Obama puts Syrian strike on hold, jihadists “disappointed”

Apparently he has decided that he cannot do this completely alone, and so now is going to try to drum up support for aiding the jihadists in Syria. “Obama puts Syria strike on hold, opposition ‘disappointed,'” from AFP, September 1:

Syria’s opposition expressed disappointment Sunday that President Barack Obama had put on hold military action against the Damascus regime, but said it was confident US lawmakers would green-light a strike.

To general surprise, the US leader on Saturday broke with decades of precedent to announce that he would seek approval from Congress for action against Syria’s alleged use of chemical weapons.

Why is AFP lying about this? The Iraq War Resolution was passed by Congress in October 2002.

This effectively pushed military action back until at least September 9, when US lawmakers return from their summer recess.

Obama insisted that he reserves the right to strike regardless of Congress’s decision, and a White House official said the pause would also allow him time to build international support.

“We had a feeling of disappointment. We were expecting things to be quicker, that a strike would be imminent… But we believe Congress will approve a strike,” said Samir Nashar, a top official at the Syrian National Coalition.

Nashar said the coalition was confident that Arab foreign ministers who meet Sunday in Cairo would give “very strong support” to US-led military action.

“The coalition will get in touch with Arab countries and Turkey so that they cooperate as much as possible with the United States,” he said.

“We will try to push these countries to take part in the military operation, which will greatly alleviate the suffering of Syrians.”

Obama travels to Russia next week for a G20 Summit that will now be overshadowed by the crisis.

Officials said Obama would lobby world powers on the sidelines of the St Petersburg summit, while at home the White House was reaching out to lawmakers.

But the toughest battle, and perhaps the most dangerous for Obama’s credibility, may yet be with his own former colleagues in Congress, where support for strikes is far from assured.

Obama’s Democrats control the Senate but the House of Representatives is in the hands of his Republican foes and both sides are divided on the issue, making the outcome uncertain.

Indeed, observers warned that Obama faces the same fate as Prime Minister David Cameron, who on Thursday lost his own vote on authorising military action in the British parliament.

“The chairman of the joint chiefs has informed me that we are prepared to strike whenever we choose,” Obama warned during an address in the White House Rose Garden.

“Our capacity to execute this mission is not time-sensitive. It will be effective tomorrow or next week or one month from now.”…

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    Another week to manufacture more credible evidence against assad? Time to hire some 3rd rate MB actors from egypt for some gas attack scenes?

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    “‘But we believe Congress will approve a strike,’ said Samir Nashar, a top official at the Syrian National Coalition.”

    That means he expects the Saudis to bump up the bribes enough to bring Congress into line.

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    ‘Don’t care how often you cross the red line in using WMDs and gassing thousands. Unless Congress votes to punish you and share in the consequences I’ll continue doing nothing. And if it votes to strike your regime you’ll not suffer the fate of Saddam. I don’t want the responsibility of Al Qaida replacing you-who’s being defeated and on the run.’


    ‘Give up your struggle against Assad and stop dying in vain. Surrender to his mass murdering regime whatever the cost. Though I have the power, authority and moral right to destroy Assad I’m not going to do it. You’re on your own.’


    ‘My predecessor made you stronger by toppling Saddam. Now I’m going to outdo him by ensuring your victory in Syria against the rebel forces we back-so you can turn the Shia Cresent into a Shia Full Moon and replace the Pax Americana in the region with a nuclear Pax Iranica.’


    ‘You’re weary of war and so am I. And I’m not going to start another war even if that means the triumph of evil, the further erosion of American credibility and power, and making the world a more dangerous place for freedom.’


    ‘America’s in a state of necessary economic, military and geopolitical decline; and they’ll be no consequences to challenging our power and trying to replace us as the world’s only superpower….not while I’m president or anyone like me who believes the world is better off with a weaker America.’

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    From German-Turkish News:

    Open Revolt by the Military

    U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama took a huge blow today when the military leadership revolted against the war expedition to Syria.

    The soldiers could not see any strategy of the President – and expressed grave concerns against the action. Never before has a president been openly refused by the soldiers in America.

