Egypt: Muslims take over a Christian town

And move immediately to terrorize and subjugate the Christians there. “In South Egypt, Islamists Take Over a Town,” by Hamza Hendawi for the Associated Press, September 6 (thanks to all who sent this in):

(DALGA, Egypt) “” The Coptic Orthodox priest would only talk to his visitor after hiding from the watchful eyes of the bearded Muslim outside, who sported a pistol bulging from under his robe.

So Father Yoannis moved behind a wall in the charred skeleton of an ancient monastery to describe how it was torched by Islamists and then looted when they took over this southern Egyptian town following the ouster of the country”s president.

“The fire in the monastery burned intermittently for three days. The looting continued for a week. At the end, not a wire or an electric switch is left,” Yoannis told The Associated Press. The monastery”s 1,600-year-old underground chapel was stripped of ancient icons and the ground was dug up on the belief that a treasure was buried there.

“Even the remains of ancient and revered saints were disturbed and thrown around,” he said.

A town of some 120,000 “” including 20,000 Christians “” Dalga has been outside government control since hard-line supporters of the Islamist Mohammed Morsi drove out police and occupied their station on July 3, the day Egypt’s military chief removed the president in a popularly supported coup. It was part of a wave of attacks in the southern Minya province that targeted Christians, their homes and businesses.

Since then, the radicals have imposed their grip on Dalga, twice driving off attempts by the army to send in armored personnel carriers by showering them with gunfire.

Their hold points to the power of hard-line Islamists in southern Egypt even after Morsi’s removal “” and their determination to defy the military-backed leadership that has replaced him.

With the army and police already fighting a burgeoning militant insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula, there are growing signs that a second insurgency could erupt in the south “” particularly in Minya and Assiut provinces, both Islamist strongholds and both home to Egypt’s two largest Christian communities.

The takeover of Dalga has been disastrous for the Christian community in the town, located 270 kilometers (160 miles) south of Cairo in Minya, on the edge of the Nile Valley near the cliffs that mark the start of the desert.

In the initial burst of violence, the town’s only Catholic church was ransacked and set ablaze, like the Monastery of the Virgin Mary and St. Abraam. The Anglican church was looted.

Some 40 Christian families have fled Dalga since, Yoannis said. Nearly 40 Christian-owned homes and stores have been attacked by Islamists, according to local Minya activists. Bandits from the nearby deserts joined the looting and burning, they said. To ensure the spread of fear, the attackers torched houses in all Christian neighborhoods, not just in one or two.

Among the homes torched was that of Father Angelos, an 80-year-old Orthodox priest who lives close to the monastery. Yoannis” home was spared a similar fate by his Muslim neighbors. A 60-year-old Christian who fired from his roof to ward off a mob was dragged down and killed, the activists said.

“Even if we had firearms, we would be reluctant to use them,” said Yoannis. “We cannot take a life. Firing in the air may be our limit.”

Those who remain pay armed Muslim neighbors to protect them. Yoannis said his brother paid with a cow and a water buffalo. Most Christian businesses have been closed for weeks.

Armed men can be seen in the streets, and nearly every day Islamists hold rallies at a stage outside the police station, demanding Morsi’s reinstatement.

Most Christians remain indoors as much as possible, particularly during the rallies. They say they are routinely insulted on the streets by Muslims, including children. Christian women stay home at all times, fearing harassment by the Islamists, according to multiple Christians who spoke to the AP. Most requested that their names not be published for fear of reprisals.

The Copts in Dalga live in utter humiliation,” said local rights activist Ezzat Ibrahim. “They live in horror and cannot lead normal lives.”

None of the town’s churches held Mass for a month, until Wednesday, when one was held in one of the monastery”s two churches. About 25 attended, down from the usual 500 or more.

“They don’t want to see any Christian with any power, no matter how modest,” Yoannis said of the hard-liners now running Dalga. “They only want to see us poor without money, a trade or a business to be proud of.”

