Female genital mutilation: 30 million girls “at risk”

Western news articles about female genital mutilation routinely assert that it is solely a cultural practice, not justified by any religion. Yet again and again we see Muslim clerics justifying it, and it is sanctioned in Islamic law.

“Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

“Islamic law permits by definition, by prophetic statement and by practice female circumcision” — Australian Imam Afroz Ali

“Female genital mutilation: 30 million girls ‘at risk,'” from the BBC, July 22:

More than 30 million girls are at risk of being subjected to female genital mutilation (FGM) over the next decade, a study by Unicef has found.

It said more than 125 million girls and women alive today had undergone a procedure now opposed by the majority in countries where it was practised.

Ritual cutting of girls’ genitals is practised by some African, Middle Eastern and Asian communities in the belief it protects a woman’s virginity.

Unicef wants action to end FGM.

The UN Children Fund survey, described as the most comprehensive to date on the issue, found that support for FGM was declining amongst both men and women.

FGM “is a violation of a girl’s rights to health, well-being and self-determination,” said Unicef deputy executive director Geeta Rao Gupta,

“What is clear from this report is that legislation alone is not enough.”

Ethiopian teenager Meaza Garedu was subjected to female genital mutilation when she was 10 years old, and now campaigns against the practice.

“In my village there is one girl who is younger than I am who has not been cut because I discussed the issue with her parents,” the 14-year-old said.

“I told them how much the operation had hurt me, how it had traumatised me and made me not trust my own parents.

“They decided that they did not want this to happen to their daughter.”

The report, ‘Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting: A statistical overview and exploration of the dynamics of change’, was released in Washington DC.

The study, which pulled together 20 years of data from the 29 countries in Africa and the Middle East where FGM is still practised, found girls were less likely to be cut than they were some 30 years ago.

They were three times less likely than their mothers to have been cut in Kenya and Tanzania, and rates had dropped by almost half in Benin, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Liberia and Nigeria.

But FGM remains almost universal in Somalia, Guinea, Djibouti and Egypt and there was little discernible decline in Chad, Gambia, Mali, Senegal, Sudan or Yemen, the study found.

However, it did find that most girls and women, and a significant number of boys and men, opposed the practice. In Chad, Guinea and Sierra Leone more men than women wanted to see an end to the practice.

“The challenge now is to let girls and women, boys and men speak out loudly and clearly and announce they want this harmful practice abandoned,” said Ms Rao Gupta.

The report recommends opening up the practice to greater public scrutiny so that entrenched social attitudes to it can be challenged.

In some communities FGM, also known as female circumcision, is seen as a traditional ritual used culturally to ensure virginity and to make a woman marriageable.

It typically involves procedures that alter or injure female genital organs and is often carried out by traditional circumcisers, who play other central roles in communities.

The dangers of FGM include severe bleeding, problems urinating, infections, infertility and increased risk of newborn deaths in childbirth.

UK: Muslim dentist offered to perform FGM on girls as young as 10
Female genital mutilation on the rise in the United States
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  1. Robert Munyui Kamunyu says

