Kenya: British Muslim arrested in Nairobi after jihad mass murder at mall

Good thing Britain bans foes of jihad from entering the country, eh?

“Briton arrested after Nairobi mall attack: UK,” from AFP, September 25 (thanks to Lookmann):

London (AFP) – A British national has been arrested in Nairobi following the bloody attack on a shopping mall by armed Islamists, a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said on Wednesday.

“We can confirm the detention of a British national in Nairobi and we are making contact to offer standard consular assistance,” she told AFP.

The spokeswoman declined to say whether the arrest was directly linked to the attack on the Westgate mall in which 67 people were killed.

The Foreign Office also declined to say if the person detained was a man or a woman.

Kenyan Foreign Minister Amina Mohamed said on Monday that a British woman was among the attackers, although this contradicted earlier statements from Kenyan officials who said they were all male.

The British Foreign Office spokeswoman said: “We are aware of these reports that a British national was among the terrorists and we’re looking into them, but we are not going to speculate on that.”

British newspapers have speculated that Samantha Lewthwaite, a 29-year-old British Muslim convert known as the “White Widow”, was involved in the attack.

Lewthwaite, whose husband was one of the suicide bombers who attacked London’s transport network in 2005, is wanted by Kenyan police for alleged involvement with Al-Shebab, the Al-Qaeda-linked Somali group which claimed responsibility for the Nairobi attack.

British intelligence chiefs have warned for some time about British Muslims travelling to Somalia and Yemen for terrorist training.

Jermaine Grant, a 30-year-old Muslim convert from London, is currently on trial in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa accused of ties to the Shebab and plotting attacks.

Grant was arrested in December 2011 in possession of chemicals, batteries and switches that prosecutors claim were intended to make explosives. It is suspected that he worked with Lewthwaite.

One of the two men facing trial for the brutal murder of a British soldier in London in May, Michael Adebolajo, was also arrested in Kenya three years ago but not charged….

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    Spencer is right in predicting that the man was a muslim.

    ‘A British-Somali man,identified as Adbulrazak Sharif Ahmed, was arrested as he tried to catch a flight to Turkey at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

    According to the police, he had bruises on his face and was acting weird, this attracted the attention of the officers around and led to his arrest.’

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    “Briton held by mall massacre police: Suspected jihadist is arrested at Nairobi airport trying to board a Turkish plane out of the country.
    “Man, 35, detained at passport control in Jomo Kenyatta airport on Monday.
    “Briton believed to be of Somali origin and was allegedly acting suspiciously.
    “Kenyan detectives also investigating whether terrorists slipped out of mall.
    “Probing if Al Shabaab members switched clothes with those of hostages.”

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    And what programs do mosques in UK use to convince young people not to go on jihad?

    The Koran? Oh, I forgot the Koran teaches young people that they are COWARDS and MENTALLY ILL if they do not go on jihad?

    Right, the Koran teaches…”jihad = good”, but “no-jihad = bad”

    So…’Good’ Muslims are jihadists.


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    Why would you trust anything Amina Mohamad says?

    This inch she has for blaming Brits just has to be scratched. A SOMALI was arrested. End of story. He conned HM gov into giving him a British passport.

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    This creature is a British-passport-carrying ethnic-Somali Muslim.

    Meanwhile, Samantha Lewthwaite is a British-passport-carrying ethnic-English Muslim.

    In both cases, the decisive factor in what they are likely to do – the thing that now defines them above all else – is their membership in the Mohammedan Mob, their allegiance to the Ummah, or Empire of Islam.

    Both require to be stripped of their citizenship status in an Infidel state to which they give no final loyalty; let them remain henceforward within the lands already ruined by Islam.