#MyJihad in Egypt: Muslims murder seven Christians

Will the Islamophobia never end? “Seven Christians killed in clashes with Muslims in Egypt,” from AGI, April 6 (thanks to C. Cantoni):

(AGI) Cairo – At least seven Coptic Christians were killed in Egypt due to clashes with Muslims north of Cairo…

Syria: Christians flee rebel areas as fatwa authorizes rape of non-Sunni women
Egypt: Women's rights activist says things were better under Mubarak
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  1. says

    the Allah god (unknowable; as imagined) has an insatiable bloodlust, and its spokesman, Muhammad (lately contrived) knows nothing better

    no grace here, no compassion

    only assertion of a dreadful will … no love

    i hope the papacy notices

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    MSM guideline for journalists:

    Sectarian violence, invariably triggered by some act of gratuitous Muslim brutality, in countries where Muslims are in a MINORITY are to be described as ‘Violence against Muslims’.

    Sectarian violence, invariably triggered by some act of gratuitous Muslim brutality, in countries where Muslims are in a MAJORITY are to be always described as ‘Clashes’.

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    Clashing? How many Mahoundians were killed or injured by Copts in this, or other ‘clashes’?
    How many mosques have been burned? How many Mahoundian homes torched by rampaging Copts?
    How many Islamic girls have Copts kidnapped, raped, and forced into prostitution? Looks like the Copts are not all that good at clashing, and should probably avoid it…What is the sound of one religion clashing? When Mahoundians are doing it, it sounds like the soundtrack from Hell…

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    If USA believes that kissing muslims hands is her solution, I assures that this will not work untill muslims gradually steal you and throw you like a shit.


    Here is a link of how Muslims attacks our Main Cathedral with the help of the national security forces and police in the funeral of
    those christian who killed in the above attack.

    In this video we see clearly how the national police acts against us (something they reguraly denies)..
    There are just some few Coptic youth who are trying to defend the suddenly attack on the Cathedral from muslims and police, so who does care to help them in their miserable situation ?
    They make me remember those people who was in the windows high floors in 9/11 who miserably wanted a help.
    Where is the UN? THE USA? OR ANY SHIT HUMANITY ?

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    Why should Islam try to get along with Jews and Christians?…. Nearly everything is aready going their way. They are welcome through the front door, and the back door. The host is very appeasing to their guests…. So why allow and change?…..

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    According to Reuters, these are details JW left out:

    “Four Christian Copts and One muslim were killed when members of both parties started shooting each other”.

    “Last month a court sentenced to death a muslim for killing 2 people in a dispute with Christians in a southern town”.

    There are people in Egypt who are being paid to stir up as much trouble as possible, and chaos is not difficult to start the rural areas especially.

    The sneers and propaganda from Spencer and his ilk do an injustice to the Egypitian people who have laid their lives on the line for freedom, while some have the luxury of using their freedom of speech to do nothing but create hostilies. They are pathetic and have little appreciation for the country they live in.

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    You’re a Muslim: do you really expect me, a non-Muslim who knows about the permission to lie that exists within your infernal cult, to believe whatever comes out of your mouth?

    Me, I believe the Copts. I don’t trust Reuters, or AFP, or AP, because their non-Muslim journalists repeat unthinkingly whatever their Muslim ‘stringers’ and local ‘fixers’ tell them, 90 percent of the time. In many cases, they are *using* local Muslim journalists and never think to cross-check.

    I know just how much sh*t Mohammedans talk about the Jews and about Israel; absolute, total madhattery, nonsense and lies, turnspeak and blame-the-victim, all the bl**dy time. Martha Gellhorn encountered so much of it when she visited and talked to Arab Muslims – and then cross-checked what they told her so volubly and convincingly – that she coined a word for it: madhattery.

    So my new policy is to treat all Muslim accounts of anything – including Muslim accounts fed through gullible or complicit entities like Reuters, who are usually relaying unquestioningly the Muslim version which they are given by their Muslim stringers, Muslim photographers, Muslim local ‘guides’, Muslim interpreters – with extreme scepticism.

    Me, I am also looking at the BIG picture: which is that Arab Muslims invaded Egypt (which was then majority Christian) and subjugated the Copts, mass murdering many of them, force ‘converting’ many, and have unremittingly treated them – the indigenous people of Egypt – like SH*T, for 1300 dreadful years, grinding them down and down until they are a minority in their own country, drowning in a seething, hate-filled muslim sea.

    That’s the big picture. I am absolutely *revolted* by the intensity and viciousness of the oppression that, non-stop, in the past 1200 years, Muslims in general have inflicted on Copts. The only time it let up a bit was during the colonial era and for a short while afterward…until the influence wore off.

    I hate, hate, hate what Muslims have done to the Copts. I am angry. and I feel like wanting to vomit. And if the worm turns, and the thuggish Muslims’ backsides get kicked, good and HARD – which is long overdue – I will cheer.

    If some of the Copts have HAD it with being the Muslims’ milch cow, sex toy (all those kidnapped and raped and force-‘converted’ Coptic girls, many of them minors), chew toy, punching bag, scapegoat and, periodically, ritual human sacrifice victim, and are FIGHTING BACK and actually *hurting* the Muslims who for centuries have felt fully entitled to HURT Copts FOR FUN, and have done so without having anything happen to them at all, then …good on ’em.

    Here’s something for you, Mr Muslim.

    G K Chesterton once said that the mark of the true savage is that he laughs when he hurts you, but howls when *you* hurt *him*.

    By that definition, the vast majority of Muslims are savages, because they have laughed as they oppressed and hurt and killed the Copts, but are now *howling * when the Copts have , at long last, and in really very limited ways, *bitten back*.