    When God told Abraham to sign the covenant of the flesh, he circumcised all the male children and he was
    circumcised. The message was direct and in plain language. GENESIS 17: 1-27. The
    agreement was strategically initiated and the male child grew beholding daily
    his agreement with God at every call of nature throughout his married life.
    When God told Moses that the Children of Israel shall not circumcise their
    girls, the message was given in a spiritual language and bore two warnings. The
    Israelis parent shall not sexually mutilate their daughters and fathers were
    commanded not have carnal knowledge (incest) of their daughters making them
    prostitutes. Girls who face the evil cut become prostitutes on alter of Satan
    which pollutes the land. The evil cutting is done in honor of the dead.
    Leviticus 19:28-29. This type of prostitution cannot be cleansed by
    marriage. She bought her prostitution with her flesh and blood on alter of
    Satan while still In her flower age under her parental care. Unless she gets
    saved (call upon the blood of CHRIST to cleanse her.John3:16-18, Isaiah1:18)
    she shall go to her grave a prostitute. Thus there were no sexual mutilations
    among the Israelis women. The Girl child was bought up in divine order leaving
    the petals and stay of love intact for a beloved wise husband core co-benefits.
    She remained a spring shut up and a blessed fountain sealed in divine state.
    Song of Solomon 4:12, Proverbs 5:18-19.
    By instinct mans’ hand lands at the garden
    of love and joy to prop it up at Divine state. The Israelis brethren
    never married from alters of Satan. Israelis women remained lively and
    delivered goodly children easily a state known to Pharaoh. Exodus 1:15-22.
    That knowledge on the difference between a circumcised woman and a woman who
    had not faced the evil cut was exploited by the Hebrew Midwives, Shiphrah and
    Puah as their reason for saving the men children alive contrary to the King of
    Egypt instructions for their ultimate death at birth for they were easily delivered. Pharaoh was aware
    that the Egyptians women went through Pharaonic circumcision or infibulations
    and the difficulties they faced in delivering children were known to him thus
    he agreed with the midwives’ answer. God has promised our beloved sisters save
    child delivery. 1Timothy 2: 15 .Girls who had the evil cut cannot pass the
    threshold of Divine virginity since they sacrificed their fresh to demonic
    world. Their virginity in marriage is according to satanic standards since they
    have been defiled with humanity demonic practices. All traditional women
    circumcisers die poor for Satan keep them poor to their trade. The girl child
    holds no battle field of faith in her defiled crippled sexual state. She is
    sexually excavated, sexually muted and sexually crippled. Girls who face
    the evil cut are leftovers from the alter of Satan and for a man marrying her
    is equal to sharing a wife with Satan. Man takes the marriage supper the left
    over from the alter of Satan us the dictate of demonic cultures. FGM is a
    form of partial castration for a womanhood. Man is commanded by GOD to give his
    wife her conjugal wrights and also the woman to the same for its a shared
    joy. 1Corithians 1:1-4.How can a sexually mutilated woman deliver
    joy in Divine state to her husband while sexual joy was removed from her
    in FGM. Circumcision in man does not alter his sexual ability.
    In Church of Christ, ever where parents force their daughters to face the
    evil cut, the parents having given the devil the first sacrifice should not be
    ashamed to remove the blanket of etiquette and prepare their daughters to play
    wives (incest) to their husbands to give the devil a complete sacrifice.
    It is not a greater evil than the first sacrifice. Let them pride
    themselves in complete evil. The petals and stay of love are left strewn at
    alters of Satan. Prostitutes made by parents in FGM are honored. Us no man can miss the mouth even when eating in total
    darkness, so shall man falter in search of the marital coals removed in sexual
    mutilation how foolish he is. Song of Solomon 2:6-7. Parents who
    perform FGM are sources of families instabilities and great evils for the land.
    FGM lay social foundations for unstable marital live. They are highly
    entrenched in prostitution with their girl child. Ironically these parents are
    active in the Church who shoulder burdens for the church but with continuous
    unresolved marital problems a dilemma to the clergy. They are workers of
    Satan who have camouflage as believers in the Church of Christ. How do they
    differ from magicians and witches? They pollute the land in prostitution and
    the land becomes full of all evils. How can a father be obsessed with the
    sexual organ of his daughter as a bearer of holiness in mutilated state? It
    is hypocritical for him to be in a place where GOD is worshiped. Why
    should parents be obsessed to place the family uprightness and the
    country holiness in the mutilated sex organ of their girl child? After FGM is done ,the girl child is highly esteemed and it is a demonic cover up of the evils done. Can a girl
    child with stolen womanhood find love in her parents in subjecting her to FGM?. All boils down to
    social rottenness that require Divine spiritual intervention. Clergy ought
    teach and preach the truth and hold parents responsible for injustice committed
