Indonesia: Muslim mob holds banner “We want to kill Myanmar Buddhists” as two arrested in jihad plot to bomb Myanmar embassy

Calling for jihad in Myanmar and acting upon that call in Jakarta. “Indonesia radicals urge “˜Myanmar jihad,– from AFP, May 4:

JAKARTA: Two Indonesians have been detained over a plot to bomb the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta, officials said on Friday, as radicals rallying in the city called for “jihad in Myanmar” to avenge Muslim deaths.

The incidents highlight the growing anger in Muslim-majority Indonesia over a string of religious clashes in largely-Buddhist Myanmar that have left many minority Muslims dead and tens of thousands displaced.

At least one person was killed when mosques and homes were attacked in central Myanmar this week, the latest anti-Muslim unrest to cast a shadow over political reforms in the formerly junta-run country. Around 1,000 angry hardliners from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) converged on Myanmar’s embassy in Jakarta on Friday, brandishing banners that read “we want to kill Myanmar Buddhists” and “stop genocide in Myanmar”.

They torched the Myanmar flag, while chanting “burn down the embassy” and demanding to speak to officials inside, as hundreds of police in riot gear stood guard. “Our Muslim brothers and sisters are being attacked in Myanmar “” they are being raped and murdered,” said Bambang, a 37-year-old street vendor, who like many Indonesians goes by one name. “I want jihad in Myanmar. Anyone mistreating Muslims should be killed.”

The national head of the FPI, Habib Rizieq, shouted through a loudspeaker to whip up the crowd, mostly men wearing white Islamic skullcaps, as they marched on the embassy.

Earlier, officials said anti-terrorist police had detained two men suspected of planning a bomb attack on the Myanmar embassy.

The suspects were arrested late Thursday travelling by motorbike in a busy residential area in the south of the capital with five assembled pipe bombs, national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said in a statement.

The men, Sefa Riano, 28, and Achmad Taufiq, 21, planned to launch the attack on Friday, said a senior source at the country”s anti-terrorist police, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The head of Indonesia’s anti-terrorist agency, Ansyaad Mbai, told AFP that the target was the Myanmar embassy.

“We are very certain that the attack would have been launched if we did not stop them,” he said.

A woman, believed to be the wife of one of the men, had also been detained to be questioned as a witness over the planned attack, said Amar….

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    It is odd to observe — and it raises some sticky ethical questions — but it may be that Burma, China and Russia are the only countries in the world showing any common sense in dealing with the jihad.

    That is to say that they are as willing to commit brutalities as the jihaddis themselves.

    There might be no other practical alternative.

    Other than that, what?

    Australia’s been fairly muscular about limiting mohammedan immigration.

    The rest of the world is simply losing ground.

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    BBC never reports any such news!
    One day I was returning home from work and was listening to BBC Radio 4 at 6:30pm- they were reporting that the muslims are in camps in poor conditions and they addressed some of the locals as Buddhist Militants!

    Does this mean we can not protect ourselves from muslim terrorists, we can not speak truth about them then we are called Islamophobic.

    BBC portraits all as evils except followers of Islam ideology.

    More and more cases of grooming cases are still ongoing and not reported. I had written to them when Rochdale grooming was reported – not to generalise perpetrators as Asians they still carry on saying Asians!

    I do not understand why every body is so scared of these people! Muslims are achieving what they have set out to do- fear!

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    UNBELIEVABLE!!! These clowns are gonna attack Buddhists for Gods sake!!! Seriously what we are seeing in these fundamentalists is just the same passion and ferocity seen in subjects of cult propaganda. The cream on the passion in this cult is a real taste for serious abuse of women, especially physically (watch out de sade ur being gazumped) torture, mutilation and as per the messenger, and taste for virtual girl children. Dunno about little boys and goats. Furthermore,!!! tell me how a wife is to physiologically respond to her husbands advances without any stimulation to a clitoris, which of course was chopped off to make her more “acceptable” to a husband. Unbelievably twisted. I’d love to see some research on women’s experience of sex in this Muslim world. I’ll tell you now Muslims ain’t buying anymore KY jelly than anyone else, and why?? Cos they don’t care, they’ll shove it in regardless of her readiness cos they’ve got rights in taking their women, and the women just gotta suck it up, cos that’s married life.

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    Is there much doubt how the Burmese state and military will handle any jihadis who attempt to enter and make war in Burma regardless of the opinions of the international community? There will be nothing pretty about it.

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    Wait, isn’t his the same nation that muslims hold up as the largest muslims population with peaceful values and no jihad??

    Oh well, this leaves just Turkey which is declining pretty fast to embrace shariah and the MB.

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    Never mind about Myanmar.

    The Mohammedans are more likely to choose ‘softer’ targets – such as restaurants run by people from South-East Asian Buddhist-majority countries, or a Buddhist shrine or monastery within the West or anywhere else where such things may not be very well guarded.

    Speaking as an Australian, I can think of one or two fairly visible Buddhist institutions around which the AFP and ASIO had better step up their security patrols, pronto. They might manage to catch some jihadis casing the joint, before any actual attacks take place.