This is because the Qur’an commands that Muslims make Christians live in “submission” and “feel themselves subdued” (9:29).

Like other Christians in town, he said police and authorities were helpless to intervene.

“Everyone keeps telling me that I should alert the police and the army,” he said. “As if I hadn’t done that already.”

At intervals, the 33-year-old father of three would stop talking, move carefully to the edge of a wall, stick his head out to check if someone was coming.

His big worry was the bearded Muslim at the gate, Saber Sarhan Askar.

Skinny with hawk-like hazelnut eyes, Askar is said by Dalga’s Christians to have taken part in the torching and looting of the monastery. Outside the monastery that day, Askar was telling priests he was there to protect it. But the orders he yelled to other priests left no doubt who was in charge.

“Bring us tea!” he barked at one priest. “I need something cold to drink!” he screamed at another soon after….

Dalga is the most extreme example of Islamist power in Minya “” no other towns are known to be under such extreme lockdown. But the province in general has seen a surge in Islamist violence since the coup against Morsi.

In the province, 35 churches have been attacked, including 19 completely gutted by fire. At least six Christian schools and five orphanages have been destroyed, along with five courthouses, seven police stations and six city council buildings. A museum in the city of Malawi was looted and ransacked.

On Aug. 11, policemen suspected of loyalty to Morsi stormed the provincial police headquarters in Minya city. They dragged out the province’s security chief and his top aide from their offices and ordered them both to leave the province. They did.

Minya was the epicenter of an Islamic militant insurgency against the rule of autocrat Hosni Mubarak in the 1980s and 1990s. It remains a stronghold of Islamists, including the extremist Gamaa Islamiya group. It also has the largest Christian community of any of Egypt’s 29 provinces “” at 35 percent of Minya’s 4 million people, compared to around 10 percent nationwide.

Over Egypt’s past 2 ½ years of turmoil, Islamist strength has grown. Hundreds of jailed radicals who purportedly forswore violence “” though not their hard-line ideology “” were freed after Mubarak’s 2011 fall and given the freedom to recruit. The south has seen a flood of heavy weapons smuggled across the desert from neighboring Libya.

A top Interior Ministry official in Cairo said the Minya police force suffered large-scale infiltration by pro-Morsi Islamists. The local force is now under investigation by the ministry. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the probe was still undergoing….

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  1. says

    Attn: President Obama:

    Doesn’t it look like the Morsi-Moslem Brotherhood gang in Egypt has crossed a “red line” with its unending attacks on Christians? Maybe our carriers should be off the Egyptian coast, not the Syrian one.

  2. says

    The plight of Christians around the world never matters to Obama, who shed tears at the plight of treatment of intruding Muslims in Myenmar(Burma) by Buddhist Monks. In spite of America and the west being majority Christian countries, God only have to save these Christians. Sad- no brotherhood, and feeling of belonging among Christians.

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    This is what I plan to disseminate to my Pastor/Priest, and to as many people as I can. All JW readers are free to use this and “spread the word”. This is truly the only thing that will work:

    Sept. 4, 2013

    To my dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

    I am saddened and disappointed that few among us, it seems, have noticed or have spoken out about the sufferings of our Christian brothers and sisters everywhere throughout the Muslim-dominated countries of the world: the Syrian Christians (where constant outrages against Christians, their homes, villages and churches are happening on a daily basis, and against whom Al Qaida-aligned “rebels” have sworn to exact “revenge”1); the Copts in Egypt 2,3,4; Christians in Pakistan5,6; Afghanistan; Iran7, Iraq, Turkey8; Sudan; Nigeria9,10,11; the Central African Republic12; Somalia; Libya; Kenya; the Sinai13; and in Indonesia14; not to mention the tiny island of Lampedusa (off the coast of Sicily, which is being over-run by Tunisian and Libyan “refugees”)15 – just to name a few.

