Kevin Rawlinson of The Independent claims Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller didn’t respond to requests he never made

It is customary for mainstream media “journalists” to lie, but this “news report” is singularly mendacious.

Note the headline. Why is it “right-wing” to fight for the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and equality of rights for all people? The term is essentially meaningless — what it really means when agenda-driven pseudo-journalists like Rawlinson use it is “This person is bad. Don’t support him.”

“Right-wing American speakers planning to join the EDL’s Woolwich march ‘should be banned from entering the country,'” by Kevin Rawlinson for the Independent, June 21:

The Home Secretary is understood to be considering a request to ban two of the people behind a campaign against New York’s “Ground Zero Mosque” from entering the UK.

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who are among America’s most notorious anti-Muslim campaigners, have been invited to speak at an English Defence League rally in Woolwich to mark Armed Forces Day and the death of Drummer Lee Rigby. But the chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee Keith Vaz has written to Ms May expressing his concern and labelling them “incendiary speakers”.

“Anti-Muslim”: Leftists and Islamic supremacists favor this label because it implies that those who are fighting for freedom are actually against a particular group, and want to deny them rights rather than protect the rights of all. It is a particularly repugnant canard not only because it suggests that defending freedom and human rights constitutes bigotry, but because it paints a huge target on the backs of those to whom the label is applied — a target that those who style themselves the defenders of Islam are all too eager to take a shot at.

“The death of Drummer Lee Rigby”: You may recall that Rigby didn’t die of natural causes. He was brutally murdered by a Muslim who immediately invoked the Qur’an to explain and justify his murder. Think about that: Kevin Rawlinson and those who are trying to keep us out of the U.K. (the petition against us has the same language about Rigby) gloss over the facts about Rigby’s murder because they are, in effect, rushing to the aid of those who committed it, and demonizing those who are saying that we must resist this brutality.

In his letter, Mr Vaz wrote: “These individuals are infamous in America for inciting racial hatred, including sponsoring discriminatory advertisements placed on public transport.

What race is jihad terror against innocent civilians again? I keep forgetting. And what discrimination have we ever advocated in any of our ads? None whatsoever. Vaz is, of course, lying.

“It is clear that the location, motivation and attendees at this march will incite hatred. Adding incendiary speakers such as Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer just fuels the fire.”

Resisting jihad will incite hatred, doncha know. Better we just keep silent and surrender.

Ms Geller is notorious in particular because of her involvement in an advertising campaign which called some radical Muslims “savages”. Along with Mr Spencer, she runs the anti-Islamic Stop Islamization of America.

“Savages”: At least Rawlinson had the minimal decency, unlike Hope Not Hate, to note that the ad didn’t call all Muslims savages. One wonders, however, why calling “some radical Muslims” savages would make someone “notorious.” If someone acts like a savage, say, by brutally murdering an entire family as they slept, and others act like savages by passing out candy and celebrating those murders, then it is refreshing to find someone like Pamela Geller with enough courage to call a savage a savage. If that makes her “notorious,” then our entire body politic should strive to be “notorious” as well, instead of ignoring this evil and kowtowing to its perpetrators.

“Anti-Islamic”: Brave pro-democracy demonstrators are fighting against Islamization these days in Turkey and Egypt. They are Muslims, but they want secular government, not Sharia. Are they “anti-Islamic” as well?

Mr Vaz’s opposition follows pressure from campaign groups like Hope not Hate, which also wrote to the Home Secretary. In its letter, the ant-racism [sic] organisation wrote that they believed the pair’s objective was to “incite hatred against all Muslims“. They also wrote that the “consequences of their very presence in the UK will give encouragement to racists and extremists, who seek to use the awful murder of Drummer Lee Rigby to further their hateful agenda”.

“Anti-racism”: What race was the jihad beheading of Lee Rigby on a street in Woolwich?

“Incite hatred against all Muslims”: It is Hope Not Hate, Kevin Rawlinson, and others who perpetuate this canard who are doing this, not Pamela Geller or I. We never speak about “all Muslims” in any way, or call for any illegal action or any action at all against innocent people. But people like Keith Vaz, Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate, who could not defend his claims about me on the BBC yesterday, and Kevin Rawlinson want you to believe that we target innocent Muslims, so as to demonize and discredit us — and enable the jihadists for whom they are so eagerly serving as Useful Idiots.

