Muslim Brotherhood supporter Mohamed Elibiary gets promotion on Homeland Security Advisory Council


There have been questions about Mohamed Elibiary”s true allegiances for years. He was one of the speakers at a December 2004 conference in Dallas titled “A Tribute to the Great Islamic Visionary.” The visionary in question was none other than the founding father of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Ayatollah Khomeini.

When I questioned him about his appearance at such a conference, Elibiary claimed that he hadn’t known what kind of conference it was going to be, although he didn’t explain why he went ahead and appeared there anyway once he found out. Among those who found this explanation wanting was journalist Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News, whose skepticism angered Elibiary. The great moderate subsequently threatened Dreher, telling him: “Expect someone to put a banana in your exhaust pipe.”

Yet despite all this, Elibiary still got his appointment to the DHS Advisory Council, and has now been promoted. Mohamed Elibiary has risen as far as he has without ever being properly vetted because government and law enforcement officials, and the media, are so avid to find a moderate Muslim who will stand against Islamic jihad terrorism that they will accept virtually anyone’s claim to be just that, no questions asked.

Thanks to Michael Dostewitz at BizPac Review.

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  1. says

    I hope one day everyone involved in conspiring against the West, those who promoted, supported, lied for our enemy get their just desserts.

    It may take a long time but the traitors need to be weeded out and replaced. I never imagined things would get this bad where you’d have the enemy being so deeply infiltrated in our highest offices.

    I thought perhaps after 9/11 every muslim would be treated with suspicion and contempt and kept out of important government positions, instead the exact opposite has happened. We’re going to need a few Winston Churchill types to clean up this mess.

  2. says

    Supporter of MB, supporter of Khomeini?

    A jihadist in the White House!

    Why is Obama bringing a self-declared jihadist into the White House?

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    And where are the Americans? Instead of making the Secretary and the DHS Advisory Council understand they made a very bad mistake and making a mockery of the security council and risking the national security itself, they are preferring to let it pass as usual…Filling the key security positions with Muslims! If politicians and the government feel it’s okay to favour Muslims then it’s YOUR fault! Ever heard, the only thing needed for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing…

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    Dear Americans
    As an Iraqi in exile (mother tongue Arabic; Google alrassooli) who has studied the subjects of Quran, Islam & Arabs for over thirty years, I BLAME only the American people who elected (freely) these treasonous leaders

    Robert Spencer & his Jihad Watch has been telling you the FACTS for years, but most of you are not willing to accept them because you have already been indoctrinated into believing that the most vile CULT Belief System (Islam) in human history is peaceful and tolerant when your eyes observe their wanton destruction of every good thing all over the world; their intolerance; their daily mass murder (not only Kuffar/ Infidels but also each others’ sects)

    Americans can rectify their error by using their freedom to demonstrate in the hundreds of thousands and even millions against such wanton acts of treachery

    Americans can e mail their objections, anger and disgust to their Media, elected politicians etc with the threat that they the PEOPLE would vote any and all dhimmi politicians, judges, heads of schools etc OUT!

    Americans must NOT leave their rights and freedoms in the hands of extremely corrupt and subservient media and academia

    As an outsider looking in, your enemies are already WITHIN the GATES!

    Your political leaders are the Trojan Horses whether they are called Obama, Hillary, Kerry, McCain or others.

    If you do NOT rise up NOW, you will be criminally guilty of bequeathing the Dark Ages for your children and future generations!

    IQ al Rassooli
    Kafir & Proud!

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    Thank you al Rassoli.
    I came back to live in the USA 3 years ago, from Belgium. I can assure you that the Muslims are very demanding there. Brussels is now 30% Muslim and the all country 8%. When i came back here, in a suburb of Detroit of all places, I could not believe my eyes. If you think Dearborn is bad Amtramack, an old Polish and Christian neighborhoud is now Muslim. i went there to see and i saw. The people who live there are,mostly from Yemen, Bosnia and Pend jab.They take churches and transform them into mosques. i went to one of the mosques(two on a one small street, and listened , on the women side, to the director of CAIR Michigan talking about islamophobia and indoctrinating the people. Awful.
    This is a bad and sad situation and if Americans do not fight back this situation their grand children will inherit this problem. They will become easy targets for dhimmitude because they are been brainwashed in the public school. When i try to talk to people around me they do not want to listen.

  6. says

    Islam spends 100’s of millions of dollars in U.S. public schools for certain books, that are printed to support Islams ideology and message, trying to convince the west that Islam is the religion of peace.

    I doubt if they will suddenly start admiting the truth. Why should they be stupid enough t o be honest? Deception (taqiyya) has worked very well for Islam and has opened a lot of doors for them. After all isn’t that being stealth, the element of deception/supprise significant to this entire jihad I mean campaign? lol

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    “I thought perhaps after 9/11 every muslim would be treated with suspicion and contempt and kept out of important government positions, instead the exact opposite has happened.”

    Yes, I’ve noticed that for many years. They attack our country, mass-murder 3000 Americans with their vile Kill ideology and what do we do? Why, we kowtow and toady and fawn all over them! Yes, I’ve noticed this insanity for many years.

    The best thing that ever happened to Muslims was 9/11. What has happened to our country??

  8. says

    Thank you for your comments, Rassooli.

    Sometimes I wonder if the conquests of the Muslims were actually a result of the unwillingness of their potential victims to stand up to them, rather than their military skills.

    At this point, we’re importing massive numbers of Muslims. Every intervention we make produces Muslims on the losing side allied with us. So, we feel an obligation to import them into our country, although they share the very same goals of implementing sharia.

    Of course, we also have the benefits of ex-Muslims like yourself. It’s a shame we can’t implement emigration policies based on the actual commitment of the immigrant to a free and liberal society.

  9. says

    Rassooli wrote:

    Dear Americans
    As an Iraqi in exile (mother tongue Arabic; Google alrassooli) who has studied the subjects of Quran, Islam & Arabs for over thirty years, I BLAME only the American people who elected (freely) these treasonous leaders…

    This particular bit of suicidal insanity can indeed be laid at the feet of America’s “leaders””but, really, there is not a single country in the West that isn’t hamstrung with “political correctness” and deadly denial over the threat of Islam.

    Robert Spencer”and the other Anti-Jihadists here”*are* trying to get the word out.

    What is your background, Rassooli? Are you an Iraqi Christian, or an apostate from Islam? I’m sure readers here would be interested in your story.

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    Infiltration, subversion and ambush have been the Ummah’s *prime* modus operandi since forever. They use full frontal mob assault only when they think they are *sure* of victory and that the target is sufficiently weakened/ demoralised.

    There is a very good *reason* why the Veil, the Cloak, the Mask, just as much as or more than the Sword, are symbols of Islam.