says

    It’s all about behavior modification…Called compliance training…It works like this, you are told to stand up if you do it, you get an M&M…Then you are told to sit down…if you do it, you get another M%M, if you don’t do it…well most people don’t want to hear that part…I gave AM one N%M and if it behaves I may give it another…it’s a lot like the ‘Taming of the shrew’…It’s hard, dirty work, but someone has to do it…

  81. says

    Duh Swami wrote, replying to EYESOPEN:

    There’s a famous painting by an olden day artist I don’t remember, that has Mahound in hell ripping his own chest apart…

    I believe you are thinking of 19th-century French artist Gustave Doré’s engraving for Dante’s Inferno, Swami:

    This is the illustrated verse:

    Inferno XXVIII, 19-42.

    “The poets are in the ninth
    chasm of the eighth circle, that of the Sowers of
    Discord, whose punishment is to be mutilated.
    Mahomet shows his entrails to Dante and Virgil
    while on the left stands his son Ali, his head cleft
    from chin to forelock.”

    Notice that the warlord “Prophet” is described as a “sower of discord”. Couldn’t be more apt.

  82. says

    what are you babbling about now?You seem to be disturbed individual, are you on anti-depressant drugs or lithium? You’re kind of manic babe…you don’t own any firearms do you?

  83. says

    Jack Diamond wrote:

    A non-Muslim dean of a Saudi university, in other words a kafir having authority over Muslims?

    That’s exactly the sort of thing I was asking about, Jack.

    It does seem, though, that Saudi Muslims are so lacking in academic credentials that they *have* allowed Infidels in positions of authority at times. I had thought that they always had a Muslim figurehead is nothing else. Certainly, that’s the most common set-up in Dar-al-Islam.

  84. says

    “Americana” wrote:

    The United States is looking carefully at other regimes to find a more appropriate way to deal with emerging threats…

    More sly creepiness from “Americana”. I wonder just what sort of regime she considers and appropriate model for us to emulate?

  85. says

    cartimandua wrote:

    I am told Americana is bad, so be it…

    Please don’t take anyone’s word for it, cartimandua. Just look at her performance, on this thread, and on this one:

    And I very much agree with your disgust over the actions of that Obama judge shutting down the interrogation. This is interfering with law enforcement, and may have put us all in danger.

    And the Boston Marathon Bombers have ties to Canada, as well, as I’m sure you know’so it’s not just Americans who may have been endangered by this.

  86. says

    Champ, you do more back slapping around this forum than any other user here. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.