Jihadist freed from Guantanamo after convincing officials he was no longer a threat is killed waging jihad in Syria

This is no surprise. Our officials have been barred from learning anything accurate about Islam or jihad. So they have no viable way to evaluate these Guantanamo inmates. We will see yet more of this. “Terrorist released from Guantanamo Bay after convincing officials he was no longer a threat to the West is killed fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria,” by Sean Rayment for the Daily Mail, September 21 (thanks to Robert):

A former Guantanamo Bay prisoner who fought against British and US forces in Afghanistan has been killed while fighting for Al Qaeda in Syria.

Mohammed Al Alami was released from the top-security detention centre in 2006 after convincing officials that he was no longer a threat to the West.

The 37-year-old, who spent four years in custody, claimed he confessed to being a terrorist only after being beaten and threatened with death.

But it has now been revealed that he was killed last month while fighting for Al Nusra Front, one of the most violent and ruthless Islamic groups in Syria.

A video posted on YouTube last week showed a funeral in which Alami is praised by a rebel leader for enduring “˜the prison of the Americans in Guantanamo… where he did not reform or change”.

The disclosure will further fuel concerns that Britain and the United States should not become embroiled in Syria’s civil war, in which Al Qaeda-affiliated groups are playing an increasingly prominent role, with hundreds of rebel fighters reportedly defecting to them.

Western intelligence agencies including MI6 and the CIA fear that any weapons sent to bring down the regime of Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad could used to attack the West in the future.

One official said last night that, in addition to the defections, Syria had experienced a “˜massive influx” of Islamists seeking jihad in recent months.

The official added: “˜Volunteers have come from Chechnya, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Australia and even Britain.

We are now seeing in-fighting between various rebel groups and the Islamists may soon become the dominant force.”

May soon become? They already are.

Moroccan-born Alami confessed to fighting against US and British Special Forces in Afghanistan shortly after the September 11 attacks.

He was captured three months later, following the fall of the Taliban, while attempting to cross into Pakistan.

He was handed over to the CIA before being flown out of Afghanistan, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and manacled to the floor of a US transport aircraft.

During his interrogation, which is believed to have taken place at the covert CIA prison in Bagram airbase, Alami admitted being a member of Al Qaeda.

He said he attended the Al Farouq paramilitary camp in Afghanistan where he saw Osama Bin Laden, who was there “˜to encourage and reinforce the trainees” commitment to the cause of jihad”….

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    Of course he convinced Club Gitmo authorities he was cured of jihad; they never thought jihad was a problem.

    First we remove libtards and dhimmis, then we remove Muslims.

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    The official added: “Volunteers have come from Chechnya, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Australia and even Britain.

    and probably hoping to get a little of that ‘sexual jihad’ action in addition to slaughtering innocent people…

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    I cannot help but wonder how many American soldiers jihadis like Alami have killed after their release.

    The contempt that our government has for the warriors it sends into battle knows no limit.

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    He was undoubtedly inspired to join the Jihad after a beating from his Gitmo guards (causing a concussion, and brain damage) and after they threatened to revoke his library pass. He wanted to be able to finish reading the Harry Potter series after all.

    /sarc off

    The only upside of this is that we don’t have to worry about him rejoining the fight against American soldiers anymore.

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    RS wrote:

    “Our officials have been barred from learning anything accurate about Islam or jihad. So they have no viable way to evaluate these Guantanamo inmates.”

    That is simply not true.

    While it is true that moronic authorities have irresponsibly purged references to Islam from official studies and analysis of jihad and the very poorly labeled “war on terror”, they did not, and cannot prevent government employees from reading newspapers, watching television, listening to radio programs, or researching the subject via the Internet or by visits to public libraries and on their own time.

    Let’s be honest, here.

    Try as they might, attempts by their superiors to hamstring government employees from learning the truth about Islam are about as effective as those worthless “this is your brain on drugs” PSAs.

    Let’s not paint rank and file law enforcement personnel and their superiors with the same broad brush.

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    The Gitmo program is working wonders. This heroic mujahedin fighter was killed fighting on our side, using his CIA supplied weapons to oust Assad. His family will now get US veteran’s benefits, and his body will be re-entombed at Arlington.

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    I’m waiting to hear about how Maher Arar got injured while on “vacation” with his family back in his homeland of Syria.
    The Arar’s have already demanded that canada help them get a travel VIAS to “vacation” in sunny(or sunni) Saudi Arabia , home of the flogging and beheadings to gays and females.
    Arar has close ties to Nehad Awad and CAIR,i always suspected the CAIR was suppose to meet Arar at JFK airport when he tried to sneak into the USA from Tunisia on a candian Passport as a Syrian.
    Arar got stopped and denied entry, only JORDAN would take him back because his wife is a pro-hamas Palestinian Refugee that he married in canada to GET his Citizenship and globe-trot. His marriage was a Jihad taqqiyah ruse to get a Passport as a canadian and go anywhere to fight for allah .

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    I read the story in situ at the Daily Mail.

    The DM permitted Comments.

    Some of them weren’t bad.

    One (UK) commenter remarked sarcastically: “Why is this a problem? The PM wants us all to fight alongside Al Qaeda in Syria, he just got there first”

    Millie, from Exeter, observed briefly, “One less to worry about.”

    Several commenters simply stated, “Good riddance”.

    ‘Kevin’, of Blackburn, UK (a heavily Islamised area, BTW), said, “Oh what a shame , next !”

    And someone from London, UK, inquired, with obvious sarcasm, “Did they give an address for where we can send wreaths?”

    British humour is, despite everything, alive and well. And a significant percentage of DM readers – to judge from comments I have read to other Islam-related articles, from time to time – appear to be about as Islamosavvy as jihadwatchers.