Boston Marathon bombers identified as Chechen Muslims

Chechnya is the Muslim area of the Caucasus that has been waging jihad against the Russians since the 19th century.

“Boston Marathon: Surviving Suspect ID”d as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev; Boston Virtually Shut Down,” from CBS DC, April 19:

WATERTOWN, Mass. (CBSDC/AP) “” Police are locking down some neighborhoods in Boston and its western suburbs and all public transportation service has been shut down as authorities search for the remaining suspect in the marathon bombings.

The surviving bombing suspect has been identified as Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, of Cambridge, Mass.

Authorities urged residents in Watertown, Newton, Waltham, Belmont, Cambridge and the Allston-Brighton neighborhoods of Boston to stay indoors.

The announcement Friday morning comes hours after the killing one suspect, known as the man in the black hat from marathon surveillance footage. The man in the white hat is on the loose and police are calling him a “terrorist” who came here “to kill.”

Both bombing suspects are from a Russian region near Chechnya, a source tells the Associated Press. The men have lived in the United States for at least one year.

President Barack Obama has been briefed on the overnight developments at the White House.

A massive manhunt remains underway for the man police believe is the “white hat” suspect in the Boston Marathon Bombing and the other suspect is dead following a wild turn of events that began late Thursday.

“We believe this to be a terrorist,” said Boston Police Commissioner Ed David. “We believe this to be a man who’s come here to kill people. We need to get him in custody.”

The Middlesex district attorney said the two men are suspected of killing a Massachusetts Institute of Technology police officer on campus late Thursday, then stealing a car at gunpoint and later releasing its driver unharmed. Hours earlier, police had released photos of the marathon bombing suspects and asked for the public’s help finding them. A new photo of the suspect on the loose was released later showing him in a grey hoodie sweatshirt. It was taken at a 7-Eleven in Cambridge, just across the river from Boston.

The first images were released hours after President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama attended an interfaith service at a Roman Catholic cathedral in Boston to remember the bombing victims.

Authorities say the suspects threw explosives from the car as police followed it into Watertown. The suspects and police exchanged gunfire, and one of the suspects was critically injured and later died at a hospital while the other escaped….

Boston jihad bomber Tsarnaev's social media page shows his interest in Islam and bombs
Boston bombers from Chechnya, possibly Turkey
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    If my memory serves correctly, it was Chechen muslims who attacked the Beslan school children. The tree (Koran) is known by its fruit.

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    Consequences of letting Muslims in the country. These guys are from chechnya, Muslims and look what they did. same thin is happening with Somali Muslims given shelter here.

    Stop all Muslim immigration, asylum etc to this country. They will always kill non-Muslims as we ahve sen agaian and again. When will the west understand this. Remember there is no good, peaceful Muslim anywhere in the world. Killing non-Muslims is written in his DNA and he will do that sooner and later.

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    A game changer in the war on jihad?

    The not if but when has come about so what now?

    CAIR cannot sweep this away as islamophobia.

    Obama cannot ‘be on the side of Muslims should the situation get ugly’ unless he sides with killers.

    McCain and the Bachman baiters cannot call this an unwarranted attack on the innocent.

    The NYT and alphabet soup broadcast dhimmi’s cannot bury this under the fudge of euphemism.

    This is real. It’s not some ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ or the other straw men they so easily foist upon the gullible.

    Let the media wars commence because as sure as shooting (in this instance quite literaly) the msm will catch it’s breath and the caveat commentariat will be hauled out tout suite.

    They’ll blame America, capitalism,Christianity and Uncle Tom Cobley yet the one thing missing from their list of evil will be that invisible elephant in their room and that is Islam.

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    This just in from Salon magazine:

    Boston bombers are white Russians. Probably neo-nazis with connections to the American right. End of story.

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    Chechnya, eh?

    Speaking of the jihad against Christian Russia – against Russia, daughter of Byzantium – that has gone on for about a thousand years:

    When are we going to see the diglot, fully-annotated Russian and English modern re-issue, as a slim elegantly-presented paperback pamphlet, of John Quincy Adams’ classic essays on the subject of Islam, the Greek war of independence against the Ottoman (Muslim) Empire, and the Russo-Turkish war?

    A good discussion of those essays, including many extended excerpts that demonstrate Adams’ complete comprehension of what Islam was all about, and what a permanent menace it was to all non-Muslims, can be found here:

    Such a modern re-presentation of these classic essays might be introduced and annotated by luminaries such as Mr Spencer himself, with Bat Yeor and Mark Durie and perhaps Serge Trifkovic.

    It would be most properly dedicated to the memory of all Americans and Russians, both civilians and soldiers, who have been killed by Muslim jihadists in the course of their countries’ respective histories, and to all American and Russian veterans of their countries’ separate and ongoing campaigns of self-defence against the Jihad.

    Russia has been defending itself against Jihad for about a thousand years, by now; the USA first encountered Jihad off the coast of North Africa in the late 18th century, when Muslims began preying on the ships of the newly-created Republic.

