San Francisco on high alert after terror threat

Those Islamophobes never know when to quit. “San Francisco on high-alert after terror threat,” by Lilian Kim for KGO-TV, August 4:

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — The Department of Homeland Security is beefing up its presence at airports, train stations and other travel hubs in the United States in the wake of global travel warning imposed on all U.S. citizens.

Local authorities are not going into specifics but the San Francisco Police Department does acknowledge receiving a bulletin by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and DHS. The SFPD says their officers are monitoring various areas of the city and will determine if additional resources are necessary.

They say they have the ability to rapidly deploy and redeploy resources as the department deems necessary.

No specific location has been mentioned, but authorities are keeping a close eye on airports, train stations and other transportation hubs. There is also increased scrutiny of visitors coming into the United States.

These latest measures have been implemented out of an abundance of caution.

“al Qaida and the Arabian Peninsula is probably the biggest threat to the homeland. They’re the al Qaida faction that still talks about hitting the west and hitting the homeland. And their expertise is chemical explosives. Hitting the aviation sector as we saw with the underwear bomber, so we are on a high state of alert,” said Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas.

The bulletin sent by the FBI and DHS urging local law enforcement to be vigilant was classified, which reflects the sensitivity and seriousness of the situation.

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    “… The SFPD says their officers are monitoring various areas of the city and will determine if additional resources are necessary.”

    Monitoring of an unknown enemy

    (video) Robert Spencer “There is NO way to defeat the enemy when you don’t allow to call an enemy an anmey!”

    BRAVE HERO Rick Womick has read the Qur’an, ahadith Shahi & Siran (biography of Muh.) as Thomas Jefferson did, and know the ememy

    (video) State Rep. Womick (R-TN) calls for purging military of Muslim Americans

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    Well, as the NSA are trawling through all our phone calls, emails & everything else you would hope the authorities are onto any jihad plans!

    From Australia: Muslim cleric sends hate mail to relatives of dead soldiers, sentencing soon.

    And Sydney women don’t even have to travel to Tahir Square to get sexually assaulted any more. An Egyptian cleric visiting Sydney has been “sharing the love” & touching women’s breasts. His son says it is a “cultural misunderstanding”. It is the “done” thing in Egypt, don’t you know. Keep putting your foot in it Muslims, your credibility is going down all the time.

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    Less than one percent of Muslims in America successfully bringing down the nation to its knees. Forgive me, thanks to the American morons (a) those who justify and appease Muslims and (b) those who elect Hussain Obama.

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    “The biggest threat to the homeland” comes from the Obama administration, which, like the Bush administration, is in denial about the predatory nature of Islam, and the clear threat that that supremacist totalitarian ideology poses to free peoples and all of non-Muslim humanity everywhere.

    Delusional and wishful thinking, political correctness, and Leftist ideological blinders do not reflect the real nature of Jihad and Islam, which is to be made superior to other systems of belief (Koran 9:33) by whatever means necessary.

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    Since the Muslims are not checked by TSA at the airports, why do we need the TSA searches anyway? Are they just after Tea Party Terrorists? Maybe we could take that risk and save some bucks.

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    “……. FBI and DHS urging local law enforcement to be vigilant…….”
    Well that’s rich and a blatantly mixed message. No one will remember the faces of the 16 most wanted terrorists for which there was maybe still is a $25million bounty. So what are law enforcement supposed to be vigilant for???
    All Men of middle eastern appearance?
    Only the Men of middle eastern appearance behaving “suspiciously”?
    All men?
    All men and women?
    Anyone with a backpack?
    Isn’t an airline being sued by a group men of middle eastern appearance, who flight staff thought were behaving suspiciously and put them off the plane?
    The PCMC apologist government, slaves to Islamists, has really painted themselves and the citizens into a corner on this issue.
    Watch the allegations, accusations, and threats to sue over “racism” “islamophobia” “denial of liberty” etc etc, if law enforcement apprehends or causes any inconvenience, to any middle easterner who is not proved to be an operative.
    Government has muzzled the FBI on the subjects of Islam and jihad, effectively tied everyone’s hands behind their backs so to speak, and is now calling for action.
    It’ll be a sorry day when a copper in good faith and with reasonable suspicion., apprehends the wrong person as a suspect. I can hear the “victim” cries from here, and odds on, he’ll be put out of his job for being “over zealous” and it’ll be apologies to the Islamists yet again.

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    San Francisco on high alert after terror threat

    People from all over the United States”and from all over the world”love coming to San Francisco.

    San Francisco has been the number one tourist destination”or close to it”for years now.

    But Jihadists have something very different in mind than your average tourist from Kansas City or Tokyo or Berlin or Melbourne.

    They don’t see San Francisco as a beautiful, exciting, and welcoming city”they see it as a “target rich” environment full of Jews, gays, and opinionated women”as well as a target that people from all over the world”those tourists and potential tourists”would recognize and mourn.

    God, I hate Islam.

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    CGW wrote:

    Troll alert – defending Aslan on this thread…

    I replied to that vile Taqiyya artist, CGW. Thanks for the head’s up.