Danish Defence Intelligence: ‘Greatest threat to the West’ is European jihad-tourists returning from Syria to ‘carry out attack’

This confirms what thinking people have known for many months, but few state authorities admit: that Western Muslims travelling to Syria to learn jihad are returning to the West in order to carry out attacks. Berlingske – FE: Westerners are the primary threat

The greatest threat to the West from al-Qaeda’s involvement in Syria is Westerners who have links to the militant network and return home with bad intentions, estimates The Danish Defence Intelligence Service.

The Defence Intelligence Service (FE) is closely monitoring the civil war in Syria and its influence on Denmark’s security.

This is the conclusion in a new report from the FE that gives an insight into FE’s assessments and general work in 2011 and 2012.

“The primary threat to the West from al-Qaeda’s involvement in Syria is Westerners who get weapons training, combat experience and contact with the militant network and then travel back to the West to carry out attacks,” says the report.

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    While Moslems returning to the West with terrorist training may be a major threat in the sense of performing various terror attacks, I’d say the greater threat to the West overall is the millions of Moslems already living there: with their creation of “no-go” zones in the cities, their vandalism and criminality, their demands for special treatment in the schools, their demands for a privileged legal status, their soaking up of massive amounts of welfare, their refusal to abide by the rules and norms of Western society, etc.

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    This is precisely what will happen. Get ready for a big increase in jihad attacks in the coming decade. And it will keep increasing after western soldiers have pulled out of Afghanistan.

    A bit like how ‘global warming’ turned into ‘climate change’, the reasoning behind the jihad attacks will go from “the west ARE in muslim countries” (now) to “the west WERE in muslim countries” (then).


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    The guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea.
    — Mao Zedong

    ‘Greatest threat to the West’ is European jihad-tourists returning from Syria to ‘carry out attack’
    — Danish Defence Intelligence Service

    NO ! The grestest threat is that the EU has deliberately created the sea of Muslims in Europe in which the jihad-tourist can swim.

    Imbeciles ! or Traitors ?

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    SALAAM once again my Xtian brothers, it seems I have some technical dificulty b/c of MOSSAD, but ALLAH has helped me outsmart the ZIONIST for now.


    Mux, you’re killin’ me here! I mean, you know, figuratively…

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    Danish Intelligence has it wrong by way of not seeing the bigger picture. The greatest threat to the West isn’t Islamic zealots returning from Syria. This is merely a short term tactical problem and a mere symptom of the “greatest threat.” The greatest threat to the West is not seeing that Islam, all of it, is a threat to the West.

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    The passivity of the DFI mirrors all the Western authorities. Are we paralysed? We have developed a flexible system, democracy, with laws which are constantly changed and introduced. Why is it we can only REACT to Islamic “activity” as if WE were the ones with God-made laws?
    Stop them coming back. Make a law, or enforce current laws. What kind of people tremble with fear while ushering into their countries hordes of dangerously hostile foreigners?

    What are we waiting for?

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    Danish Defence Intelligence: ‘Greatest threat to the West’ is European jihad-tourists returning from Syria to ‘carry out attack’

    Western politicians: Let’s make sure these jihad tourists return home safely to the West, after helping our “Muslim allies” in the “resistance” against Assad. Let’s keep Islamic immigration at its current levels. Let’s keep telling our publics that Islam is not the problem. Etc.

    Western media: Let’s hope the politicians and “right wing fanatics” don’t do anything to violate the civil rights of these would-be jihadists, including their right to wage jihad (and set up sharia) here in the West against the West.

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    It would be so easy to order immigration officials to refuse entry to these returning pseudo-citizens on any pretexts. Their passports could be declared to be fake. Let them go back to Syria.

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    George: it is raining like a mother here in NYC and I have suspended yet again by tweeter for f… with the jihadists!!!!! Of course the Danes know the danger, but their door is still wide open. M

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    “U are responsible for what is happening to u.”

    We have to admit that you’re right on this one. We are killing our unborn babies by the millions and we deserve this punishment. Where does leave Islam? Islam IS the punishment because Islam is of the devil, it’s satanic, it’s evil.
    We deserve it? Yes. We will defeat it? YES, but only when we turn back to God.
    Here’s something for you my friend, THIS is your prophet:

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    He is also telling the truth here “U urselves voted for the leader that have allowed MUSLIMS to ur countries.” He maybe just someone who is rubbing it in – the stupidity of the west.

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    Hey Miriam!

    I saw that this morning–you’re getting dumped on back there. You could send some here–we could use a little–but not all of it!

    About the article: They know problems are coming–they report that to the world! So, do soemthing about it, just shut it down, for God’s sake–don’t let them back in! Is this complicated or something?

    And, thanks to Wellington for reminding us that seeing a symptom is not the same as dealing with the disease.

    When I get on Twitter you’ll be my first tweet–if you’re not suspended! If you are, I’ll look for Daisy Khan…


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    In light of this warning from the intelligence agencies, Western politicians have no excuses for allowing these dangerous jihadists back in to the West. To this warning, we can add dozens more warnings, about a variety of dangers posed by mass unchecked Muslim immigration to the West, warnings which Western politicians continue to see, hear, comprehend, and disregard.

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    I believe you are absolutely correct. The millions among us there ideology are the biggest threat to our culture & nations, BUT unfortunately nobody is ready to acknowledge that threat.