Algeria opens investigation of donations to mosques used to fund jihad terror activities

Isn’t it “Islamophobic” even to suggest that mosques may have been financing jihad terror? Will there be an outcry against the Algerian Interior Ministry’s “racism” and “bigotry”?

“Terrorism: Algeria, mosque funds under investigation,” from ANSAmed, August 22 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, AUGUST 22 – Algeria’s interior ministry has opened a probe into the management of money donated to mosques over suspicions it is used for terrorist activities, Arab-language daily el-Khabar reported on Thursday. The newspaper, which publishes well-informed reports on terrorism, said authorities have strong suspicions that zakat – ritual donations which are one of the three ‘pillars’ of Islam – are used to support youths, train and arm them so they can be sent to Syria and Libya to fight as militants.

According to the first results of the investigation, whose conclusions have reportedly not been sent to magistrates yet, a number of charities collected funding to sponsor Islamic terrorism.

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    Finally someone questions the possibility of taqiyya in the ranks of the religion of peace. Something the west could never muster the courage to do. For fear they would be called bigots and haters of Islam.

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    ”Algeria can do this but the US can’t ?

    You think maybe the Algerians know something we don’t?”


    The same goes for the UK, and the rest of Europe, infested with mohammedans and their barracks.

    A wilful determination to ignore everything that islam teaches, in the name of PC/MC. And to hell with how many non-muslim citizens die.