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    Mahoundian Brothers from Chechnya blowing up people, wearing explosive vests, military training…I wonder how the left MSM is going to shield Islam from this one?

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    Confirmation that this is a Muslim

    Djohar Tsarnaev
    Birthday:July 22
    Relationship status:Single
    Languages:English , Russian , Nohchiyn Mott
    Hide full information
    Contact information
    Current city:Boston
    School: Cambridge Ringe & Latin School ’11
    School: Number 1
    Makhachkala, 1999-2001
    World view:Islam
    Personal priority:Career and money
    Personal information
    Groups:CHECHEN’S , All about Chechnya Chechen Republic , Ms M

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    An NPR commentator has figured out a way to blame the United States. She thinks that the motivation is that the United States has failed adequately to intervene in the conflict between the heroic Chechen freedom fighters and the repressive Russian forces.

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    The fact that these guys are Chechen Muslims (as in Beslan massacre), the common thread at work here will go unnoticed and under-the-radar for most who seem so unwilling to acknowledge the truth. Were these men Saudi of Pakistani, for example, their national origin would have immediately raised undeniable red-flags even for the Chamberlain-like masses. And further: since the initial ‘Saudi national’ suspect is now quietly being spirited back to his homeland, we can all go back to sleep now. “Nothing to see here, folks, lets just keep moving along.”

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    The one that is dead – and good riddance (this way the American taxpayer won’t have to pay for his food and housing expenses in high security prison, nor do the Russians have to worry about him being possibly tossed back in *their* laps) was called – wait for it – Tamerlane.

    In other words, he was almost certainly named after the Muslim mass murderer and jihad raider-and-invader Timur/ Tamerlane (known to students of English literature via the highly-fictionalised figure in Christopher Marlowe’s play Tamburlaine) who cut a bloody swath of death and destruction across Asia Minor, Georgia and India in the 14th century. For more, see Andrew Bostom, ‘Legacy of Jihad’, pp. 75-79.

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    I wonder if any muslim students in the area knew about the bombings beforehand. Maybe the perps’ cell phone records will reveal this.

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    These two barbarians were merely agents of the root cause of the carnage in Boston this week. The root cause is Islam. No Islam, then no Boston carnage. No Islam, then no Fort Hood carnage. No Islam, then no London carnage in 2005. No Islam, then no 9/11 carnage. No Islam, then… No Islam, then…

    Islam is sick to its core. The character of its founder is that of a psychopath. It’s religious texts and law are full of pathologies. What a despicable religion. Forever will I be an enemy of it.

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    Where are all the head-in-the-sand allies at JW, who had the audacity to declare a moral authority about the obvious speculation that the perpetrators were almost certainly Muslims?

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    What’s unfortunate is that due to crowd and media speculation, an innocent boy Sunil Tirpathi (which sounds like a Hindu or Buddhist name) got identified as a suspect. This boy has gone missing since the past month or so and apparently his family went through a terrible ordeal in the last 12 hours. When the truth came out that the perpetrators were jihadis as usual, the media merely apologized ant went silent.

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    dumbledoresarmy: “When are we going to see the diglot, fully-annotated Russian and English modern re-issue, as a slim elegantly-presented paperback pamphlet, of John Quincy Adams’ classic essays on the subject of Islam, the Greek war of independence against the Ottoman (Muslim) Empire, and the Russo-Turkish war?”

    A most significant historical fact that was never taught in the schools. I say this to the shame of American education. It’s the very reason why so many were/are asleep on this subject.

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    Karl Pov: “An NPR commentator has figured out a way to blame the United States. She thinks that the motivation is that the United States has failed adequately to intervene in the conflict between the heroic Chechen freedom fighters and the repressive Russian forces.”

    Nothing new. They obviously have a playbook. That exact same excuse was used when muslims attacked the Beslan school children. The New York Times appeared soon after to criticize ‘the policies’ of the Russian government and to put the blame on Russsia instead of where it belonged.

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    I wonder how the left MSM is going to shield Islam from this one?


    1. These aren’t ‘true’ Muslims. Islam doesn’t condone what they did, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    2. America made them do it, by invading Afghanistan, Iraq, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    There are many ways to shield Muslims from the truth of what they believe and the MSM is quite capable of bringing all those tools to bear.

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    The MSM is going to sidestep the fact that these terrorists are Muslims by only referring to them as Chechen. After all the majority of people who have heard of the Chechens think that their violence is wholly motivated by their desire to be independent of Russia, not by their religion’s call to wage holy war against the infidels.

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    Agreed, no Muslims should be allowed to enter the USA from this moment on. It should have been made official after 9/11 but that’s ancient history. With the exception of the Fort Hood shooter and the DC snipers, every attack or attempted attack has been the work of Muslims who were allowed into the USA after 9/11.
    The exceptions show that we will never be entirely secure but we can at least limit our exposure. That seems to be sinking in even at places like NRO, where a columnist suggested it might be time to ban Muslim travel to the US. Granted, it will ‘punish’ people who have no desire to hurt us, but that can’t be helped.

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    >”Granted, it will ‘punish’ people who have no desire to hurt us, but that can’t be helped.”

