U.S. Ambassador threatens Egypt on behalf of Muslim Brotherhood

Yesterday El Fagr reported that, during their most recent phone conversation, U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson demanded that Egyptian General Sisi release all Muslim Brotherhood members currently being held for questioning: “And when Sisi rejected this order, the American ambassador began threatening him that Egypt will turn into another Syria and live through a civil war, to which Sisi responded violently: “˜Neither you nor your country can overcome Egypt and its people.–

Moreover, the day before the Salafi party withdrew from negotiations with the new Egyptian government, Al Nahar reported that Patterson had “incited them [the Nour Party, the Salafi party] to tamper with the political scene and the road map and to threaten to withdraw from political participation if Dr. Muhammad Baradei becomes elected as Prime Minister”¦”

Apparently, these are the “many forms of pressure” that Patterson earlier assured Hishan Qandil the U.S. would use to reinstate the Brotherhood.

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    Take a cross between the Taliban or Boko Haram and the Fascist movements of the 1930s, and you get a good approximation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. How do you sit at table with their ilk and draft a constitutional government protecting our human rights with good governance? You can’t. No wonder Copts are worried, as should all normal human beings in Egypt, and the whole Islamic Umma. Democratically elected MB is like a democratically elected KKK. Ask the people who fell to Nazism, been there, done that. It doesn’t work, with horrible consequences. The US doesn’t get it, should stay out.

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    General Sisi went to graduate military school in the US, and he’s friends with our top brass. It is incredible that the Administration is going out of its way to undermine him. It is in our interest to have the Army rule Egypt. Why is the Administration acting counter to our national interests?

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    U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson >>>>> So disgusting. She is a career State Dept employee. Her actions are par for the course. State Dept is always riddled with career leftists and run by them. Even when George Bush was President and his father before him.

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    If our government is protecting our enemy, whatever the reason maybe, it is our enemy. We need to change, get rid off, our government if we do not want to slave to our enemy, namely: Morsi, Muslim brotherhood, ISLAM.

    What is wrong with AMERICA? Wake up. Please!!!!

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    Okay, who is the idiot behind this? I am an
    American citizen and I DO NOT any way at all support the MBros. I want them out of our White House and out of our Country. They do not speak for me, and I do not want them using my money for jihad on me!
    There is something terribly wrong with the ambassador to Egypt and the supposed to be President of the United States siding with people whose deep desire is to kill us.

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    “…to which Sisi responded violently: “Neither you nor your country can overcome Egypt and its people.'”

    Fascinating that the General reads into the implied threat the same kind of attack on the nation (whereby the Western powers lend their weight to the same bunch of head-hackers – al qaeda etc. – they are supposedly attempting to defeat in Iraq & Afghanistan) that Syria is experiencing.

    I think that is a very revealing comment. It seems to me that he understands that the West really is behind the destabilisation of the whole Middle East just as Assad has repeatedly said.

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    I want to make sure that you know I do not support the Muslim brother hood. We want Obama out of Office. We do not support him, Most of Americans are fighting to get him removed! This American Ambassador sounds like one of Obama’s puppets, that is to do his will and not what We the people of the USA want. The more drama that this man can stir up to take the spot light off what crimes he has committed is all he cares about. In most of our eyes he is evil and is here to do the work of the devil. Please don’t think that all american’s are like this man and his puppets, We are not, we still believe in freedom , life liberty and Justice.

  8. says

    Was there a little mouse listening in on the phone conversations? Anyone can write lies as truth. Where is the proof Ambassador Paterson did any of these things but the authors say so? There will always be too many eager to accept anything that supports their belief. The lack of critical thinking and responsible journalism will bring the U.S and the world down.