Afghanistan: Serious security lapses at U.S. Embassy, diplomats at risk

Anyone make any Muhammad videos lately? Obama might get the idea that it’s time for another assault on the freedom of speech.

But surely our reliable friend and ally Hamid Karzai will keep anything from happening — right?

“Crisis in Kabul: Security at U.S. Embassy in disarray, diplomats at risk,” by Sara Carter for The Washington Times, July 25 (thanks to Lookmann):

U.S. diplomatic facilities in Afghanistan have serious security lapses that pose “unnecessary risk to staff,” including poor emergency preparedness and inadequate protections that might allow classified materials to fall into the hands of attacking enemies, according to an internal report that raises fresh questions about the State Department’s commitment to safety in the aftermath of the Benghazi tragedy.

The confidential State Department inspector general’s report, obtained by The Washington Times under the Freedom of Information Act, directly criticizes the department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security for failing to perform a physical inspection before approving the security plan for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, which was the target of a brash attack by Taliban insurgents two years ago.

When IG investigators inspected the embassy in Kabul, they found inadequate emergency shelters, food, water rations, medical supplies and backup communication equipment that would be essential to repel or survive an attack, according to the report, which was released to The Times partly redacted for security reasons.

Similar inspections elsewhere found the U.S. diplomatic post in Afghanistan’s western city of Herat lacked an emergency action plan instructing employees on how to respond to an attack and that a Provincial Reconstruction Team outpost in Qala-e-Naw lacked an agreement with allied forces to provide a military response in case of attack.

“The lack of adequate emergency shelters [redacted] the lack of sufficient emergency supplies and equipment, the lack of redundancy in communications, the [redacted] absence of an agreement with the non-Department law enforcement on emergency assistance, and the inability to identify and destroy sensitive material unnecessarily increased the risk of injury to embassy staff and of compromising sensitive material during an emergency situation,” the report warns….

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  1. says

    Sounds like State’s security precautions (or lack thereof) would not be an inducement to “volunteer” for assignment to these islamic hellholes.

    Why don’t we just get the hell out of ALL of them; and leave those people… to themselves?

  2. says

    Give the Marines the job of protecting the facilities with authorization to shoot to kill if attacked….or just close the facility….

  3. says

    The government is more interested in other things


    The House Ethics Committee is launching a full-tilt investigation of Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

    The committee announced on Friday it had received a referral from the Office of Congressional Ethics, an independent investigative body, and said in a brief statement that it would formally investigate the former Republican presidential candidate.

    A lawyer for Bachmann had previously acknowledged the investigation by the OCE and said that Bachmann was cooperating. That probe is focused in part on her short-lived presidential bid.

    Bachmann, a leader in the Tea Party movement, announced earlier this year she would not seek re-election.

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    If I was in the American Diplomatic, I would be seriously considering a career change, and if I got posted to Afghanistan, I’d resign. Your ‘President’ clearly doesn’t give a tuppenny damn about the safety of his diplomats.

    And I wish stupid journalists would stop referring to the Benghazi ‘tragedy’. It was not a tragedy, it was cold-blooded murder by jihadists, coupled with cold-blooded, cynical unconcern on the part of your President and Secretary of State. Ambassador Stevens was thrown to the wolves by a wicked man, and an equally wicked woman.

  5. says

    Time for assorted non-Muslim countries to get out of Afghanistan altogether; and shut up shop.

    And once that’s done, all *Afghan* ’embassies’ and consulates within the lands of the non-Muslims, would be required *also* to shut up shop, and leave.

    No American, or British, or Australian, or Dutch, or German, or Canadian, etc, embassy in Kabul?


    *no* Muslim Afghan embassy or other diplomatic representative in the USA, Britain, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Canada…

  6. says

    Suppose that you’re one of the [such a terribly belittling official classification] “non-essential” personnel at one of our way overstaffed embassies and you have to depend on the smug judgments of your self-important supervisors who in turn are dependent upon the smug judgments of their own self-important bosses…..all up and down the bureaucratic chain that is our Ameddican [sic] Department of State.

    The unfortunate term itself begs the question,”….then what’re they doing there [fill in the blank with the dangerous capital city] to start with.”

    Frankly, if I were one of these consular minions pushing paper around, I’d wonder if I’d made such a wise “prestigious” career choice after all. This ain’t the pompous nineteenth century.

    The humble [?] poster here is typing these admittedly acerbic phrases only fifty miles away from what is locally known as “Foggy Bottom” [hilarious punning opportunities there, and here].

    “Foggy Bottom”, by the way, was applied to that low-lying area next to our Potomac River soon after it was drained of the feverish swamps in the area as construction began for that new “Washington City”, actually not all that long ago.

    Somehow, we’ve survived Miss Hillary, now…gasp….it’s even worse with that jaw-jaw faux Kerry.

    What to make of this revealed tragic situation in Kabul?….after Benghazi?

    We’re [Americans] have one helluva mess with this Obama claque so busily ensconced at all of those “diplomatic” desks.

  7. says

    So, all the Taliban have to do is read the Washington Times to discover the weakness of the US Embassy in Afghanistan.

    Loose Lips Sink Ships.

  8. says

    ….correction….read..”having”, not “have” in that last sentence. Or, “We have…”, your choice.

    Lest anyone think that I’m hard-hearted, I can recall seeing in the the Arrivals area at Kai Tak years ago, the blinded U.S. Embassy guy who’s survived a Viet Cong attack against our embassy’s staff apartments in Saigon, bandages over his eyes.

    Such memories of years ago prompt me to think that our overseas government bureaucracies are their own worst enemy.

    And, here we go again, right after Benghazi. Remember that famous picture of that Air America Huey 204B on the roof of the Pittman Building in Saigon?…….if not look it up via Google Images.

    Look it up.

  9. says

    ….the Taliban know this without reading the Washington Times [actually a very responsible paper as these things go with th’ media].

    They’re very, very good at infiltration.