Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood supporters throw molotov cocktails at churches

They blame the Christians for the fall of Morsi. “Attack on Minya churches repelled by residents, security forces,” by Kanzy Mahmoud for Daily News Egypt, July 28:

Muslim youth and security forces protected Al-Azraa and Anba Ebram churches from attacks by alleged Morsi supporters in Minya on Saturday, spokesperson of the archbishop of Mawas monastery Amgad Ezzat has told state-owned MENA agency.

“They threw molotov cocktails at Al-Azraa and Anba Ebram churches but were not able to break in as nearby Muslims and Christians were securing the churches,” said Ishak Ibrahim, researcher at Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). He added that the protesters tried to storm in El-Eslah church but were prevented. “However, both El-Eslah church and an annex of the Catholic church were raided before, on 3 July,” he said.

Al-Dostour Party member Mohamed Attallah claimed that Muslim Brotherhood protesters “vandalised shops in Palace Square, raided an Al-Dostour party exhibition and beat up Al-Dostour member Mahmoud Mamdouh and stole his phone.”

“None of the [assailants] were arrested or charged with anything,” said Attallah.

Ibrahim said Minya has witnessed significant tension, adding that a Christian man and child were killed before the mass 30 June protests as a result of continual incitement against Christians.

During the 48-hour ultimatum given by the Minister of Defence Abdul Fatah Al-Sisi to former president Morsi, the latter’s supporters attacked many Christian homes and killed the wife of a Christian man, who was accused of discharging a firearm while protecting his home, said Ibrahim.

Ibrahim added that seven Christian families fled Minya out of fear of being attacked, emphasising that “the security forces” presence is not proportional to the size of tensions in the city.”

Reports of sectarian strife have been increasing since protests on 30 June, spanning many governorates, such as Luxor, where four Christians were killed; North Sinai, where a Coptic priest was killed and a Christian shop-owner was decapitated; Port Said, where a church was attacked; and Marsa Matruh, where Christian shops were looted.

Both the EIPR and Human Rights Watch have urged investigations into these recent sectarian attacks and have insisted on scrutinising the role of the security forces in the clashes.

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  1. says

    “Muslim youth and security forces protected Al-Azraa and Anba Ebram churches from attacks by alleged Morsi supporters”

    That’s what I’ve been trying to say for the past week or so; from now on, Muslims and Christians will stand together in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism.
    Game over, moderate Muslims are waking up, they’re not silent anymore. They said no to terrorism and no to violence.
    Things have changed. From now on, Muslims and Christians in Egypt will be treated as equals.

  2. says

    Strange how the BBC and the rest of the dhimmi media NEVER talk about the attacks on Christians, yet the BBC and governments round the world are very concerned about the “poor” Muslim Brotherhood supporters being attacked (which I suppose is a euphemism for “the Muslim Brotherhood tried to kill and attack ordinary Egyptian civilians and the army and civilians fought back”). Not one word about the brutality of the Muslim Brotherhood. Of course, Obama must be heartbroken to see the Muslim Brotherhood being stood up to, after all, he helped install them, didn’t he. Good to hear muslim youths protected the churches. More than can be said of western politicians!

  3. says

    I don’t understand why the police or the military does not open fire on the Muslims or non-muslims who use the Molotov cocktails. When the they escalate, the government forces also escalate until the demonstrators decide that PEACEFUL demonstrations are the way to go. I am sick of these wimps.

  4. says

    Yes many muslims have woke up to see how bad is the Muslim Brotherhood and how bad to come with some religious parties to be their government.

    But that does not necessary mean that in the end that they will make Christians a really equal citizens in the country.

    Probably, they will give Christians the same position they had in Mubarak period not any real more.

    So I ask you Mr Salah … In terms of law or constitution ,What does Christian gain untill now ?

  5. says

    Nothing yet, except the backing of almost 75 million Muslims, which is a good start.
    The final constitution isn’t written yet. I hope it will be properly done and according to the universal human rights and to the old arabic principal of “Religion is for God and the country is for everyone”
    الدين لالله و الوطن للجميع
    Wishful thinking? maybe, buy Egyptians are on the right path, let’s give them some time.