Egypt: Muslims burn Christians with Molotov cocktails


This is the image of the Muslim persecution of Christians, Egypt, April 2013. “Fiery clashes in Cairo,” from AFP, April 9:

After clashes between Muslims and members of Egypt’s Christian Copt minority left at least seven dead last week, these two young Copts were targeted Sunday outside St. Mark’s cathedral in Cairo’s Abbassiya district by unknown assailants wielding Molotov cocktails.

US tear gas arrives in Egypt for Muslim Brotherhood use
Pope Tawadros to Morsi: "This flagrant assault on a national symbol, the Egyptian church, has never been subjected to this in 2,000 years"
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  1. says

    he Church were truly interested in people rather than the institution

    there would be a huge outcry from the Vatican

    that would resonate throughout the world

    and if there is one thing that moslams and islam CANNOT tolerate

    is the exposure of their disgusting tenents

    and their repugnant behavior toward any other religious group

    exposure and world wide humiliation is what these dreck need

  2. says

    Ploome, it’s _tenets_, not _tenents_. The word comes from the Latin for “something held”.

    Islam is ugly, and Egypt is manifesting that ugliness to the nth degree.

  3. says

    Normally, I am a peaceful and a peacemaking Christian and alway love my neighbors but not with these dangerous fanatical mini Muhammads !

    Shoot these Muzzie savages barbarians ! Self-defense. Defend your church shoot any enraged mini Muhammads trying to force themselves inside the holy house of God !

    Never submit to Muhammads and his minions !

  4. says

    Maybe US Christian churches should have gun drives which they ship to the Coptic Christians for self-defense.

    Hey if Turkey, Iran and other shitlam countries can smuggle arms to Hamas to use against non-muslims, why can’t we do the same?

  5. says

    US Christian churches keep aloof and Obama sides with the Brotherhood Muslims, who persecute this Coptic Christians. When Obama and his government jumps to protect the trouble creating Muslims in Sri Lanka by warning the Buddhist country to behave, he willfully turn the other way to the problems of Coptic Christians in Egypt. Why this double standard?

  6. says

    Pictures like that, and stories like that, are the kinds of information that should be sent to our elected officials.

    Cite appropriate verses from Qur’an and Sunnah, making it clear to them WHY Muslims are attacking them;


    Remind them why our tax dollars should not be going to any Muslim country that permits such behavior; or to any country without written and verifiable strings attached.

    I haven’t looked into it, but are we sending such monies to Nigeria or similar countries?

    No more money to Morsi or anyone else who is directing or permitting behavior that spits in our faces.

  7. says

    The media is still trying to find the link to what caused these nice kids to become violent.
    It’s almost 100% males that are peaceful muslims, but there’s got to be another root-cause we just can’t see because some are born in the west and many are now white kids or ex-christians.

    Hmmmm, I’ll create a Data-base and use a Cray S-3 to cross-reference the words and see what comes out as the most common trait or word.

  8. says

    It’s pretty obvious, Obama is an Islamophile, if not a secret muslim. All of his policies testify to this fact. He has the MSM in his pocket and the right is too afraid to tell the truth for fear of losing their careers.

    So Obama is in a perfect position to advance Islam with impunity. We are living in that Orwellian world we all secretly worried would come to pass. It started with Bush caving to Islamic psych-ops and buying that lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

    Obama doubled-down and took advantage of Americans glaring ignorance of Islam. So instead of helping the mideast out of dark ages theocratic barbarism, by introducing things like separation of mosque and state, equality for women, gays and non-muslims, instead he’s supported those very groups that wish to implement even more of the backwardness, intolerance/hate and evil that they’re stuck with.

    Just imagine how different things would look if we eradicated the Iranian regime, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and all the other terrorists groups and instituted western freedom/democracy. Anyways, it appears we’re still a long way from that kind of ‘renaissance’ for the mideast and the West is itself in a fight for its survival from the same ideology. Things will only get worse until there is a genuine and powerful anti-Islamic movement.