Obama sending U.S. soldiers to Egypt to put down anti-Muslim Brotherhood riots

As demonstrations and revolts swept the Muslim world during Obama’s first term, he was enthusiastic. He had encouraging words for the “Arab Spring” demonstrators in Egypt and Tunisia, and even gave military assistance to their Libyan counterparts. During the third and last debate of the 2012 presidential campaign, Mitt Romney and Obama sparred over which could express support for the Syrian rebels (who are dominated by Islamic jihadists) more strongly, and as Obama’s second term began, his administration was inching ever closer to military aid for those rebels. Yet there have now been three large-scale demonstrations in Muslim countries that Obama did not support — and those three exceptions are extraordinarily revealing about his disposition, as well as his policy, toward Islam.

The three pro-democracy revolts that Obama refused to support were arguably the only two that were genuinely worthy of the pro-democracy label: the demonstrations against the Islamic regime in Iran in 2009, the anti-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations in Egypt in winter 2013, and the pro-secularism demonstrations in Turkey in recent weeks. There is a common thread between these three that distinguishes them from all the others: in Egypt in late 2012 and early 2013, as well as in Iran in 2009, the demonstrators were protesting against Islamic states; in Turkey, they were protesting against the Erdogan regime that is working hard now to establish an Islamic state. All the other demonstrations were not against pro-Sharia forces, but were led by pro-Sharia forces, and led to the establishment of Islamic states. To be sure, the Iranian demonstrators in 2009 contained many pro-Sharia elements that simply objected to the way the Islamic Republic was enforcing Sharia, but they also included many who wanted to reestablish the relatively secular society that prevailed under the last Shah. Whether the Sharia or the democratic forces would have won out in the end is a question that will never be answered — in no small part thanks to Barack Obama.

In every case Barack Obama has been consistent: in response to the demonstrations and uprisings in the Islamic world, he has without exception acted in the service of Islamic supremacist, pro-Sharia regimes. For whatever complex of personal affinity and political calculation, he has steered the United States, in the words of the Egyptian newspaper Rose el-Youssef, “from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.” Maybe he thinks, as Daniel Greenfield has posited, that he can end jihad terror against the West by allowing Muslim states to achieve their heart’s desire: reestablishment of the caliphate. In any case, in one of the most shameful episodes of his entire shameful tenure, now American troops will be deployed in service of the Muslim Brotherhood, to put down pro-democracy protestors in Egypt.

“Riot Control Training,” from KCENTV.com, June 20 (thanks to Maxwell):

(KCEN) — A group of soldiers are preparing for their deployment to Egypt with riot training on post.

They’re planning ahead for violent protests or riots and the possibility of protecting the country’s border with Israel.

Soldiers encountered Molotov cocktails and other dangerous items in the training.

Lt. Matthew Wilkinson says, “Just what I’ve seen over the course of the past week than we were a week ago.”

PFC Perez Alexander says, “We want to be as professional as possible… Know what we’re doing.”

They wrap up training today before preparing to ship out in the near future.

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    “We want to be as professional as possible… Know what we’re doing.”

    Under Obama, that’s exactly what you won’t know — what you’re doing. You’ll be indoctrinated with all kinds of propaganda, but the truth is that you will be used to support a vicious, genocidal tyranny, and to suppress opponents of that tyranny, especially the Coptic Christians.

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    Nota bene: This training is taking place at Fort Hood, Texas — where a Muslim massacred American soldiers just four years ago.

    One wonders whether that post was chosen advisedly, just to put a thumb in the eye of the American people.

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    I wonder when our soldiers will riot. How long can they be shot at by jihadists and then be asked to support those who would kill them given the chance. Maybe Obama thinks they don’t have a clue as to who the good guys are and who are the bad. Maybe in all the confusion our troops don’t.

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    Robert, please tell us this article was just a joke. I double checked my calandar to make sure it is not April 1st. Please tell us that you are just having some fun by acting like the website “The Onion.”

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    Great analysis of obama over nearly the past five years, Robert. Yes, obama definitely acts in the service of islamic supremacists. No doubt about it. Thank you for presenting this so accurately.

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    Obama sending U.S. soldiers to Egypt to put down anti-Muslim Brotherhood riots

    *My God*. It is rare for me to be out-and-out ashamed of my country”this, God help me, is one of those times. Damn Obama and all his ilk.

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    The veterans are on to islam. I know they are. We talk about islam. Our veterans are on to Obama as well, and we talk about him. But the talk is not pro-Obama talk. I believe Obama really likes islam and he wants and needs islam to dominate the world and eventually America. This POTUS is anti-American and pro islam. Three and 1/2 more years of him. I don’t know if we will survive him. He does everything he can to help and support islam, yet he does everything he can to bring America down.

    Thanks to him and the left we are no longer #1 exceptional in the world. Our energy policy is crap because of him and the enviromentalists. Our unemployment continues to be high. He does everything he can against capitalism with all the big Gov’mt and regulations. He wants and needs to make us a third world country. Yet most liberal Americans cannot see where he is leading us. They are so blindly in love with him.

    Political correctness says that because he is the first black POTUS, that he cannot fail. But he is a failure. The left will never admit to it. I cannot think of one policy of his that has been a success, not one…now he is sending our brave troops in harms way to protect EVIL. Unbelievable

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    I have just heard on the radio that our CIA is training Free Syrian Army personnel in anti-tank weapons at secret bases in Turkey. This depresses me even more. The O has also attacked Catholic education in Northern Ireland, and, as a God-bless-King-Billy Calvinist myself, I see this as a warning that non-statist education in America is going to be a target next.