“Racists”: What race was the Boston Marathon jihad bombing?

“Extremists”: Why is it “extremism” to defend the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, and the equality of rights of all people before the law? Well, I guess if you’re a jihad enabler like Keith Vaz, that does constitute “extremism.”

The letter added: “We believe that there is no place for such hate in the United Kingdom”¦ by holding a march and rally in Woolwich the EDL is attempting to whip up racism and hatred against all Muslims. Having Geller and Spencer speaking at their rally will only give them additional attention.

“Racism”: What race was the Fort Hood jihad massacre?

“Hatred against all Muslims”: Muslims who genuinely reject jihad terror and Islamic supremacism, as all the major Muslim organizations in the U.K. claim to do, should be standing with us. Instead, they demonize us as well. How revealing.

“We believe in freedom of speech and the rights of people to hold and express different views. However, in a democracy there have to be limits on people abusing these freedoms to incite hatred and we believe that Geller and Spencer are seeking to do just that.”

“We believe in freedom of speech and the rights of people to hold and express different views”: No, you don’t. Who decides which people are “abusing these freedoms” and must therefore be muzzled?

“Incite hatred”: It is not “hatred” to decry jihad violence and say that there should be one law for all people in a society, without one group having special rights.

The EDL plans to hold a march in Woolwich on Saturday 29 June. Anders Gravers, from Stop the Islamisation of Denmark will be the third speaker. The relationship between his organisation and the EDL was strengthened recently when senior figures in the latter visited mainland Europe to meet fellow extremist anti-Islamic organisations.

“Extremist”: If it is “extremist” to stand against Islamization, are all those protesters in Turkey and Egypt “extremist”? If it is “extremist” to memorialize Lee Rigby, was his murderer, Mujahid Adebolajo, a “moderate”?

A government source indicated that the Home Secretary was looking into the proposal to ban the pair. However, a spokesman refused to confirm this, saying that it would not be appropriate to discuss individual cases.

Mr Vaz said: “I am alarmed that the EDL is planning this type of march in Woolwich. Before we have to pay the costs for the extra policing required for this demonstration the Home Secretary should consider using her discretion to ban these two speakers from entering the country. A ban should be enforced properly and physically stop people entering our borders.”

“Extra policing”: Why would this event require extra policing? Not because of me or Pamela Geller, but because of Leftists and Islamic jihadists who would want to do us bodily harm. But according to Vaz, we, not they, are the problem.

Scotland Yard said that it was aware of the march and would have an appropriate policing plan in place.

EDL co-founder Stephen Yaxley-Lennon — who also goes by the name “˜Tommy Robinson” – said: “It is ridiculous. We want other extremists to be banned from entering the country. These two people have never been arrested, they are well-respected in America. It is fascism, to me.”

Fascism it is indeed.

Neither Ms Geller nor Mr Spencer responded to requests for comment.

Here Rawlinson is lying outright. He made no attempt to contact me. I asked Pamela Geller about this, and he didn’t make any attempt to contact her, either. He apparently decided to lie about this rather than have to carry any quotes from us countering all his lies and distortions in this story — better to let them stand unchallenged.

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  1. says

    Yes, ‘The Independent’, ‘The Guardian’ and the BBC adopt the same egregious politic tactics when propagandizing against critics of Islam.

    At the same time, the above enemdia support the physically disruptive actions of the misnamed ‘Unite Against Fascism’ outfit in its efforts to deny free speech to the English Defence League.

    And, of course, ‘The Independent’ is the propaganda base of the anti-Israel, Robert Fisk.

  2. says

    Here Rawlinson is lying outright. He made no attempt to contact me.

    Catch a lie, throw the liar out by the back of his neck and the seat of his pants…You lie in one part of your piece, your whole piece is a lie…
    Which it pretty much was…

  3. says

    “… extremist … was his murderer, Mujahid Adebolajo, a “moderate”?”