    against their girl child in FGM.
    It is awkward that laws are enacted to
    stop parents from performing FGM. Men and women of upright minds come
    together to stop atrocities done to a
    girls child by her own parents, Un issue parents would have stopped on learning the suffering girls go through in fgm and after fgm. Instead
    of her finding parental love and care, she
    is ushered into brutality against her very womanhood. FGM has been used
    as a disciplined measure against women by sexually crippling them against perceived climes they have never committed.. If FGM
    install holiness in women as paramount foundation for a holy life before
    marriage and in marriage, then there would never be divorce in marriages where
    women have undergone FGM. This notion stipulate the mutilated sex organ of a
    woman as center of holiness and un institution of worship since in it mutilated
    state chastity can be delivered. It
    would mean men loosing self holiness in
    God and having secondary holiness in God received from mutilated sex organ of a
    woman there by making the sex of a woman a centre of worship. This is demonic
    way of thinking and practice in life. FGM has zero benefit for a man and a woman. FGM suppresses a woman libido which can never be regained in marriage .She is not adventurous in sexual relationship and the man takes the marriage supper under set rules to hind her shortcoming in love..It makes a woman a land without fence and a well without a cover. It a barbaric culture imposed on womanhood .Song of Solomon 4:12
    It is evident FGM put God at faults for
    providing a girl child with an active sexual organ. They view the active sexual organ of
    a girl child in its Divine active state as evil and a source of immorality. Redemption and salvation for
    themselves is crafted by sexually crippling the girl child in FGM whereby they
    sacrifice the girl child sexual organ to Satan in the name of morality for God.
    Leviticus 19:28-29. By uplifting the sexual organ of a girl child as pillar of
    morality in defiled mutilated state shift the blame game to the sexual organ of
    a girl child as a source of immorality in a community hence all brutalities
    direct against the girl child in all forms of FGM. The blame game is directed
    against God for providing her with un active sexual organ thus they chop her sexual organ to their taste to make her a sexual mute.
    This defeat any sense of humanity in them. It is cruelty on a girl child at
    alter of family and community social holiness from demonic world. FGM was
    authored in Egypt by Pharaoh as Satanic sacrifice to increase pain and wailing in child birth as a Satanic
    sacrifice. The fleshy sexual coals are
    excavated leaving her frigid and rocky thus denying her for live time Divine
    marital gift which she requires in
    marriage for a lively marital relationship with her husband. How stupid a man
    may be, by instinct a man will falter in search of the fleshy coals
    removed in FMG thus leaving him at moral loose for unfulfilled marital
    achievement .. The fleshy coals are provided for marriage. 1Corithians7: 9. The
    fleshy coals helps a woman in marriage to lock in emotionally with her husband
    in marital relationship
    It is quite evident parents are under cultural moral slavery siege and ready to sacrifice
    their daughters to FGM at demonic alter of cultures for community social
    acceptance. How would parents commit their daughters to FGM so us someone
    can have food for the mouth calling it their trade of life? How could someone
    say it was done in honor of religion where God is mentioned and the clergy
    exist? How will ever be compensated girls forced to FGM after abandoning the
    evil trade? Parents and the clergy should know that the mutilated sex
    organs remain and the wounded soul and spirit cry to God Almighty. Many parents
    are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in institutions of
    Godly worship. Even from time of old women can perform all types of evils counting on their husbands’ support. Israelis women in the Bible told Jeremiah the Prophet that the sacrifices they offered they did so with the support and knowledge of their husbands. Jeremiah 44:19 Even today women who force their daughters have FGM count on their husbands full support. They confirm their husbands are part of Satanic sacrifice performed on their daughters in FGM.
    . Who will pull out parents stuck in the wilderness of
    demonic cultures with love and care? FGM is in the bosoms of parents and the
    community at large. It all boils down to communities social rottenness. The battle
    fields of double faiths range in their hearts and they fail terribly to test of
    faith in God.
    GOD is not a respecter of persons and you cannot
    modify evils committed by parents to less evils to look good. No form of FGM is
    acceptable . To think you can subject girls to less invasive form of FGM is
    spiritually not acceptable . Where Men
    circumcision involves removal of a fold of fore skin .FGM involves massive dense muscles with high concentration
    of sensitive net work of nerves and soft
    bone removal. Her bone is left in the air to dry like wood. This is not circumcision. It is Sexual excavation. Circumcision involves cutting round a fore skin in man. Which man would ever leave cut part of his bone to dry in the air like dead wood? After FGM there are no bows left for man to hold. Song of Solomon 7:8 .NO blood should be spilt in FGM. Leviticus 1928-29. God purposed