    The surprising recall by U.S. President Barack Obama of his plans against Syria is apparently due to a massive mutiny in the U.S. Army.

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    Well, Obozo has gotten himself into a real pickle here. He has deferred to Congress, and should he NOT get authorization, he looks like the fool that he is, by having to back off from his now-infamous “red-line” comments.

    If he DOES get authorization from Congress, he looks like the fool that he is, by previously stating (through his stooges Kerry and Carney) that he didn’t need congressional approval, which he most assuredly does for a blatant act of war.

    If he goes in, despite any refusal from Congress, he stands the very real chance of being impeached.

    All the way around, this is not a happy time in the White House. He’s backed himself into a corner and he knows it.

    And how did he manage that? By shooting off his big, fat, incompetent, blustering, idiotic mouth in ad lib remarks.

    Soetoro ain’t no jazz musician.

    He doesn’t have the chops or the imagination.

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    I’d rather have an embarrassed president than the beginning of an open hot jihad, that would go down through the ages as being perpetrated by us.

    Hot Jihad’s coming soon enough – make sure everyone knows they started it.

    And Obama’s’ display of pitiful weakness (and therefore Americas’) on the world stage, many present just too enticing a target for our, lusting for blood, Muslim friends.

    Get the popcorn.

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    I don’t know if Assad is responsible or not for the deaths of Syrians by poison gas on August 21, but I have a question for those who think he did order the attack. Just what could possibly be seen as the military value of such an attack? Why would that particular neighborhood of Damascus be targeted; why those particular people living there including so many children? What could he have seen as the potential strategic advantage to be gained from the whole thing that would be worth taking the risk of turning the rest of the world against him? I haven’t been able to find much of a discussion about that. If we never get an admission of guilt from Assad, I think students of history may wonder about this in the future. Can anybody clue me in?

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    On this I am with Obama. He does not know what to do (he never does) and he is doing nothing. That is OKAY as you do not go to war with Obama as President. Let him play golf until he is gone. Don’t force this idiot to do anything as whatever he does will not and can not benefit USA as his concern is never America but his arrogant self and his muslim buddies. Let him go talk about student loans at the universities or some other BS.

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    This is not surprising. Obama is a perfect example of: a) when people vote for a candidate based on race; and b) when an amateur is elected. He’s an utter failure.

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    “April 1988: Sarin was used four times against Iranian soldiers in April 1988 at the end of the Iran–Iraq War, helping Iraqi forces to retake control of the al-Faw Peninsula during the Second Battle of al-Faw. Using satellite imagery, the United States assisted Iraqi forces in locating the position of the Iranian troops during those attacks.[25]”


    “Syria warns any US military action over the alleged use of chemical weapons would amount to “support of al-Qaeda and its affiliates”.”


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    What have the Turks and the Germans been smoking?

    “‘The chairman of the joint chiefs has informed me that we are prepared to strike whenever we choose,’ Obama warned….”

    Doesn’t sound like mutiny to me.

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    “Though I have the power, authority and moral right to destroy Assad I’m not going to do it. ”

    He may have the power, but he has none of the other two qualifications, if we discount exhortations from al-Qaida and its affiliates, such as yourself.

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    Bad students of history they’d be. What’s there to wonder about? Things (western position on Russia) haven’t changed since 1829…

    As to “who done it”, there seems to be an “a priori” official position – If chemicals have been deployed, it had to be Assad. The waiting now is only for confirmation of their usage, the perpetrator is already designated. No one has asked Obama if he’d stop all help to the rebels, if they were to blame.
    It is a fact that Libyan rebels had taken over Khaddafi’s weapons stores. That was the source of arms for islamic rebels in Mali, and is one of the sources for Syrian rebels. So, the chemical weapons could have come to the Damascus theater from Libya, or Syria, where stores of chemical weapons had been overrun by rebels, and it is not known if those weapons were still there at the time.
    Lastly, credible sources on the ground, people in the afflicted area, blame the rebels. Apparently, the gassing was a workplace accident caused by untrained personnel, the local rebels, who were entrusted by foreign fighters to handle them without knowing what they were. That version seems quite likely to me. But why on earth would Obama’s administration want to meddle in a matter of Workplace Violence in a foreign country?