Robert Spencer confronts Reza Aslan on Reddit, Aslan runs

UPDATE: I see that Reddit is a waste of time: most of my comments have now disappeared because they received so many negative votes. There’s the Left’s idea of a debate again. I won’t be going back.


Reza Aslan was dropping in at Reddit today, and Jihad Watch reader Russ alerted me to that fact, as well as to this fact that someone at Reddit had asked Aslan about my post today here.

Aslan replied with one of his signature adolescent insults, and ran.

That anyone takes this dull-witted Islamic supremacist clown seriously is just a sign of how debased and ideologically one-sided our public discourse has become.

Join the fun here.

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    You’re a steamroller. He’s a cockroach.

    That POS looks up at you, and he knows immediately what he’s up against.

    Islam: where freedom ends and slavery begins.

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    I believe my sediments to you, Mr. Spencer, can be summed up in a quote from Nikola Tesla. “Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine.” Let us hope that the future belongs to the free.

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    That man-child Reza wreaks of insecurity-which shows when he keeps re-iterating “I’m a PhD, scholar.” In that Fox News interview he was very creepy and his performance made me cringe.

    He’s far less articulate when he speaks, as opposed to his pseudo-intellectual online presence.

    Sadly we live in an age where feeble minds (made so by our crappy education system) have no ability to detect logical fallacies, so they consider ad hominem attacks, appeals to authority and popularity as acceptable arguments.

    It’s why an bubble-headed clown like Reza can pass himself off as a respected intellectual, even when he strains himself to convince others he’s educated, I think he’s trying to convince himself as well.

    Don’t let that infantile punk get away with anything Robert, especially in those TV interviews.

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    That anyone takes this dull-witted Islamic supremacist clown seriously is just a sign of how debased and ideologically one-sided our public discourse has become

    Nail Head Hit

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    Yxz guy’s such a snob defending Reza with telling Robert’s bad rep is his fault with this quote:
    “I can tell you with some certainty that the majority of their members are extremely stupid and it is disturbing how uninformed they are”
    After calling them prior:
    “They are the scum of the Earth and bring shame to the human race. They are fueled by hatred and nothing else.”
    First calling them basically racist and then just calling them stupid and yet it’s supporters have frequently through the media along with Tommy said they’re doing it because they’re scared and the media, goverment officials and politicians don’t do anything.
    Then to add insult to injury he says to Robert: “and show that you are more than the typical islamophobe.”
    How he said it implies he already has a preconcieved notion that he is an islamophobe.
    I think it’s funny he also said:
    “If you want to spread your campaign in the UK, do it by having debates with intelligent people”
    Easier said than done, specially when the UK Goverment BANS you, from trying to look or promoting for a fair debate.
    And then to explain why nobody wants to debate him is because:
    “Perhaps it’s your approach which is setting you back. To begin with, I think you could have chosen a better name for your blog, “Jihad Watch” doesn’t sound very respectable.”

    Do you even have a clue what Jihad means!?!
    Do you even know how many people still think “Jihad” is just like “Islamophobe, made up term to scare or incite hatred in people?
    This guy probably thinks the my Jihad campaign is to define internal struggle with everything you do, tell that to the terrorists bombing everyone around the world.

    And I’m sure that people like him just want to diminish the EDL member because they’re not scientists or professors just blue collared workers who’re protecting themselves when academia members in goverment fill their pockets with Terrorist money.
    And also call people “racist” because they want people to assimilate yet these other guys promote civil war and kill anyone who’s not muslim or wants to behave like one…

    My good man, do you see how upside down that is!?!

    People like him defending Reza are the reasons why we’re still having terrorists winning and killing innocent civillians…

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    Just checked the Amazon sites and US Amazon site has a battle of comments going on with supporters of Aslan, Muslims, lefties, and the ignorant majority making Aslan a religious scholar and Jesus a political revolutionary and zealot. In UK Amazon only three possible Muslim comments under Christian names praising Aslan and Islam while arguing not associate Muslims with terrorism! There are paid university students and people to tarnish any blog, book reviews, YouTube comments that criticize Islam, often under Christian names. Beware, these same people also justify Islam by quoting “peaceful” verses from Islamic scriptures to make their violent religo-political system peaceful as well.

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    “In his presentation, Aslan attempts to separate Islam’s extremist fringe from the moderate majority. It is his belief that today’s Islam is undergoing a reformation, much like the Christian and Jewish Reformations of the past. While Islamic scholars in the past have issued Fatwahs and deciphered the Koran, today the Muslim individual is deciding for his or herself how to practice Islam. Aslan also asserts that like any other reformation, the Islamic Reformation has its own share of violence and extremism, explaining the emergence of Osama Bin Laden and radical ideology of Al-Qaeda. Alsan notes that Western countries, particularly the United States, are misinterpreting this reformation as an attack on the West. Instead, these Muslim “reformers” are attacking a form hierarchal Islam from the past. ”

    Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11. Even before that it reclaimed Greece and the Iberian Peninsula as muslim territories and made it clear that they were hellbent on getting them back under muslim control. But according to Aslan, they “are attacking a form hierarchal Islam from the past”. So that’s what the 2004 Madrid Bombings were, an attack on hierarchical islam from the past. It just happened to be made on non-muslim territory and targeted people who probably wouldn’t give a rat’s ass on islam past, present or future.

    In a sane society the kind of claims Aslan makes would cause him to be laughed off the intellectual and religious circles he frequents. In a ok society his detractors would argue with him in a civilized way. But in this society he’s praised and his detractors are labeled as hate-mongering bigots right off the bat. Why? Because he’s a muslim? Is that some sort of handicap he has overcome (which he didn’t, because he’s still a muslim)? Is he being praised because, although he’s a muslim, he’s not blowing himself up to kill jews somewhere in the middle east? I just don’t get it. Why are muslims being given a different treatment? Shouldn’t we judge them by the same standards we judge christians or israeli? Isn’t assuming that muslims can’t rise up to those standards racist? And why aren’t muslims rampaging in the streets clamoring for equal treatment like they do when westerners publish cartoons or link islam with terrorism?

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    The left are unable to engage in honest debate- all they do is do is spout leftist propaganda (islam is a religion of peace, the west is bad, etc, 9/11 was carried out by the Jews, etc), and they will do anything to silence those who speak the truth

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    One thing is for sure Robert, it would be a waste of your time to have a public debate with Reza Aslan. All he would do is call you names, which would speak volumes of his shady character.

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    “Aslan replied with one of his signature adolescent insults, and ran.”-Spencer

    You are lucky he didn’t ask you for a kiss. This guy’s homoerotic doggerel saying you are not “his type” tells a lot about him. You could tell him “you are not the right gender. Good luck in finding your type Asland.”

    I have a 6th sense. There is something twisted in this Aslan and the corruption is rooted in some abnormality. He’s a gremlin type who turns a gizmo mask to the world. Something is wrong-avoid him. He’s creepy.

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    are you the same ‘Frank’ who used to post here very regularly, some years ago?

    If so, it’s nice to see you again. I always enjoyed reading your comments.