    Don’t agree withis part. I think every Muslim has a strong desire and firm conviction to hurt all non-Muslim countries until they convert to islam.
    As such ven those pretrender Muslims are hurt, so what. They deserve it!!

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    Yeah, our MSM is going to work bery hard to hide the fact that these terrorists were/are Muslims and try to just refer to them as Chechans. Will never tell what the Chechans did in Beslan – murdering 300 innocent children!! Our media is so corrupt and tries to brain wash the American public that no can believe it. These guys are reincarbnation of journalists of Pravda!!

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    Agree with you 100%. the root cause is Islam. But in the coverage on all channels this morning and even right now nowbody is prepared to call Islam to the floor. One channel, probably CNN, mentioned that the brothers are Muslims with a caveat that they are mentioning it but being Muslim has nothing to do with the carnage wreaked by the two Muslim brothers.

    We cannot believe how stupid or how deceitful our media has become and with these kind of people how can we win war of Islamic terrorism. When they don’t name/identify the enemy, how can we defeat the enemy. On the other hand the media is brain washing the American public and anybody telling the truth is branded as bigot and racist.

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    “Where are all the head-in-the-sand allies at JW, who had the audacity to declare a moral authority about the obvious speculation that the perpetrators were almost certainly Muslims?”

    They feel ethically better about themselves this morning, knowing that they were “cautious” about “speculating” without fairly and equally weighing the possibility that it could have been the IRA, or Latin American Communists, or Basques, or Tamil Tigers, or Disgruntled White Guys.

    Jihad Watchers should not think that the halls and walls of Jihad Watch are antiseptically absent of PC MC germs. In a variety of ways, some subtler than others, a few Jihad Watchers over the years, I’ve noted, have shown the signs & symptoms of the asymptotic strain of PC MC. Telltale indications include runny nose, sniffles, a scratchy throat, low-grade fever, ecchymosis, a mild rash on the back of the hands, a fastidious disinclination to tar all Muslims with one brush, a stubborn belief that total deportation of Muslims is “against the Constitution”, and a general vague anxiety that we should “not become like them”.

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    P.S.: Oh, I almost forgot one of the most common symptoms of all — the amusing notion that the vast majority of Muslims are “ignorant” of their own Islam.

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    May have, may not have. More than likely, to best facilitate the hit, it was kept as secret as possible.

    To be brief, regard, basic Islam rest on “Obey Allah, Obey the messenger of Allah.” To obey one is to obey the other. “Messenger of Allah,” said, “If you love Allah, follow me.”

    Thus, it is irrefutably provable basic Islam, the Muslim is commanded to emulate, in every area of his life, the actions, words, deeds of their prophet. If he approved it, do it; if he disapproved of it, leave it undone.

    We may not have time to regard the above facts; we may disdain “wasting” our time on the volumes of “sacred” sources that attest to the facts, the facts remains. However, if we understood the facts on Islam and the adherents to it, we would be like many in the ummah and see the works of the believers just by the “family-signature” written by the actions.

    Just like their prophet did oftentimes, so does the believer–the Muslim speaks with not only words but oftentimes, with deeds, no words needed.

    If I may, allow me to bore you with just a few captions from the no dearth of lines detailing the actions of the prophet of Islam: “Great preparations were made for an expedition but the Prophet did not disclose his intentions to anybody.”

    The source goes on to relate, “secrecy was so great” that even when Abu Bark approached his daughter, Aishah (“wife of the Holy Prophet”), inquiring from her, she refused revealing anything on the prophet’s preparatory actions, even to her father.

    Source thus, relates, indeed, “it was an army of ten thousand volunteers” being assemble. In secret no less.

    That is the example provided in detail by the man Allah’s book commands the Muslim to follow and emulate.

    Concealing intentions, as well as “strength of his forces,” there too, example for the believer provided to them by their prophet.

    Thus, because the above-cited skill of concealment with Muhammad and his was so fine-tuned, they not only assembled that army of ten thousand but moved them, positioned them, to be at the ready when time came to march on Mecca.

    Thus, the story relates, so successful was the strategy, the Meccan “Quraishites could not get news of the arrival of the Muslim army before it camped on the other side of the mountains surrounding Mecca.”

    Hence the next morning, Islamic history relates, “the Prophet began his march on Mecca … [freed and dispatched] Abu Sufyan [instructing him] he could assure the people of Mecca that whoever shut himself in his house, or laid down his arms … would be unharmed.”

    (Battlefields of the Prophet Muhammad, Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah, Kitab B havan, New Delhi, Revised, 1992, Publishers, LTD, 2009, p.82, 82.)

    That is how Islam conquers. Township, city, nation.

    Again, there are volumes–one added to the other, then another, then another…– which grant one the irrefutably clear picture of Islam, the facts on it and the adherents to it.

  26. says

    Wake up, you naiive leftist/democrat–the Tea Party really is a harmless right wing crowd looking for the truth, which is being systematically supressed by the leftist MSM and the Obama gang.

    The Tea Party has NOTHING to do with islam, in any way shape or form. Smarten up!