Jerusalem police close Temple Mount to non-Muslims

Kowtowing to Islamic supremacism and violent intimidation. “Police shut Temple Mount to non-Muslims,” by Haviv Rettig Gur for the Times of Israel, July 16 (thanks to Twostellas):

The Jerusalem Police closed the Temple Mount to Jewish and Christian visitors Tuesday in an effort to prevent clashes between different religious groups.

The closure order came on Tisha B”Av, a Jewish day of mourning that marks the destruction of the Jewish temples that stood on the site, which this year falls during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, when many Muslims pray at the Dome of the Rock on the site.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ze”ev Elkin attempted to enter the compound Tuesday morning, together with MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli (Jewish Home), but police prevented them from doing so.

“Security assessments were made this morning, and the decision was made by the Israel Police to close the Temple Mount to all visitors, in order to prevent disturbances,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told The Times of Israel Tuesday morning.

Thousands of Jews visited the Western Wall Tuesday in the plaza below the Temple Mount, and Muslims made a pilgrimage to the Dome of the Rock at the top of the mount.

Asked if Elkin and Moalem-Refaeli didn’t enjoy parliamentary immunity to the police decision, Rosenfeld said, “No visits whatsoever are allowed to the Temple Mount.”

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    The Jerusalem Police closed the Temple Mount to Jewish and Christian visitors Tuesday in an effort to prevent clashes between different religious groups.


    Enabling evil behavior–boy it doesn’t get any more backwards than this.

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    Visit the Temple Mount – Online

    Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount this morning found themselves facing a police barricade, as public figures – including senior government officials – joined the growing chorus of calls for an end to draconian restrictions on Jewish ascent and prayer at Judaism’s holiest site.
    But there is one way for Jews throughout the world to bypass the ban – if only virtually.

    Above excerpt:

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    Remnants of Muslim occupiers are so shameless that they try to claim their ground-zero mosque is a holy place to Islam based on a fairy tale about Muhammad supposedly flying to Jerusalem on a magic flying horse. Please take note: this of course happen “at night” when there were no witnesses (of course), Muslims originally prayed toward Islam before they established their FALSE religion.

    Jews ancient connection to Jerusalem and all of Judea and Samaria is absolutely undisputable in contrast.

    Using Muslim logic as applied toward Mecca then ALL Muslims should have no business even being in Jerusalem.

    Furthermore this religion of honor killings and fatwas of revenge has the gaul to call Jesus an “earlier” prophet of violent Islam in order attempt to give some credibility of their claim to Bethlehem.

    All Muslim should at least have the bare minimum of DECENCY to voluntarily leave Bethlehem as well rather than desecrate the name of Jesus with the mere presence of their filthy foul shameless ideology.

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    I long to see Har Habayit cleared of the foreign Muslim presence. All in good time.

    There is an irony in that Jewish law actually forbids Jews from stepping foot on the area because of its sanctity.

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    it is a very great pity that, the very day that the IDF took the Temple Mount in 1967, they did not turf out all Mohammedans right there and then, and declare that henceforward the whole of the Temple Mount would be *solely* under Jewish Israeli control, and that *Jews* would decide who was or was not permitted to be there; and that Jews and Christians who wished to visibly *pray* there would be permitted to do so.

    And they should straightway have gotten to work dismantling, stone by stone, all the Muslim buildings on the mount – which are not ‘places of worship’ but, rather, military bases/ forts/ arsenals/ magazines, and centers of hate-speech and incitement to mass murder.

    And if the Jews had said, ‘We will not permit *any Muslims* to come onto the Temple Mount henceforward, because it’s *ours* again’, and had resolutely enforced that ban, then..the Muslims would have squealed, and howled, and raged, but deep down – like any bully – they would have known they were beaten, and backed off.

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    These guys [specifically the Jerusalem Police] are on the scene and have to deal with the butchering Muslims literally hand to hand. Discretion on the scene being obviously the better part of valor.

    Why provoke butchery if it can be avoided?

    The actively participating Jews on the scene and in that area have absolutely nothing to prove to any of us outsiders.