    But my greatest disappointment lies with our Christian “leaders” – our Reverends, Pastors, Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, yes, even with the Roman Catholic Pope, Francis I. While they waste their time with useless “inter-faith dialogues”, our Christian brothers and sisters in the above-mentioned countries are left at the mercy of Muslims in those places. They have been subject to rapes, kidnappings, torture, forced conversions and murder. Yes, these are the new martyrs, for whom I have not heard but few voices cry out against these horrible injustices.

    Why not? Are we afraid? Afraid to be labeled “Islamophobes”, “racists”, or what have you? Are we Christ’s body on Earth or aren’t we? If God is for us, who can be against us?

    “What can we do about it?” you might ask.

    What I urgently propose is that whenever we gather in God’s houses of worship – to hear His Word, to pray, or to celebrate Mass – to close our services with a prayer to Almighty God for the conversion of Muslims to His love. I know that Jesus is working His miracles among Muslims in many lands, and has converted many. These stories of conversion fill my heart with joy at what He is able to accomplish; and you can see that same joy on the faces and in they eyes of many ex-Muslims, as well as hear it in their voices and in their testimonies. These brave individuals, knowing well that Islam prescribes death for their conversion, are unafraid to speak out – about their former lives, and the love and peace that they have now found in Jesus Christ. (You can find many of their testimonials on YouTube.)

    But if we – all of us – Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant – were to lift our voices in prayer as one, God would indeed hear our prayers. Simply because this is the sort of prayer that would please Him, for us to show true Christian love and ask Him to shower his grace upon those who have not had the joy of knowing Him.

    To those who might feel squeamish about asking our Heavenly Father for conversions, who might feel that this would be an act of religious “chauvinism”, I ask you this question: Do you truly believe Jesus Christ when He said that “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”?

    If so, then you should have no problem in helping our Muslim brothers and sisters to salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ with prayer. If not, I suggest you pray to Almighty God for Him to increase your faith, for you do not believe as a disciple of Christ.

    I implore that we, as Christians, openly and fervently say the prayer I have attached to close our worship services of Him – our Lord, our Creator and our God – for four good reasons:

    1.) To help our Christian brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering so much at the hands of Muslims.

    2.) To bring down God’s grace upon our Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world who have been deceived into following an alien “god” that seems to only want hate, suffering, human degradation and death.

    3.) To show the entire world the love, power and glory of Almighty God such that it might wake up those among us who have fallen asleep in disbelief and disillusion.

    4.) To give all honor and glory to Almighty God – where all honor, glory and power belongs anyway.

    Come, my brothers and sisters in Christ! Let us raise our voices as one in supplication for something greater than ourselves – something that would please God for a change. Let’s shake that fence where so many still seem to be sitting, shall we?

    With love, from a fellow disciple of Christ.


    A Prayer Request for Conversion of Muslims:

    Almighty, all-merciful and ever-loving God, our Heavenly Father: We love You as Your Son, Jesus, loves You; and we beseech You to soften the hearts of all Muslims, everywhere upon Your Earth.

    Let the love of Your perfect Son, Jesus Christ, lift the hate from their hearts and leave His love in its place; lift the weapons of hate from their hands and leave Your Holy Word instead.

    For the Muslims are Your children as much as we are, though they do not yet know Your love. Let Your peace be upon their hearts, in their minds and in their souls.

    Almighty Father, You for whom nothing is impossible, please grant our prayer.

    We ask this in the name of your loving and beloved Son, Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit – One God, forever and ever.




















    Testimonies: (There are more on YouTube. Check “Muslim converts to Christianity”)

    Kamal’s story:

    Al Fadi’s story:

    Afshin’s story:

    Khalil’s story:

    Jerry Rassamni’s story:

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    I wonder what Bishop Macmanus would be thinking after reading this and other reports on muslim attacks on christians
    featured here.

    If he is sober, he would surely understand the importance of having Spencer on board.