    The O seems to be a sworn foe of the First Amendment, a free America, and ordinary decency.

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    You watch for sure we are going to see American body bags coming home to us. The Muslim Brotherhood will have plants in the crowds to shoot these troops and then blame it on the protesters. It’s a dirty game of Tiqqiya and they will play it out. Hell what’s a couple hundred dead American soldiers to them? Obama is getting away with this cruel despicable game and the media is totally complacent. One other question, what the hell do we need to send troops when this stinking president has already given them tear gas and what ever else they want to put down freedom?

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    At first, I thought this was a horrible idea! But, when reading the
    whole article, they aren’t going to Egypt per se, they are part of the
    Sanai mission along the border between Egypt and Israel.  A
    multi-national mission that has been going on since 1979. In defense of

    The headline on jihad-watch is misleading as to where the troops are

    “The exercise was part of training to prepare more than 400 soldiers for
    a deployment this summer to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt as part of the
    Multinational Force and Observers peacekeeping force.
    During their nine-month deployment, soldiers will man posts and
    checkpoints along the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula, where they
    will observe and report violations of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.
    The peacekeeping force, which includes soldiers from 13 nations, was a
    result of the 1979 Camp David Peace Accords…”


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    After I read this article and posted my comment I recalled that last November when Israel and Hamas reached a truce to stop fighting Netanyahu agreed to this only because he received assurances from Obama that US troops would be sent to the Sinai to stop the smuggling of arms from Iran into Gaza. Are these the troops Obama promised? If so why do they need training in riot control and urban warfare for a desert area? It seems preposterous to me that Obama would want to do for the Brotherhood what Iran is doing for Assad by sending him Revolutionary Guards. Then again this comes on the heels of Obama gifting the Brotherhood regime with 20 F-16s. Has Obama’s Moslem outreach efforts reached a new plateau of butt kissing insanity? If it has then not only has Obama gone completely insane he’s also dishonoring the victims of the Ft. Hood massacre and their families. For these troops are being trained at Ft. Hood.

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    US troops must NOT be used to quell anti government demonstrations anywhere. These are not our business, nor in the best interests of America. Obama is not going to be satisfied until every member of the military is deployed somewhere but in America to defend American soil. Egypt has a police and military, let them police their own riots and let God sort the rest out.
    This is an unconstitutional use of American forces akin to Obama unilaterally declaring war.

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    The final nail in America’s coffin. First we betray Israel. Then we betray God Himself by declaring His natural law towards abortion and homos as irrelevant. Now we will not only arm the murderers of Jesus’ followers, we will actively participate in their murder. For now Obama’s god that the pedophile moohammed invented will win the battle for Satan. America deserves everything that God throws at us for betraying His blessings and protection. We have declared that two men having anal sex is of a higher calling than God’s command to have families with men and women.

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    As I have previously stated I believe that Obama is a Muslim Brotherhood agent. Just about everything he has done has been to their benefit. He is actively working to undermine America in the interests of the global jihad and is therefore yet another traitor who has achieved a position of power in a Western country.

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    Andy wrote:

    At first, I thought this was a horrible idea! But, when reading the
    whole article, they aren’t going to Egypt per se, they are part of the
    Sanai mission along the border between Egypt and Israel…

    Actually, reading the kinked article, it *is* much less clear what is going on here. Are we actually working with the vile Muslim Brotherhood against pro-democracy protesters, or helping to guard the Israelis against Jihadists on the Egyptian border?

    I’m not sure.

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    Spot on Bravo!

    Isn’t it the case that there is no Islamic jihad education in the Armed Forces or in any American bureaucracy? It’s all been white-washed out at the request of CAIR. (Holder is their lapdog)

    Don’t forget Obama worships at the grave of his father – a MUSLIM Kenyan male – absent from his son’s upbringing, and therefore idolized, his myth as the Great Intellectual kept alive by Obama’s nutty mother.

    His Dad was your typical Communist anti-British Colonialism ‘Freedom Fighter’.

    From a British comedy skit: What is the difference between a Mao Mao terrorist and a Freedom Fighter?

    Answer: Very difficult to tell actually, …especially when you’re being disemboweled by one.

    The Benghazi cover-up is all because we had Islamic terrorists ‘guarding’ our consulate!

    Obama hates Western supremacy. This is typical of non-Westerners who’ve had a Western education. Unfortunately, it also coincides with the anti-Western PC that has barraged our country since the infiltration of Communism since the 1930s (see Diana West’s book, ‘American Betrayal) and now is normalized.

    Obama is schizophrenic.

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    Of course there is a way. It’s called impeachment. Charge him with treason!
    What part of any of this military assignment and similar, is supported by the voting American public? Or is in the real interests of the American community? Or the UK community? Or any other democracy?
    That of course would be those who have any clue about the substance of the issues. That won’t be too many, with the PC reporting and the use of terms such as rebels and dissidents, jihadists, anti jihadists, designed to obfuscate and actively confuse the superficially interested, which is most folk.
    For most, if its not in my backyard, it’s not my problem. Little do most folk realise, its already in their backyard and they just don’t know it, thank you to their apologist PC! disinformationing governors.
    One has to have made a real effort to research the facts and details, and dare I say history of the conflicts and parties to them, to appreciate the issues.