    a woman to enjoy sex in marriage. No Human being should play a God to her life.
    Song of Solomon 2:2-5. Sexual joy is Divine given to her and parents have non
    wrights in sexually crippling her in
    FGM. Do not give parents soft landing ground in their evils adventures by making them
    acceptable social criminals.
    FGM is a faith moral issue based on culture. It is the deadly beastly yoke of Satan on womanhood. Satan activities have camouflaged themselves as Godly believers among believers telling them they assist them in holiness in FGM. If we have to stop FGM it cannot be based only on negative side effects inherited by FGM. Since it is a faith issue
    one can decide to live bearing all sufferings that come with FGM. It is known
    even clinically trained personnel perform FGM with full background firsthand knowledge of all
    sufferings associated with FGM. They are
    well paid by those who thirst to satisfy
    they cultural based faith attachment in FGM even contrary to moral standards
    of Godly believers. When FGM is involved
    ,God is of secondary important to them. It is the time Satan is Supreme in their lives when all
    demonic forces raise against the girl child. The clergy have more work to do in
    preaching having to bring parents and young men on board to the full knowledge
    of the Word of God. Young men know God
    told Moses in Spiritual language that FGM is a Satanic sacrifice for non
    believers. Leviticus 19:28-29. Young men if you are presented with a
    virgin sexually mutilated and a virgin who has her divine splendor of her sex
    organ intact, who would you choose a wife having stood the test of faith in
    Godly manner? The clergy cannot live
    as though no Satanic sacrifices are performed on the girl child in FGM. Young
    men have reality faith in Godly
    that you share a wife with Satan in FGM.
    You cannot serve God and demons together. The choose is in your heart. Choose
    In Church of Christ, let fathers not exercise the terror of silence and stand up
    for the divine wrights of their daughters. Parents owe their sons in laws
    lifetime gratitude for agreeing to marry their daughters whom they sexually
    assaulted and sexually crippled. God has never asked parents to sexually
    cripple their daughters so as to remain virgins and holly. Is holiness attained
    by sexually crippling a girl child acceptable to God’s purposes for her live
    destiny entity? No. There is holiness that pertains to children of God.
    The sex organ of a girl child cannot be manipulated through sexual mutilations
    as a gate way for man to heaven. Parents owe their daughters a life time
    apology for their inhuman acts which robbed them their divine marital gifts.
    Parents who force their daughters to undergo FGM exercise the most Dignified
    Unreserved Beastly Cultural Atrocities on the girl
    child with man child at the receiving end as beneficially.FGM remain the horrible evil coveted by parents and the perennial
    curse for a girl child and the land. Proverbs14:1-2. A foolish woman destroys
    her own house with her own hands. In FGM, parents are a curse to a
    nation. It is hypocritical for parents in Church of Christ to spend their
    twilight years as loving caring parents having soiled their hands with the
    blood and flesh of their daughters in FGM in demonic sacrifice. Some men force
    their daughters to undergo FGM under their mothers’ pressure forgetting there
    are no curses for those in Christ Jesus. Galatians3:10-14, Proverb
    26:1-2. It is quite evident parents are under cultural moral slavery siege
    and ready to sacrifice their daughters to FGM at alter of demonic
    cultures for community social acceptance.
    Can man kneel before
    God and support FGM. It is awkward to hear men say what is good for a
    woman and not say what God say is good for a woman and him. It seems some
    men want to craft a way of life for themselves in name of God. When God told
    Moses that the Israelis fathers shall not subject their daughters to FGM in
    honor of the dead or have sex with them, He did not leave any form of FGM
    for a girl child. To suggest there can be mild form of FGM is not acceptable
    before God. Leviticus 19:28-29. Once the blood of a girl child is shed in FGM
    the land is polluted and becomes full of all evils. If men have no respect for
    the complex delicate sex organ which deliver them to the world, how will they have mercy
    for one another even where they have common faith? When the earth is fully
    polluted in FGM, at a point in
    life ,men turn the country a slaughter house for one another and the
    communities at large.
    How would parents commit
    their daughters to FGM so us someone can have food for the mouth calling it
    their trade of life? How could someone say it was done in honor of religion
    where God is mentioned and the clergy exist? How will ever be girls
    compensated who are forced to FGM in their flower age after abandoning
    the evil trade? Parents and the clergy should know that the mutilated
    injured girls remain and the wounded soul and spirit cry to Almighty God. Many
    parents are still stuck in wilderness of demonic cultures though in
    institutions of Godly worship. Who will pull out parents stuck in the
    wilderness of demonic cultures with love and care? FGM is in the bosoms
    of parents and the community at large. It all boils down to communities social
