FBI again searches Tsarnaev apartment

As increased suspicion focuses on jihadist Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s convert bride. “FBI searches Tsarnaev apartment as uncle arrives,” by Laurel J. Sweet for the Boston Herald, May 5 (thanks to Kenneth):

The FBI returned today to search the Tsarnaev family”s Cambridge home, as the uncle of Boston Marathon bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev visited a Worcester funeral home where the older brother’s body lies awaiting a funeral.

“We are conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity as part of our ongoing investigation into the Marathon Bombings,” FBI Boston spokeswoman Katherine Gulotta said. “Because the matter is pending, we aren’t able to discuss specific aspects of the case.”

The apartment house’s landlord, Joanne Burnette, confirmed agents were there with a search warrant, but declined to say if they told her what they want.

Tamerlan, 26, who died April 19 following a gunfight with police in Watertown and being run over by his 19-year-old brother as he fled in their getaway car, lived at the address with their now-divorced parents. Tamerlan also lived there with his widow Katherine Russell.

Meanwhile, the uncle of a Boston Marathon bombing suspect killed in a gun battle with police was in Worcester this morning to arrange for his burial.

Ruslan Tsarni of Montgomery Village, Md., arrived at a Worcester funeral home and met with funeral director Peter Stefan. Stefan says three men who accompanied Tsarni plan to wash and perform Muslim burial rites on the body of Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Stefan says he still hasn’t found a cemetery that is willing to bury Tsarnaev. He says he plans to ask the city of Cambridge, where Tsarnaev lived, to provide a burial plot. If Cambridge turns him down, he plans to seek help from state officials.

Tsarni has denounced the acts Tamerlan and his brother, Dzhokhar, are accused of committing.

Why doesn’t Bishop Robert McManus of Worcester step up and offer space for the burial in a Catholic cemetery? In the interests of “dialogue,” doncha know!

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    I’m almost of a mind that all jihad terrorists should be buried at sea and not given a land gravesite, as was done w/Osama bin Laden. That might be the most frightening nullity in death that we can offer these people…

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    Jihadists should, as a matter of policy, be cremated, and have their ashes tossed to the wind, or, preferably into a pigsty.

    Verily, Allah can reconstitute them on Judgment Day.

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    I’m of the mind that people who commit such atrocities, whether Jihadist or not, should all be buried in a large field in unmarked graves. The field would serve a dual purpose. When not being used to bury the latest sicko it could serve as a dog walking area where dog owners could bring their dogs to defecate and urinate.

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    RE: Bury in a Catholic Cemetery. I would not be surprised, Robert. A Catholic Church that censors the truth about Islam because of an ill conceived doctrine in their Gentium Lumen, Section 16 (look it up) as a pretext to perpetuate their ignorant pandering to Islam coupled with Church leadership covering up religious symbols at one of their universities so as not to offend our Muslim-inspired president gives a chilling indication of the state of the Catholic Church in America. And priest who do “get it” are muzzled by their Islamo-ignorant Bishops. A suicidal state of affairs.

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    Wouldn’t it be nice if Bishop McManus and the Boston Globe sent a note to Robert Spencer saying, ‘Sorry. I was wrong.’

    They both slandered Robert Spencer wrongfully. He is a decent, fine and totally unbigoted man.

    Defending liberty used to be a New England virtue.

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    I remember one place, one time, when a traitor to the mosque was not buried, but left to the elements.

    like treatment for this traitor to America. (the corpse won’t know the diff.)

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    The burial issue is taking on a certain piquancy isn’t it?
    We haven’t yet asked Mr Holder to prevail on the operators of federally controlled cemeteries, so how about a quick call to the folks over at Arlington Mr H?
    Also, surely, the large and influential readership of Salon Mag/NYT must include some private burial plot operators and I expect Msr McManus, deals with the funeral industry all the time.
    Looks like we’re finding out who likes to lecture others on tolerance but just can’t bring themselves to take personal action.

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    -The widow must have known a bomb was being made due to the lingering smell of opened fireworks powder. Even if she didn’t see it, she had to have smelled it.

    -The funeral home will surely go out of business. Who wants their loved one laid out on the same slab of marble as the bomber? I’ll bet the staff are furious at their indignant boss.

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    They ought to send his body back to the country he game from or bury him at sea. Maybe they are trying to lure the mother back so they can get her. Tell me how did she get out of the country so fast???? They knew they had tapes of her talking about terrorist things on the phone, why was she not taken into custody. I smell a cover-up just like Bengazi!!!!!!! Who all knew about this one and let this woman go??? Whoever it is should get the same amount of time she would get if they were to bring her to justice. Only I don’t think they will. When are we the people going to say we have had enough!!!! We want accountability in our government, and we want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. says

    When Himmler died his corpse was taken to Luneberg Heath and buried in an unmarked grave.

    No worshipping at his shrine was the idea and as Luneberg was later the site used for allied military exercises with live shell fire and thousands of tanks to mangle up the ground I doubt if there’ll be much left of him.

    We knew our priorities then and the human rights of people who denied them to others were also denied.