    There are NO “extremist” or “moderate” Muslims
    Only devout and wishy-washy Muslims

    May 23, 2013: Allah’s willing executioner Michael Adebowale ” Devout Muslim murder & slaughter (47:4, 8:17, 8:12, 9:5, 9:29, 2:190-194, 5:45) the British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich (district of London)

    “Islam’s biggest enemy is the Quran. If people learn what is in that book, Islam will be finished.”Ali Sina

    Allah’s war covenant with Muslims

  4. says

    Peace of Islam
    in our time

    Neville Chamberlain sought to conciliate Nazi Germany, and make it a partner in a stable Europe.
    The media wagged their tails in delight

    We all know how that turned out.

  5. says

    I am ‘anti-muslim”, and “anti-islam”, until such a time when muslims stand up to their fellow co-religionists all around the world and make them cut the Bullsh#t out. When I see muslims take to the streets and carry signs against the jihadists, against the koranic mandates, against wife-beating, against Jew and Christian bashing,and against all the other hate that is installed into their so-call it religion, I will give them a break.

    If they do these things, then I might like and respect them a little more. But so far, fat chance of ever seeing that happen.

  6. says

    Once again the irony of the ban gets lost on Muslims and the BBC , just like the jack-boot jew-hater Ricky Veerappan in canada .
    In both cases the BAN was really an admission that far too many muslims practise the Armed-jihad doctrine and WILL riot and cause a problem right when pro-Human Rights people like Robert and Pam point out the threats by armed jihad.
    The english language needs to make a new wrod for this level of stupid and irony because even the Imam debate with Robert the yahoo called Robert a liar and misquoting the Quran when HE himself told the BBC host he didn’t know that exact verse or was ready to cite verses when challenged.
    So the Imam knows less about the quran than Robert, but, plays the expert and uses taqqiyah on the host to paint Robert a racist islamophobe.

    The headline for Pam coming to London Ontario should have been ” Pro-pedophilia jew-hating islamist community demands Police stop Human Rights activists from speaking on canadian soil”.
    But no, the gutless CBC wouldn’t even use the word Muslim during a Police raid in little Somalia that netted $3 Million in cash and a huge cache of weapons housed by these poor “Refugees” that fled somalia for peace in a non-muslims nation. There was a canadian at the King Hearings that said he spoke for the Somali youth and blamed canada for the Mosques grooming Jihadists to go back home and wage war, seems that he wanted a 100% emploment rate for muslim youths so they don’t become suicide bombers osr islamofascists. Hmmmm, makes sense, when I was a kid I demanded a new bike or I would become a suicide bomber and hijack planes or bomb churches.

    I still say that at least the nazi’s had the guts to wear uniforms and show their hatred on their sleaves, these gutless losers dress as civilians and murder civilians in public as a favour to allah and then boast about it. The BBC and CBC just scratch their heads and look for some link or root cause for the quran reading,muhammad worshipping,male, muslim , jihadist beheaders that must be victims of some external Racism or oppression.

    BTW, the jew-hating fascists Cop Ricky gastoppo Veerappan is still on the job and my bet is he’ll get promoted and moved to another area to oppress jews and christians with his Black-Shirt buddies and loser imam’s wanting child-brides to be legal in canada.
    The good news is that the head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission is a feminist and will be one of the first groups to get beheadedd by the same islamists she helped spread shariah law in Ontario.
    The useful idiots are abound in the leftist, liberal,progressive canada soon to be just anopther islamic hell-hole that hangs gays in public and flogs females.
    Naomi Klein ia a feminist and jewish, she attends many pro- palestine rallies and bashing israel. Oh is she in for a big surprise because the 1989 misogynistic mass-murderer of 14 female students was really a muslim that change his name to blend in . Klein thinks he was a white christian quebecer and womken oppresser, she’s eother lazy of too stupid to do the research because in 1999 the Toronto STAR had the gut to reveal that gamil Gharabi was raise in a Shariah law home and beaten by his muslim Daddy-dearest.

    In two weeks the gay parade in Toronto will once again have the two pro-hamas groups march in it. The queers against israel and Queer’s for Palestine, now THERE’S some really useful idiots. Watch for the brain dead Politicians to get those Photo-ops with the jew-haters and hamas supporters.