  5. says

    Now, if the fictive reality that Syria is a secular nation were true, then all those moderates would rush to rescue their Christian brothers from the Islamic “extremists.”

    But it never works that way. The so-called moderates are always more than happy to let the so-called extremists do the deed. That’s because, to the extent they hold different beliefs, they all agree on Islamic aggression.

    It’s right there in the Holy Ko-Ran and in the Hah-Deaths. The funny thing, though, is the inability of our news entertainers to look it up. For example, Charles Krauthammer and Steven Hayward are apparently 100% ignorant of the realities of the Islamic belief system, while its adherents are fully aware.

    Fight and kill the Infidels wherever you find them, take them captive, harass them, lie in wait and ambush them using every stratagem of war.
    – Holy Ko-Ran 9:5

  6. says

    The Islamists that were freed by Morsi are now wreaking havoc. That was done under the approving eye of Hillary Clinton, the dhimmi who will probably be our next president. You know, the woman who blamed Benghazi on the video and told the parent of one of the victims that the hapless Copt who made it would be severely punished for being a bad dhimmi.

  7. says

    God is not found in the darkness of the Quran
    Reveal the light
    Jesus is calling on and on
    Lily of the valley growing in the morning sun
    reveals truth.

    Muslims come out from behind the shadows of Islam.

  8. says

    Some faces (Jews and Christians) that Day, will be humiliated, downcast, scorched by the burning fire, while they are made to drink from a boiling hot spring.
    – Allah in Holy Ko-Ran 88:1

    Before we criticize, let’s remember that, by the guiding lights of Islam, the Moslem activists slaughtering Christians in Dalga are doing the right thing.

    Some respect for their beliefs, please.

  9. says

    The Christian Roman pope is being, tragically “ecumenical” in his dealings with the Muslims regarding their arson and butchery of the Egyptian Christians, among the Christians in Syria and other Christians as minorities in Muslim controlled areas.

    Our Muslim enemy is not impressed with “turning the other cheek” and uses that repeatedly as an opening for yet more butchery against us.

    We need more of the attitude of that old hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers, Marching As To War”.

  10. says

    That is the most poetic version of “turn the other cheek “I have ever heard. I appreciate the laugh. But seriously the bible is the most well maintained document in the history of the world. We have so many copies since before the printing press was invented. The dead sea scrolls do a near perfect job of validating the book of Isaiah, meaning the copy I have in my hands has not changed in 2000 years. I think only by taking it out of its historical context can you change the meaning.

    However you and Jesus the Christ both agree that the world is doomed! To me it looks like Islam is getting the job done with the help of corrupt and childlike politicians.
    I believe there will be coming a false peace and then the proverbial will hit the fan and what we see happening in a few places will be happening all over. My Lord Jesus also said he will return and put an end to it. He will rule.
    Until then pray the prayer of Eyes open.

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    ‘And to think, that one day, the technical ability of the industrial nations will allow the cancerous doctrine of Islam to travel to and infect, the inhabitable planets of the solar system……….

  12. says

    This is just the problem that Kerry, Boehner and Obama will stop. Trust them as they are smarter than us and know more about the peaceful nature of islam. Obama will protect Christians with all that he has at his command. These are just misguided muzlims, may be drunk or something.

  13. says

    Thank you for your post.
    Indeed, prayer *is* powerful. We need to pray for Christians under islamic rule. We need to pray for the conversion of Muslims as well as for our own conversion.
    We need to stop killing our unborn children.
    We need to impose free speech in order to unmask the evils of islam.
    We need to get rid of our political correctness.
    We need to realize that, sometimes, we have to bear arms and physically fight the children of darkness.
    We need to protect Muslims who are eager to leave islam.
    We need to inform ignorant Muslims about the truth of their prophet.
    We need to boycot MSM untill free speech is fully implemented.
    We need to get rid of leaders who “sleep” with the enemy.

    There’s so much to do and each of us has a role to play. So let’s get started by the prayer you mentioned in your comment.

    Thank you.