Brotherhood again caught on tape killing supporters to frame military

We have already seen in the current chaos in Egypt how the Muslim Brotherhood kills its own supporters in order to demonize the Egyptian military and win popular support…. Now On TV has shown another obvious video clip, also taped by people from their apartment window during recent clashes in Alexandria. Around the 00:55 second mark, you”ll see a throng of Brotherhood supporters in the streets, fleeing from and shooting at the military, which is moving behind them (On TV circles some of the men shooting at the military in red circles). Then, at 1:31, at the bottom right-hand corner, one of the protesters appears randomly to shoot at his fleeing allies; because his bullet is coming from behind them, it would appear as from the military. Two seconds later, around 1:33, another man in a white cap fleeing (also bottom right-hand) can be seen shooting at a man in a pink shirt to his left. The man collapses in agony, with his shield and machete to his side… Click for videos and/or to read it all

Egypt arrests U.S. citizen, son of Muslim Brotherhood leader
Al Jazeera airs fake Brotherhood injuries and deaths
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