    rottenness. The battle fields of double faiths range in their hearts and they
    fail terribly to test of faith in God. Can parents be so cruel and evil minded to perform FGM in name of morality in GOD? We need fathers who can stand for
    God with their families when the lest rebel against God. Joshua 24:14-15
    The greatest force behind FGM are fathers and young men. It is heart
    breaking to hear women say if it were not of demands by fathers and young
    men behind the sin they will not do it. In FGM parents break the spiritual and physical integrity well being of their daughters. It is all known some men dare not speak against FGM for it propel
    them to political powers. The parents and the whole family votes are dear to
    them centered on championing FGM us cultural heritage. Their political powers
    are fueled by blood and flesh of young girls thus weakening laws passed to ban
    FGM. The young girls fate hang out of balance since she cannot count on rescue
    even from her dear brothers. Her fate is sealed by those who thirst for her
    flesh and blood for the injustice of the beloved parents is awful cruel. It is the time a father turns a cold shoulder to his girl child and commit her to Satan in fgm. While she lives with unresolved burning resentments against her parents all they see is well to their eyes.
    Parents pride themselves in FGM since they receive their communities social
    recognitions and acceptance at a price of permanently sexually deforming
    their girls in FGM which they can view in a mirror. Parents are in Sodom of their own even in places of
    worship. Laws to ban FGM may not eliminate FGM since it can be done clinically
    at home. Parents require deliverance of their souls and spirits to God.
    In their liberated hearts their will not suffer any loose for abandoning FGM
    for their trust in God is paramount. God Himself told Moses that the Israelis
    fathers shall not subject their daughters to FGM in honor of the dead or
    have sex with them making them prostitutes. Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is a
    Satanic sacrifice involving blood and flesh and parents are more bonded to
    demonic world by sacrificing their girl child in FGM .Let all Children of
    Abraham by faith face the full reality of the demands in their faith in God.
    God bless you all united against this demonic cultural practice called FGM.
    In Church of Christ, men should stop counting their up hold to
    spiritual holiness in reverence to a defiled sexually mutilated sex organ of a
    woman. Some men say when women are sexually crippled, men and women remain
    faithful but to who? Which men are sexually crippled for women to remain holy?
    Is the sexual organ of a woman an institution of worship for men? GOD IS HOLLY.
    Men shouldn’t have defiled faith in God based on crippled sexual organ of a
    woman. Men should love God with a pure heart. The sexual organ of a woman is
    not a stay to a man’s faith in his God. Should a man share a wife with the
    devil? FGM is ill tagged as a benefit to man child by those who
    perpetuate this demonic sacrifice. Men who view their holiness in God through the mutilated sexual organ of a woman put their faith in God demonic practices. Culturally women who had gone FGM as they
    passed child bearing age and hung up the ploughs, the old man would marry
    another young woman who had gone FGM referred to us the wife of his old age
    with desires to have children. No eyes blow were raised against the wife by the
    other wives since they understood their frigid sexual rocky morbid state. They were not a joy to have as wives in their old age . Love to
    them was like surgery awake and they acknowledged the sexually active state of their husband. It was a time their husband was like a sexual beast to them. They sexually off loaded themselves through their husband’s young wife of his old aged thus shifting the burden of the curse to the young woman.
    If a man has to be circumcised in the Church of Christ, he
    should join our sisters in spiritual circumcision for all that is salvation.
    Colossians 2: 8-12. Roman2:28-29. Can a wise man pride himself before God
    counting the benefits of marrying a prostitute? In Church of Christ, only
    uncultured men in Godly practices, uncouth, no witty and demonic sadist will
    applaud sexual mutilation of young girls.
    Leviticus 19:28-29. FGM is the perennial curse for the girl child and the
    land. The land is polluted and all evils come to the nation.FGM defeat any
    Godly purpose for it . It is used to be a secret satanic sacrifice for Demonic Chastity which readily revealed today to a girl child. Can any clergy support FGM? Only
    those taught by apostles and ministers of Satan can support FGM. 2
    Corinthians11:13-15. NO FGM WITH GOD .When
    faithful Abraham the father of faith was commanded by God to be
    circumcised at 99 years old with his son Ishmael at thirteen years old, he obeyed
    God. Sarah and Hagar were not circumcised or any girl child since there is no women circumcision with God. It was a clear
    instruction and Abraham obeyed Jehovah God’s instructions to the letter. GENESIS
    17: 1-27.
    Parents’ only way out of this
    demonic trap is to reconcile back to God together with their daughters by
    asking for unreserved forgiveness and get saved. GOD OUTLAWED FGM WHICH
    WAS FORBIDDEN AND WRITTEN IN SPIRITUAL LANGUAGE. Leviticus 19:28-29. The message is freely given
    purely to the body of JESUS CHRIST worldwide.