  7. says

    Fictitious reporting is considered quality news quite often by major newspapers. The quality of journalism today is appalling not just with missing factual information in news reports, but the intentional insertions of outright lies. One often has to gather information from multiple independent sources in order to piece together what is actually happening. Many news agencies are either incapable of collecting factual information, reporting factual information or both.

  8. says

    “It is important to us that we get things right. Our commitment to high standards is embodied in our company Code of Conduct, which is set out in full below. This Code applies to all members of our editorial staff, as well as freelancers who work for us, and our business partners.
    Adherence to our in-house Code requires that our journalists also abide by the terms of the industry-wide Code of Practice, which is overseen by the Press Complaints Commission. We take any complaint to the PCC seriously. More information is available at
    We prefer, however, to deal with any complaints directly – not least because it can save time. Complaints about editorial material – either in print or online – or about our journalists should be made using the complaints form, which you can find using the link below. If you have a query about this process please contact the office of the managing editor by email (”

    Yeah- right. Ha, ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha

  9. says

    When you wish to condemn someone and you can’t on the basis of what they say, you can do so by:

    1. Labelling them, and

    2. Condemning them on the basis of what they do not say, and

    3. Fabricating outright lies.

  10. says

    If they let Robert and Pamela in, they get to show their respect for British Armed Forces, and treat us to speeches on Radical Islam. If they are stopped from entering the country, it creates massive publicity for the anti-Jihad movement, and they’ll probanly make speeches about it, that we can all watch on YouTube.
    Can’t lose really!

  11. says

    “However, in a democracy there have to be limits on people abusing these freedoms to incite hatred and we believe that Geller and Spencer are seeking to do just that.”

    Western civilization is doomed, I am convinced, after having “read” the above.

    Read it 2 or 3 times, and I’m quite sure the average person will see the problem(s) with that, “paragraph”.

    “…limits on people abusing these freedoms…”??? Huh?

    Oh, just forget it. England is lost.

  12. says

    In light of British libel laws it might be highly amusing (and sadly expensive) to take this cretin to court.


  13. says


    That screengrab is not from Twitter. I’m on Twitter fairly often and he never tried to contact me there, although I can be readily found there.

    I’m on my email pretty much throughout the day, and my email address is posted publicly on this website, and he never emailed me.

    I have books published with six publishers, and he never contacted any of them and asked them to forward me a message.

    I am affiliated with the David Horowitz Freedom Center. He didn’t contact them looking for me.

    I’m affiliated with AFDI. He didn’t contact them looking for me.

    Many reporters and radio and TV shows have my phone number. He didn’t find it.

    What did he do? He posted a message on a Facebook page that I never visit — as is clear from a quick perusal of it. He posted it on Friday. His article also went up on Friday. There is no way to tell whether he even posted the request for comment before he posted the article, and if he did, how much time he gave us to see it. He did not follow up. Nor did he attempt to contact us in any easier or more obvious way. These Facebook message seems to me to be a rather obvious attempt to cover himself. If he really did attempt to contact us, he did it in a spectacularly lazy and inefficient manner, without doing any of the things one would expect a competent or remotely fair journalist to do.

    Robert Spencer

  14. says


    Thanks for your comprehensive reply. If I were less of a Luddite I would have already seen your Twitter exchange with KR.

    You never know, he might just be a not-very-good journalist who was up against a tight deadline.

    Still, good to have my faith in JW restored!

    All the best,

  15. says

    My only comment to Robert and Pamela is “beware of the company you keep”. As a Londoner living in a muslim-majority neighbourhood, I experience the tribulations of Eurabia daily. However, the EDL are totally the wrong group for campaigners such as Robert and Pamela to embrace. They represent the “bovver-booted”, shaven-headed, racist thugs of the far right. Your message is important and it is right that you should deliver it here in person in the UK. However, cuddling up to an English version of the KKK will not win you the influential support (and I don’t mean the Independent, Guardian, BBC, etc.) you need. The EDL – goaded by the liberal left, HnH, etc., have hijacked the genuine sense of outrage arising from the murder of Lee Rigby. You won’t find Melanie Phillips or Quillam Foundation and other anti-jihad organisations assuming their mantle.

    PS If you do visit, please bring some warm summer weather with you!

