Really, how dare they?


Sharia in the UK!

Thanks to Alan of England.

Pamela Geller on Melanie Phillips: "More elitism"
Full video: EDL's Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll assaulted, then arrested during charity walk in Woolwich
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    Today, June 30, ARSH 2013 marks the beginning of the end of the Muslim Brotherhood mafia in Egypt, its birthplace.
    The young egyptian MUSLIM generations said NO to Mursi, his islamic rule and his mafia gang.
    How dare they!?!?

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    How long before we see the no-go zones turn autonomous? No doubt France will beat them to this state, but surely with the media doing such a good job hiding England’s desperate situation they can’t be far behind.

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    England is making history in refusing the entrance of two great Westerners who do not promote violence but warn us about the creeping islamism that threatens our civil liberties, Civil liberties include making sure half of the humanity i.e. women are not reduced to an inferior status.

    England you are oblivious and you need another Winston Churchill!!!!!!

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    I was at the store the other day. The place is rife with Moslimas proudly attired in hijabs, both shoppers and workers.

    But then, at the checkout line, I saw a Moslima (I think) in a niqab. Ain’t seed that here before. Although I couldn’t quite make out the expression on her face, from her body language I could see that she was satisfied with herself.

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    And how long do the UK political elites feel they can maintain the status quo in dealing with an ever growing incursion of Islamists? How long can they play the proverbial Ostrich when it comes to the likes of an Anjem Choudary and other Muslim Fundamentalists who have made numerous threats against the crown and the British authority and who the jihadist killers of Lee Rigby are seen among Choudary’s followers in numerous photos?

    Still Choudary walks the streets without threat of arrest while EDL members walk the same streets and our arrested by the police without any provocation whatsoever.

    Has the British Government made Muslims a protected class over their own constituency of true British subjects?

    Does the British Government believe they can maintain a peaceful coexistence with Islamists in their midst indefinitely while ignoring the nature of the teachings of Islam?

    True there are Muslims in Western nations who may be considered moderates, but for the most part they are almost irrelevant in this struggle because they will do nothing out of fear of being branded a blasphemer. Yes there are some intrepid Muslims who are brave enough to step forward and say they want nothing to do with sharia or a ruling caliphate. But they for the most part are marginalized in this struggle.

    Marginalizing activists like Geller and Spencer clearly emboldens the Islamists. It send a message that the British Government fears some kind of confrontation between Islamists and anti-islam forces. The British elites are doubly wrong if they think they continue year after year playing and appeaser, and playing patty cake with Islamists, they reflect no tolerance towards the Brits they are driven by the tenants of Islam and say islam trumps all Western laws and values. Yes it is a war that the Brits cannot win by trying to control its own people from speaking out on this ever growing threat to British sovereignty.

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    The English politicians have become bottom feeding scum suckers. They shamelessly kiss Islamic a$$ but punish true patriots. Shame on you, you idiots who did absolutely nothing to earn the freedoms you are so readily absconding at the hands of the rapidly breeding parasites you imported from Islam.
    Shame, shame shame. Winston Churchill must be restless in his grave to know how you idiots are selling out one of this nation’s reasons for being called “Great”, and that is the freedoms in the Magna Carts.
    Some day these same “Muslim no-go zones” will become enclaves and then the war for independence of those states from the rest o Briton.. Get ready Islam has breached the fortress of your freedoms with the help of lapdogs in the govt. Agencies…. Allah-who?-hakbar will replace ‘rule Britannia’.

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    So this is today’s cowering, appeasing, self-hating leftist England. Absolutely shocking the nation that barely survived Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of the nazis would do exactly the same thing sixty years later. And shameful.

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    I think I understand the brainwashing that has been going on in the western world for a long time painting a rosy picture of Islam. However, I can not accept the level of suicidal ignorance of the Brits doing nothing about the cult members who kill their own soldier on their own street. To add salt to the wound they arrest the patriots who peacefully walk in honor of the killed soldier and do not let the truth tellers, Pam and Robert, in to the country to walk with them.

    Sorry but I have no respect left for this “multi-cultural, ignorant, government dependent, BS, British culture”

    USA is right after Europe giving in to Islam. We have to save our Judeo-Christian culture as there are no places on earth left to escape to.

    Shame on British Government.

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    Anti-Blasphemy Laws in Britain.

    How ironic that a such blasphemous ideology as Islam could impose itself on secular “I am so much smarter and more tolerant than everybody” smug liberals.

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    I really stopped caring for what’s happening in UK,Maybe they deserve what is coming to them . They have all the means to fight against islam taking over their country ” many others as the indians ,copts ..etc didn’t have ” but they choose not to

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    King Arthur and all the Knights of the Round Table, are turning over in their graves…And Robin Hood is trying to dig himself out so he can once again confront the evil Sheriff, since no one else besides the EDL and a few other brave men are willing to do it…

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    Dont want to nit-pick…..but King Arthur if he did exist ….would have been a Celtic king and warlord who fought against the English invasion of the British Isles……wasnt very succesful was he?

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    I’m sure many people in the UK would like to do more than protest, but they know the full force of the British Law will come down on them.

    The Government, in the name of Public Order, is sealing its own doom and leading to an inevitable conflagration down the track.

    DEPORT THE JIHADISTS before that happens and England looks like Syria.

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    The U.S. and U.K. Left is as
    masochistic as possible. Why else would
    they wear ideological blinders at that
    which will,eventually,destroy them.
    There are still those in the U.K.
    who look at the US as the “Colonist”.
    Very soon they will be able to look in a
    mirror and see “Colonized”.

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    Yep. Charge of the Light Brigade, Rorke’s Drift, Dunkirk …

    Most other countries would be embarrassed !

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    Pardon me; but I think that you may be confusing “Rorke’s Drift” with the battle at Isandhlwana.

    Isandhlwana was the massacre of most of 1700 men by the AmaZulus on the 22 Jan, 1879.

    The defense of Rorke’s Drift was Jan. 22-23, 1879; and was entirely successful.

    Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead, in command of the 24th Regiment of Foot stationed at Rorke’s Drift, (with approx. 150 men physically capable of fighting) was out-ranked by Lieutenant John Rouse Merriott Chard of the Royal Engineers (“I came here to build a bridge.”, so Lt. Chard assumed command.

    The company at Rorke’s Drift were successful in turning back assault wave after assault wave launched by the Zulus, even though some Zulus had penetrated the post; and were wreaking havoc at the hospital building and the soldiers within. Finally, on the morning of Jan. 23rd, the Zulus left, taking whomever of their dead they could with them.

    For a more detailed account see:

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    ”Pardon me; but I think that you may be confusing “Rorke’s Drift” with the battle at Isandhlwana.”

    Oops ! You’re quite right. I was watching Rorke’s Drift on telly, and got muddled.

    Although I think my point still holds, the British have always tended to admire ”gallant losers”, rather than triumphant victors. Why, I don’t know, but ’tis so.

    Their favourite line is ”someone had blundered” …