    By Br. Robert Munyui Kamunyu.

  2. says

    Note that FGM is done to benefit the husbands with little of no interest in female sexual gratification, except possibly that reduced sexual pleasure in the wife might reduce the Husband’s pleasure.

    “The justification given to Burton by advocates of female circumcision was that it was a good prophylactic against unchastity. To excise the clitoris was to excise the seat of desire, and therefore excision reduced the risk of a man being shamed by his lecherous wife. It was not the wife’s own soul which was the primary concern: she was not being protected from the moral damage her hormones could do to her. The protection of the husband’s name was the great thing.” – http://bit.ly/13daEm8

  3. says


    PAKISTAN – Multiple blasts rock Sukkur; at least 15 injured: info minister

    KARACHI: A series of back to back blasts rocked an upscale neighbourhood in the southern town of Sukkur on Wednesday evening, injuring at least 15 people. Sounds of sporadic gunfire were heard from the area following the blasts.

    “I can confirm at least four blasts hit the area, but I can’t confirm at the moment if there were more,” provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Memon told a news channel.

    Memon confirmed at least 15 people were injured the explosions, although he said it was premature to give an exact number of casualties.

    “The wounded have been shifted to the hospital where they are undergoing medical treatment. I can only confirmed 15 injured,” he said.

    Sukkur is located around 500 kilometres from Karachi, the main city of Sindh province. The explosions hit the Barrage Colony area where the residences of several government officers and the offices of an intelligence agency are known to be located.

    This is a developing story and willbe updated as further reports com in.

  4. says

    OT –

    Bomb in Thailand’s south kills two

    HAT YAI: Police say two teachers were killed and one was injured in a bomb attack believed to have targeted security forces in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south.

    Police Col Patta Madawah says suspected Muslims insurgents detonated an explosive Wednesday as a car carrying three teachers passed by a hospital in Narathiwat province.

    Egypt blast kills one, wounds 28

    CAIRO: A blast Wednesday at a police station in a Nile Delta city killed one person and wounded 28, a medic said, in the latest incidence of violence sweeping Egypt since president Mohamed Morsi’s ouster.

    Militants kill nine policemen in Iraq’s north: officials

    BAGHDAD: Militants have killed nine policemen in an attack in the Iraq’s north, police said.

    A police officer said an unspecified number of militants attacked a police headquarters outside the northern city of Mosul early on Wednesday.

  5. says

    Mohhammed said, “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said, “Yes.” He said, “This is because of the deficiency of a woman’s mind.”
    – Bukhari Vol 3 Bk 48 Nbr 26

    Moslems cut off a woman’s clitoris to deny her pleasure. In response, feminists term the practice female circumcision. In reality, removing the skin from the clitoris would enhance her pleasure, so the feminists are exactly wrong.

    It would be better if feminists said nothing at all in regard to Islam, which indeed is nearly the case. But they could improve on their fearful silence.

  6. says

    FGM combined with child marriage leads to extreme gynecological complications that include vaginal fistulae where the reproductive organs become linked to the rectum.

    Fistulas largely destroy the quality of life of a young woman condemning her to a life of misery, since few can afford the reparative operation or transportation to get it.

    Where are our Western Feminists protesting this epidemic of abuse of girls and women?

