UK: Convert to Islam admits to plotting jihad mass murder


Yet another convert to Islam misunderstands his new, peaceful religion — or at least that is what those who buy the mainstream media line about Islam would have us believe. And yet not a single mosque or Islamic school in the Western world has any program to teach young Muslims why they should reject this alleged misunderstanding of Islam. No one ever examines the implications of that.

“White Muslim convert faces prison after terrorism charge,” from Al Arabiya, April 25:

A white British male who converted to Islam was sentenced to jail early Thursday after he pleaded guilty to taking part in planning terror attacks on the heads of MI5 and MI6.

According to The Times newspaper, Thirty-year-old Richard Dart, who is “entirely committed to acts of terrorism,” also planned to attack the small town of Royal Wootton Bassett.

He will be sentenced to jail at the Old Bailey after admitting his intention to perpetrate a mass-killing and his intention to travel to Pakistan to receive the necessary training.

Dart is on trial with his two team members, Imran Mahmood, 22, and former Metropolitan Police community support officer, Jahangir Alom, 26.

Mahmood and Alom will also be sentenced after pleading guilty to preparing for an act of terrorism, reported The Times on Thursday.

As part of their “commitment to fighting Jihad,” Dart and Alom had planned to travel to Pakistan to receive terrorist training but were stopped by airport police in Nov. 2011.

They were not, however, arrested until July 2012.

Mahmood, who previously obtained training from Pakistan, acted as an advisor to Alom and Dart.

Queen’s Council for the prosecution, Jonathan Laidlaw, said Dart and Mahmood, to avoid surveillance, carried out “silent conversations” by typing into a Microsoft Word document and deleting the conversation. However, the text was recovered by Scotland Yard detectives.

One of the written exchanges that was recovered read: “If it comes down to this, it is that or even to just deal with a few MI5 or MI6 heads.”…

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    “According to The Times newspaper, Thirty-year-old Richard Dart, who is “entirely committed to acts of terrorism,” also planned to attack the small town of Royal Wootton Bassett.”

    Question for our UK readers: isn’t Royal Wootton Bassett the place were the British Army has a number of parades?

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    AMERICANA has quite suddenly appeared here on JW in the last several weeks. I strongly believe *IT* to be a paid troll. I have been observing IT. IT has engaged and enraged many regular posters here, in a short period of time, with banal counter-intuitive arguments. IT has annoyed “Champ” and “George” and “Miriam Rove”. In an argument with Champ IT claimed to be a “Female”, which is why I call “IT” IT. It is remarkable the amount of drivel IT has produced in a few short weeks. To me the writing style is distinctly masculine in nature. IT also claims to be from the Boston area but with “strong” British connections and British experience.
    IT tries to position itself as supporting the counter-jihad position but has a host of non-viable suggestions, which clearly demonstrate a fundamental lack of understanding the basic tenets of Islam. ITs basic argument is that Islam needs to self-reform and set up a forum of “moderate” Mullahs to call for reform. Fat chance. It writes long puerile sections while trying to pretend IT is in agreement. ITs intent is to draw posters into endless debate about issues that have no traction. Classic communist agitate/propaganda techniques. Ignore IT. Don’t waste your time engaging IT in any way. Trolls are paid for EACH post. This is why they begin arguments. The more the merrier. If there is no response, they move on. IT will eventually go away. Click here for the profile and tactics of a PAID TROLL Max.


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    I remember this guy from a Youtube video a couple years ago made by his brother called “My brother the Islamist”. His younger brother made a documentary during a visit to his older brother in another town in England, and his brother Richard would try to explain his reasons for converting.

    The thing that stood out for me was that, no matter how friendly Richard seemed to be to his little brother, he seemed pleasant enough and even broke into a laugh now and again, his little nevertheless brother got upset near the end over that fact that Richard would only touch him with his left hand, not his right.

    Richard explained to him that in Islam, you wipe your butt with your left hand, your right is for eating and greeting people.

    He would only touch his BROTHER, and any other infidel, with the hand he used to wipe his ass.

    I remember thinking that this guy is going to be a problem.

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    I can’t believe the light sentences those UK terrorists got. If they had ever tried it on Canada’s Highway of Heroes, Canada would have woken up sooner, and would have acted because of the outrage of Canadians, but it sure seems like outrage, and understanding of what the war we are up against is happening now with Canada’s latest terrorists. There is outrage among ordinary citizens, despite the best efforts of our somnambulent and taxpayer funded press. The more the terrorists talk, the more real Canadians get their backs up, so talk on you scumbags.

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    From April 2007, the bodies of servicemen and women of the British Armed Forces killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were repatriated to RAF Lyneham while repairs were done at RAF Brize Norton.[9] The bodies would then be transported to John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, in coffins covered with a Union Jack, passing through the town on their way. In the summer of 2007, local members of The Royal British Legion became aware of the repatriation, and decided to formally show their respect to the soldiers as they passed through their town.[9] This led to other people assembling along the route, with large gatherings of sometimes over 1,000 people.[9] After Brize Norton was repaired, the RAF continued to use Lyneham because the “people of Wootton Bassett had done such a lot to lend their support, it was felt it would be insensitive to transfer the process back to Brize.”[9] When RAF Lyneham closed in September 2011, the repatriations moved to RAF Brize Norton and go near to the village of Carterton

    It’s now called **Royal** Wootton Bassett.