Long Island: Would-be jihad terrorist says he met with other to discuss going overseas to kill Americans for Islam

And no one seems to be sure where those others are. “Aspiring Terrorist Says He Met With Others on Long Island to Discuss Killings: A judge has released a partial transcript of a homegrown aspiring terrorist’s guilty hearing,” by Jonathan Dienst for NBC New York, July 11:

An admitted aspiring terrorist from Long Island told authorities he met with other people locally to discuss going overseas to kill Americans, court documents show, although the teenage suspect is the only person charged so far in the investigation.

Justin Kaliebe, 18, of Babylon, said he met with others in Suffolk County to talk about helping al-Qaida terrorists in Yemen.

“I and others discussed different ways we could support such a group, such as providing money, equipment and ourselves,” Kaliebe said in a Feb. 8 guilty plea hearing that had been sealed until this week.

U.S. District Judge Arthur Spatt released a partial transcript of the hearing Wednesday afternoon after NBC 4 New York requested additional court documents in the terror case.

Several key sections of the transcript were blacked out as the judge cited ongoing national security considerations.

It is unclear if others who may have met with Kaliebe are still on Long Island or overseas.

Is anyone looking for them, or would that be “Islamophobic”?

Kaliebe was arrested at Kennedy Airport in January on material support for terror charges. The FBI said he was caught on tape by undercover agents talking about his plan to kill U.S. soldiers overseas. During the once-secret hearing, Kaliebe spoke of how he hoped to provide help to al-Qaida terrorists.

“I attempted to board a flight to the Middle East “¦ where I intended to join the group Ansar Al Sharia, which is another name for the foreign terrorist organization al-Qaida in the Arab Peninsula,” Kaliebe said. “When I was arrested I was carrying with me an iPad computer and some money which “¦ I planned on and was willing to offer it to members of Ansar Al Sharia to help their efforts.”

Kaliebe’s arrest was shocking in part because the high school senior lived with his family in a $2 million dollar home.

Why is this shocking? Because NBC New York believes in the oft-disproven claim that poverty causes terrorism.

“I was in 12th grade at the time of my arrest,” Kaliebe said, adding he did not suffer from any mental illnesses. The only drug he was taking was a testosterone supplement, AndroGel, he told the court.

News of Kaliebe’s arrest was kept secret for months as federal agents and the NYPD continued the investigation. Under his plea deal, prosecutors said he faces up to 15 years in prison on each of the two terror counts.

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    Ramadan Water Jihad

    Teachers ‘denied schoolboy, 10, water on the hottest day of the year to avoid upsetting Muslim pupils during Ramadan’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2361932/Teachers-denied-schoolboy-10-water-hottest-day-year-avoid-upsetting-Muslim-pupils-Ramadan.html#ixzz2Yv8ymvMc

    The UK is a Christian country. We have been generous allowing impoverished Muslims to come and live in the UK. If their religious scruples are such that thy cannot live in the UK, then it is best for everyone that they go where they can practice their religion without any inhibitions.

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    Muslim barrows are insecure about their manliness. This barbarian needs testosterone supplements and his wet dreams of killing innocent people in order to feel like a man.

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    The only drug he was taking was a testosterone supplement…

    Justin was high on Islam.

    Therein lies the problem.

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    The NYPD has long had an interest in converts to Islam as part of its efforts to prevent terrorists attacks, saying in a 2007 report that they are “particularly vulnerable” to radicalization and “have played a prominent role in the majority of terrorist case studies and tend to be the most zealous members of groups.”

    Around 2008, the police department stepped up efforts to monitor converts. The department began to look at people who changed their names to ones that sounded Arabic or who came to the United States from Muslim countries, according to police documents obtained by the AP. The program was supposed to be a tripwire in the search for homegrown terrorists, even though it involved monitoring behavior protected by the First Amendment.

    Court records don’t mention why Kaliebe first came to the attention of the NYPD. But former NYPD informant Shamiur Rahman told the AP in an interview last year he infiltrated a Brooklyn mosque where Kaliebe prayed and was told to watch Kaliebe and another man because they were converts to Islam.


    I don’t care if it is against the law.

    Infiltration works.

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    Islamic jihad is a psychotic illness related to Shame culture and infantile male narcissism.

    When they are confronted with Western society they are unable to cope and turn paranoid schizophrenic.

    There is no cure except perhaps shock therapy or martyrdom. Let them self-medicate on the latter!

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    In addition to killing innocent people in order to feel like a man, psychotic Jihadist Muslims also enjoy beating their wives and raping children. The ‘religion of peace’ spares nobody in their campaign of madness