1. Now, now. Funny, but captioning follows speech, and is an inexact science at best. I thought about doing this professionally, but the classes weren’t eligible for student/bank loans (years ago) so couldn’t front the 5K.

    Don’t worry, I’m sure his name has been since added to the lexicon for phonetic combinations such as those in bomb-infidel-slaughter-islamo-murder’s name.

    Edits, if any, are done on the fly, with less than a second for the captioner to catch/make a decision. Usually it just flies by and is fixed the next time it comes up.

    It was also the Fox captioner transcribing the affiliate’s speech, so there wasn’t even a script or text to look at. I was trying to search these guys the other day and couldn’t remember how to spell any of them. I think I’ll cut the captioner some slack.

  2. Also, I just thought of something.

    We have DirecTV, and there is a choice for TV subtitles: close captioning or DirecTV subtitles. My guess is one is generated by the producers of the shows themselves, and the DirecTV ones are for those who choose not to use them or if they aren’t available.

    We have no idea if this screenshot came from the cable/satellite company or the news producers. Could have been either.

  3. In defense of Fox, it does seem that these caption writers seem to be verbally informed as to what to type.

    The Class A exhibit for this is the time CNN’s closed captioning announced that Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan had been hospitalized due to “an enlarged prostitute”.

  4. Kudos to you.

    A tragedy is a plane falling from the sky b/c of a failed part; or the consequences of an act of nature.

    This is outright murder committed by MUSLIMS in the name of ISLAM.

  5. Yes it is murder.

    An even better word than tragedy is atrocity.

    The East Texas fertilizer plant explosion was a tragedy (provided there was no major negligence at the plant).

    The Boston Bombings was an atrocity. It didn’t just happen, human malevolence planned it.

    This won’t change until people demand that the talking heads change.

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