Afghanistan: Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murders 14 at provincial council

A creative way to register disagreement. “Suicide bomber kills 14 at Afghan province council,” by Amir Shah and Kay Johnson for the Associated Press, May 20 (thanks to Kenneth):

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — A suicide bomber dressed in a police uniform killed 14 people including a prominent provincial council chief Monday in northern Afghanistan in an attack outside the council headquarters, authorities said. The Taliban insurgency quickly claimed responsibility.

Seeking to weaken the Afghan government, Taliban insurgents have been carrying out attacks and assassinations intended to intimidate both officials and civilians ahead of next year’s withdrawal of most international troops.

Baghlan provincial council leader Mohammad Rasoul Mohseni was entering the compound in the morning when the bomber approached on foot detonated his explosives in the provincial capital of Pul-e-Khumri, said Baghlan chief of police Asadullah Sherzad.

The attacker was dressed in police uniform and blended with officers at a checkpoint near the council headquarters, then slipped into a group of people surrounding Mohseni and set off his bomb in the crowd, said Baghlan deputy police chief Mohammad Sadeq Muradi.

“He was basically waiting for his target, who was Rasoul Mohseni,” Muradi said.

Two of Mohseni’s police bodyguards, four checkpoint police and seven civilians were killed in the blast, he said. It was unclear whether the attacker was actually a member of Afghan security forces or an insurgent who bought or stole a uniform.

Mohammad Zahier Ghanizada, a member of parliament from Baghlan, said that Mohseni had previously received multiple death threats.

A well-known figure in Baghlan, Mohseni was previously a respected commander in the Northern Alliance that fought against the Taliban’s hard-line regime before it was toppled in 2001. He comes from a prominent family in the province, and his brother Azim Mohseni is a member of parliament.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid claimed in a text message to journalists that an insurgent operative carried out the targeted bombing.

“Today at 11 a.m. in front of the Baghlan provincial council office, we have carried out a suicide attack and killed the head of the council,” it said.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the bombing Monday.

“Such attacks are against all human rights and the principles of Islam,” Karzai said in a statement. “Perpetrators of such attacks are enemies of the Afghan nation and the puppets of foreigners.”

And yet their perpetrators invoke the principles of Islam to explain and justify their actions. No one ever bothers to explain the cognitive dissonance here.

Karzai left later Monday for a two-day state visit to India, where he is expected to request military aid.

Both Karzai and the U.S. have sought peace talks with the Taliban and other insurgent factions in preparation for most foreign troops leaving next year after more than 12 years of war, but the efforts have borne little fruit. The Taliban seek to re-establish the strict interpretation of Islamic law they imposed for five years before being ousted in the 2001 U.S.-led invasion over its sheltering of al-Qaida’s terrorist leadership.

The insurgents last month launched a fierce new spring offensive. On Monday, Taliban forces attacked several police checkpoints in the southern province of Helmand, and fighting raged on all day and into the night, both insurgents and police said.

Helmand’s deputy police chief, Ghulam Rabbani, said the fighting was in heavily contested Sangin district and there were casualties on both sides. He expected the clashes to continue overnight.

Taliban spokesman Qari Yousef Ahmadi said the insurgents had wrested control of six police checkpoints, but Helmand government officials denied that….

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    Can anyone think of a way we can share anonymously share emails addresses?

    If this were possible and we/I could use it to notify others of (for instance) a newspaper article about Islam or Israel that warrants commenting on I would jump at the chance to write a comment in response to any biased article.

    The problem, of course, is none of us can read all newspapers, but collectively we can cover the waterfront; and then use a email to notify others in case they are also interested in commenting.

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    “Perpetrators of such attacks are enemies of the Afghan nation and the puppets of foreigners.”

    Is this preparing the way for blaming **us**, when we’ve withdrawn all our troops, for a Taliban bloodbath ?

    Because of course, it will have to be someone else’s fault. That’s the mohammedan way.

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    The terrible and tragic thing that happened in Afghanistan of a suicide/homocide bombing is the result of the extreme brainwashing by the imams and mullahs of other people into the Islamic belief from the Quran of some kind of lust filled place with many virgins in it for the jihadist who dies for the cause of Islam.
    Of such false teachers as these imams and mullahs who mind program this type of doctrine of a lust fill place with any virgins is explained in the Bible. For the Bible in Second Peter 2:18 reads “For they speak great swelling words of vanity they allure theruth the lust of the flesh…” Furthermore,many a times a jihadist in his death recording talks about “the wedding with the virgins” that he will have after he becomes a “martyr.” Such a belief Jesus would denounce a being based on false teaching. For Jesus taught “Ye do err, not knowing the scripture, nor the power of God. For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marrige, but are as the angles in heaven.” Matthew 2:29,30. In contrast to the Islamic pipdream of the jihadist in the story/doctrine of aplace with many virgins, Christians have the reality of Second Peter 1:16. Which reads “For we have not followed cuningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lrd Jesus Christ…” [KJV]

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    The Islamic clerics who throughly brainwash their students[victims] to the extreme that the people who come out of those places of Islamic mind programing, the mosque and madrasas, are so mindwarped that they literally have become dangerous to self and others. As may be seen in the suicide/homocide that happen in Afghanistan.
    This is to give just one of the many examples oof the evil and heinous damage the imans and mullahs do in their mind control of people. The reader might very well notice that these Islamic clearcs are never the ones who go out and commit the suicide bombing. All these imams and mullahs do is brainwash other people into actually wanting to be suicidehomocide bombers. Then the same Islamc clerics send those people out to commit the suicide/homocide attacks. All the same time these same Muslim clerics sit home safe. This in itself say a lot about the real character of these imams and mullahs. Talk about using people, this is that too the extreme.

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    Afghanistan: Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber murders 14 at provincial council

    As the Americans and other coalition troops get ready top pullout, the pious Jihad savagery heats up.


    Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the bombing Monday.

    “Such attacks are against all human rights and the principles of Islam,” Karzai said in a statement. “Perpetrators of such attacks are enemies of the Afghan nation and the puppets of foreigners.”

    Blah blah blah”maybe it was the perfidious Joooooos? You never know…sarc/offknow…