  16. says

    “When I see muslims take to the streets and carry signs against the jihadists, against the koranic mandates, against wife-beating, against Jew and Christian bashing,and against all the other hate that is installed into their so-call it religion…”

    Essentially, this would be gutting the very heart of Islam from Islam.

    But is sure is nice to dream about such a magical day.

  17. says

    As I mentioned to you before Sux, Pamela was prevented from going to Toronto, Ontario, not London, Ontario. They are 200 km (120 miles) apart. Get your facts straight before you criticize others.

    “BTW, the jew-hating fascists Cop Ricky gastoppo Veerappan is still on the job”… Ricky is also in the Toronto area, not London.

  18. says

    Is it fair to label the EDL as an “English version of the KKK”?

    As I understand they have their membership open to all who recognise the evils of Islam and are willing to oppose it, rather than on racial grounds.

    “The EDL – goaded by the liberal left, HnH, etc., have hijacked the genuine sense of outrage arising from the murder of Lee Rigby.”

    Do only the pure high class English have the right to feel a genuine sense of outrage arising from the murder of Lee Rigby?

    Is this legitimacy denied one if you happen to be working class, maybe with a shaven head or whatever?

  19. says

    The Eurabia thugs are boots on the ground. They will eventually have to be opposed by boots on the ground.

    The moors were not kicked out of Spain by chanting Nuns or Priests.

    Don’t run down your own if they happen to be young or with shaven heads.

  20. says

    People like you are really beneath contempt.

    Instead of actually finding out for yourself what the EDL are all about, eg: going on the site and actually **reading** the forums and comments, you choose to sit on your backside and pontificate about a group you clearly *know* nothing about.

    So much easier to simply swallow the biased crap the msm feeds you. And nurture your own snobbish class prejudices.

    Yes, the EDL is a grassroots **working class** movement. What’s wrong with that ? Why the EDL ?

    Because our governments have lied to us, betrayed us, and the EDL is the only group in this country that is not prepared to sit back and see our culture and values destroyed. The *only* group that is actually prepared to *do something about the situation facing us*.

    ” They represent the “bovver-booted”, shaven-headed, racist thugs of the far right”

    What snobbish crap. I am a middle-class retired teacher, with a University degree, not racist, and not ‘far right’. And the EDL *definitely* represent me, and thousands like me.

    ” … an English version of the KKK ”

    What lying crap. The EDL membership includes Sikhs, Hindus, Blacks, as well as Gay people, and White people, who **all** want to protect the culture and values of the UK against muslim supremacist murderers and 5th columnists.

    People like *you* will just simply sit back and sneer, do *nothing*, until you see which way the wind is blowing. Then you’ll be jumping up and down, yapping and proclaiming you were always on our side. You make me want to vomit.

  21. says

    **Well meaning** ??

    In what **possible** way could that fool’s comments about the EDL be considered well meaning ?

    *Your* idea of meaning well, and *mine*, are clearly diametrically opposed.

  22. says

    Well meaning – meaning or intending well. People go by perceptions. The perception of the EDL is that they are “the “bovver-booted”, shaven-headed, racist thugs of the far right.”

    This is the perception that Wongiranger also seems to have. Much of this is due to the the Islamic propaganda machine and their lackeys.

    You comment – “People like *you* will just simply sit back and sneer, do *nothing*, until you see which way the wind is blowing. Then you’ll be jumping up and down, yapping and proclaiming you were always on our side” – seems to be unfair.

    The person is definitely on “our side”, ie against Islam.

    We should tolerate difference of opinions among those “on our side” with argument and reason rather than accusations and abuse.

  23. says

    I had a quick read through. Tommy Robinson is no Winston Churchill or Geert Wilders. But he is definitely someone who is needed in Britain today. We need people with courage

    Hopefully we will get a brilliant leader who is also courageous.

  24. says

    ”The person is definitely on “our side”, ie against Islam.

    We should tolerate difference of opinions among those “on our side” with argument and reason rather than accusations and abuse.”

    I think ‘wongiranger’ was the one who started the accusations and abuse, with his ignorant and stupid comments about the EDL.

    I’m prepared to employ argument and reason with those who also employ argument and reason; ignorant, smug, biased and stupid abuse without any factual basis will elicit nothing but contempt from me.