Egypt: One Christian dead as Muslims attack Christians yet again

This AP story suggests that both sides threw birdshot and Molotov cocktails and that the Christians began the conflict, but this is wildly unlikely. Muslim mobs brutalize Christians in Egypt on an increasingly frequent basis. The Christian community is small and embattled and doesn’t go around picking fights. “Egypt Muslim-Christian Clashes Leave 1 Dead,” from the Associated Press, May 18 (thanks to all who sent this in):

CAIRO “” Egyptian security officials say clashes between Muslims and Christians in the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria left one man dead of a heart attack.

Officials say the clashes in the city’s el-Dekheila suburb erupted when a Coptic man allegedly sexually harassed a Muslim woman.

Sounds like exactly the sort of charge that Islamic supremacists would trump up: their mythology is full of licentious, sexually predatory non-Muslims looking for their chance to prey upon good, modest Muslimas.

Residents of the area fired birdshot and threw Molotov cocktails at one another during the Friday night fighting.

Police say Christian resident Sherif Sedky died of a heart attack during the clashes. Police forces were beefed up around the local church Saturday in case of further violence….

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    Any excuse for jihad is good. Islamic MELODRAMA creates great tragedies that must be avenged always with blood. A word, a gesture, a look misunderstood is sufficient to require revenge. It boils down to ‘HURT FEELINGS’.

    CAUTION: When Muslims say they have ‘HURT FEELINGS’, it means they are preparing to draw blood.

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    This is an example of why I don’t understand why Prez Barack Hussein got the warrant for phone records on AP reporters. Yes, I understand that AP stands for Al Press. What I don’t get is why Barack and Eric would be going after such a righteous organization as AP. What could be the two be doing going after anti-jihad leads? It had to be a double reverse fake, like in the spy novels.

    We spend a lotta good taxpayer money to set up Christian-killing Sharia states. Iraq’s our best example. There’s no reason to rock the boat with things going so swimmingly in Egypt.

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    “Officials say the clashes in the city’s el-Dekheila suburb erupted when a Coptic man allegedly sexually harassed a Muslim woman.”

    Sheer projection. mohammadan males, consistently and without fail, always harass non-mohammadan females. Increasingly their leftist lap dogs (AKA the Nathan Leans of the world) have adopted this vile tradition in their effort to shut down any and all discussion about islam and to intimidate non-typical dumb liberal women.

    I have no doubt the truth of this story is that a mohammadan pig was harassing a Coptic woman and a Coptic man stepped in to stop the allah-endorsed sexual jihad.

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    Gotta love AP. This bunch probably would’ve reported Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939 as a ‘German-Polish clash’. Sickening.

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    We are borrowing the Muslim mentality, if only in part. Even if there were a Christian who harassed a Muslim woman, how is this instigation for mob action? Answer: it’s not.

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    Ah yes, “clashes.” This is the operative word by which the likes of AP and Reuters hide the truth. The MSM hides a lot of truth these days.

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    Yup. There are those “clashes” again.

    Probably due to “tensions”.

    This could lead to “sectarian strife”.

    Heck. If they’re not careful this could lead to a “restive” condition just like in Thailand.


    It is curious to note, however, that the press seems to apply different euphemisms to describe mohammedan aggression in different countries.

    Clashes here, restiveness there, sectarian strife in the next place.

    I suppose it helps them in their attempt to conceal the common factors, the perception of which could lead the viewer to a general understanding.

    It helps with the pretense that these are all disconnected local problems with unrelated local causes.

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    From the article – “Friday night fighting.”.

    Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday.

    Mohammedans rioting and killing and smashing things on Friday.