  7. says

    only speaking for myself, i say take the old bat “traditional circumcisers” out and shoot them. end of story.

    if the “tradition” is bad, get rid of it.

  8. says

    A student taking a Gender Studies course tells me that the expression Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is now referred to as Female Genital Cutting, an activity promoted mainly by African women on pre-adolescent girls as a cultural norm. This is in a similar way, she is told, to our culture’s surgical enhancement of women. There are likely to be many students who will buy into this twisted form of logic, unaware of the consequences of this type of thinking.

    Politically correct forces have substituted the word “mutilated’ with the far more anodyne “cutting’. One cuts one’s hair and nails, so why not throw in a clitoris, prepuce, and the labia minora and majora while we’re at it.

    “Mutilation” reinforces the idea that this practice is a violation of the human rights of females, and thereby helps promote national and international advocacy towards its abandonment.

    So where does the detached academic draw the line in neutralising objectionable practices? Use of the Nazi’s euphemisms for extermination, such as “special handling’ and “final solution’? Slavery justified as indentured servitude or voluntary labour, and as a legitimate source of income for Sahel Arabs? Cannibalism excused as a spiritual and life-enhancing ritual?

  9. says

    FGM is a crime against women.

    Muslims claim it is only practiced by ignorant “africans”.

    And yet, FGM is endorsed by every Madhab. Do muslims think infidels cant read?

  10. says

    you are partially correct about Fistula. I am very involved in this cause. Fistula is eradicated here in the west and is largely in sub Saharan Africa particularly Ethiopia. This has a lot to do with extreme poverty and extreme lack of education and even more extreme lack of medical access. These young women generally in their teen get pregnant. Here in the west pregnancies are monitored where as in those countries are not. These poor women are often in labor for 20 to 40 hours before they deliver. The child is already dean and because of the length of the labor their bladders ruptures which are the most cases and some that their rectum ruptures which are less common. Therefore they have no control and they are constantly urinating on themselves. the fix is simple. all they have to do go to the nearest hospital and they sew it up. But to get to a hospital in Ethiopia is as hard, complex and difficult as getting to Mars. If you are interested and have netflix search” A walk to the beautiful” which is a documentary about
    this disease. M

  11. says

    I read somewhere that this non-binding resolution passed every Islamic nation’s acceptance or (acquiescence)It is amazing that it has taken this long just to get a non-binding resolution.

    I suspect the Islamic nations got on board only because they are trying to pass a resolution not to be criticized and it would be embarrassing for them to be seen publically supporting FGM butchery at the same time as presenting Islam as a peaceful religion above all criticism.

    Islam is such a “PIECE”-FUL religion.

  12. says

    Sorry, but I’ve known a lot of boys and men who were circumcised by a Mo’el (“traditional circumciser”–I lived around Jews for a lot of my life), I myself underwent male circumcision in infancy, and I can’t see any lasting harm from it.

    Female circumcision is another matter, I understand. But I’m not so sure I want to undertake an Africa-wide crusade to eradicate it (at least not on the taxpayer dollar). The continent needs major cultural change, for sure. But let the Africans themselves bring it about.

  13. says

    Re Africa.

    You wrote – “The continent needs major cultural change, for sure. But let the Africans themselves bring it about.”

    What, however, is your view on the work of the Bible Society and the SIL/ Wycliffe Bible Translators as they assist – and train – *African Christians* in such activities as translation and publication of mother-tongue scripture, often combined with literacy projects?

    Would you tell Christians elsewhere not to support agencies such as ‘The Barnabas Fund’ as they train African Christian pastors and evangelists…in particular, as they equip them to confront and withstand the massive (and exceedingly well-funded, from Arab Muslim petrodollars mostly) Muslim onslaught of jihad-and-da’wa that is now assailing pretty well every country in majority-Christian southern Africa (where, incidentally, curiously enough, FGM is either much less prevalent and, where prevalent, declining, perhaps in tandem with the steady spread of Christianity and the slow process of Christian discipleship, as the church moves from first-generation to second, third and fourth generation)?

    Would you tell Christians in the west not to support bodies such as ‘The Mothers’ Union’ (a transnational Anglican womens’ organisation that focuses on marriage and family, and which has a *huge* membership within the Anglophone Christianised regions of Africa)?