Robert Spencer on Sun TV on rallies against the Muslim Brotherhood

Last Thursday night, on my regular weekly appearance on Michael Coren’s The Arena on Sun TV — with Ryan Doyle filling in this week for Michael.

Egypt's new constitution may ban Muslim Brotherhood's political party
Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood calls for "Friday of Martyrs" mass protests, hardly anyone shows up
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  1. says

    I’ll say it again, even if some JW commentators are mocking my statements:

    The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are no longer in power, they have been crushed by the proud Egyptian people.
    The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will NEVER recover from this HUMILIATION.
    Soon, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran etc. will follow.
    Gaza will follow, and Hamas will be history.
    The Muslim Brotherhood in the west WILL FALL.
    This will eventually lead to the humiliation and FALL of the Obama administration itself.

  2. says

    The ideology of Islam is as strong now as ever. It’s that ideology that fuels terrorism. The Brotherhood is the command for terrorists.

    This struggle is just begining, because the Muslim Brotherhood is in every country in the world. Their purpose is to recurit sharia law and more Muslims.

    This struggle will end when the ideology of Islam ends, and not one minute sooner.