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    He was a Mahoundian…Doesn’t he deserve to be buried in a Mahoundian cemetery? As well as the Islamic body preparation ritual like Bin Laden got?…His tombstone should read…’I tried so hard, and in the end it really didn’t matter’…’I thought Allah would protect me, and I was wrong’…

  12. says

    Far, far too much is being made of this Muslim terrorist’s body-disposal question.

    His “uncle” is here, his “wife” is here, they’re playing us for fools. The C.A.I.R.? All of these proliferating mosques in the Eastern U.S.? The terrorist’s own mosque….none of these is equipped to handle this…why?

    Certainly, there’s a legal precedent somewhere indicating what has been done with the other Muslim terrorists who’ve died inside our country. Surely this is not a new problem. This Muslim terrorist is not the first to die in our America, why is this suddenly a publicized American problem?

    Again, we’re being played for fools.

    If the grieving poor, suffering family members can’t handle this, perhaps a Court ordered “administrator” or executor can be assigned to assign the airfreight charges to some mosque or other to fly the cursed Muslim remains back to Chechnya via an Arab Airline.

    Surely the C.A.I.R. and the Muslim community at large can be generous with Muslim funds. These remains are Muslim, right?

    This is all a lot of bulls**t. Be done with it.

  13. says

    Katherine Russell reportedly told Zahara, “Daddy’s gone to heaven and loves you very much.” In Islam the only assurance of going to heaven is if you die in jihad. Otherwise, it is considered presumptious to say you know you are saved. Perhaps her words to her daughter are not just a generic comfort for a small child, but refect her understanding of her husband’s death, and possibly suggest foreknowledge. Laura

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    Do you think they’re really sorry, though, Mortimer? I mean beyond just for themselves? For lots of reasons, I have my doubts! McManus could make it good with Mr. Spencer by saying that in light of recent events he feels his diocesans need to hear what Mr. Spencer has to say–and invite him to speak. And that would ruin the bishop’s “interfaith” street-cred–which seems more important to him than unpleasant truths. Lisa Wangsness and the “Globe?” They’re in it up to their ears with their muslim “friends.” No turning back for them…

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    You wrote – “McManus could make it good with Mr. Spencer by saying that in light of recent events he feels his diocesans need to hear what Mr. Spencer has to say–and invite him to speak.”

    That would be an *excellent* idea.

    A Bishop worthy of the name would organise a Community Gathering in the Cathedral and invite *every* NON-MUSLIM religious leader/ clergyperson and political dignitary within the City of Boston and all ‘walking wounded’ from the attacks, and all immediate family members of those wounded and deceased (*especially* the families of the murdered police officer, and the wounded police officer) and the heads of the fire department and police department and the major hospitals. Invite the Principal of the school that the younger Tsarnaev brother attended. Invite the chief faculty members of the University that the junior Tsarnaev attended. And for good measure, invite the Russian and Chinese diplomatic representatives; not necessarily their ambassadors to the US as a whole, but those from the nearest consulate. The Tsarnaevs and their ilk are a Russian problem as well as a US problem; and one of those murdered was a Chinese citizen studying in the USA, so the Dragon has a bone to pick with the Ummah, too.

    And allow Mr Spencer to discuss Islam, straight up, exactly as he does in, for example, ‘Onward Muslim Soldiers’ or ‘The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades.

    Any Bostonians here present should write to the Bishop and propose it; just for fun.

    Further thought: is there a Bostonian/ Massachusetts chapter of ACT for America?

    Because although the Bishop ought to do this, he surely won’t; but that doesn’t mean someone *else* can’t organise something.

    You might not be able to do it *straightaway*, but the planning could start now.

  16. says

    Ashes in a pressure cooker

    I don’t think the President would get it because according to him… what Tsarnaev did has nothing to do with Islam, and Tsarnaev wasn’t from Al-Qaeda and we’re not at war with Islam, we’re at war with Al-Qaeda, but we shouldn’t worry because bin-Laden is dead and that means Al-Qaeda’s dead too, and besides, after this attack, American can absorb another attack…

    He’s a real genius that guy from Columbia and Harvard.

  17. says

    Misscindy55 wrote:

    Maybe they are trying to lure the mother back so they can get her. Tell me how did she get out of the country so fast????

    Misscindy, I believe the Tsarnaevs’ mother had already decamped to Russia before the bombings”perhaps deliberately so.

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    Kepha, in another thread, suggested that the body (as those of executed criminals once were, in the not-too-distant past) be pickled and donated to Science: that is, that it should end up in the Anatomy department of some university’s medical school.

    I concur.

    That way, he might do some good after his death, as a corpse, to outweigh the evil he did as a living soul.

    Of course, one would still have to dispose of the studied-to-death remnant bits, after they’d been used to help train several years’ worth of med students (and even the bits of him that were damaged in the firefight might have some teaching value, for those students aiming for a career in trauma medicine or in forensics), but by then, the issue might well have ‘blown over’.

    *Then* do the cremation and dump at sea.

  19. says

    And one needn’t let anyone know *which* school got the cadaver, and as far as I know, cadavers are presented so as to not be identifiable (faces not visible, or obscured, or heads not necessarily included) – don’t want some young Anatomy student suddenly recognising great-grandma or uncle, after all.