1. A Muslim woman was recently allowed to give testimony in a British courtroom wearing a face VEIL.

    The British legal system (up to this point)is apparently also willing to allow Islam to cover itself in a VEIL.

  2. British officials are Reasonable, Honorable and intelligent only when they are not intoxicated by the opium of coexist theory appeasement.

    Muslims are Reasonable, Honorable, and Intelligent only when they are no longer Muslims intoxicated by the opium Islamic vanity.

    Muslims tried to feed their spiritual emptiness by demanding more and more accommodations and appeasement instead of facing the true cause of their vain addiction.
    MORE, MORE, MORE won’t bring them any relief from their spiritual thief.

    The British officials and British Muslims are both long over due for a truth intervention.

    It is time to open the doors to the uncomfortable truths about Islam.

  3. Let all British defenders of freedom take one step forward.

    Let all sons and daughters of Churchill and Rumpole of the Bailey, stand up!

    Now is the time for you to defend British free speech.

    Churchill’s party needs a good thrashing.

    They are behaving like the BONELESS WONDER!

  4. Two lawyers for Geller and Spencer are of Indian heritage, one a Sikh. The Indians have been mercilessly treated by Islam for 1200 years, the Sikhs for 300 years.

    Hindus and Sikhs have reason to deplore the importation of Islamic persecution to Britain so that Christians, Hindus, Sikhs and those of no religion may suffer from normative persecution and supremacism of Islam.

    Sharia law should never have been recognized in Britain. It is inherently discriminatory and therefore has no place in a modern society.

  5. The British Government hastily imposed a far-reaching ban of entry on two interesting American writers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer.

    This British Government is acting partially in favour of what it perceives to be some Muslim sensibilities, and concomitantly banning freedom of expression.

    It does not seem to be merely coincidental that this U.K Government banning action is politically in alignment with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation(OIC)*, and OIC global campaign to ban all criticism of Islam.

    * The British Government is represented at the OIC by British Minister for Faith and Communities, Baroness Warsi.

  6. Many Britains are largely ignorant or in a politically correct torpor when it comes to the threat Islam poses.

    The sooner Pamela and Robert spread the light of truth the better.

  7. I was a member of Gray’s Inn, Inns of Court in the late 60s. That is where they train barristers .
    I could see the Islamatization taking place back then !

  8. I donated via paypal as I missed the cutoff date for your other fund raising appeal, and will do so again asap. I am still running on a diminishing level of fumes, but should have things in a much better state within a month or two…..

    Life, never ceases to be a challenge. Until islam (RTC). Then it ceases to be worth living.

  9. ”A Muslim woman was recently allowed to give testimony in a British courtroom wearing a face VEIL”

    Do you have a link for this, Jay Boo ?

    I’ve googled, but I can’t find anything.

  10. well, if the old burqa bat can “intimidate” the court into giving in to her,and keeping her face covered, obviously she is likely GUILTY of “witness intimidation”.

  11. You hang in their WC. I’ve thought about you and your heart issues a couple of times and sent a couple of prayers. You’ll get that ambulance ride paid off – I am sure – and things will improve for you. Hang in there. Your voice here is important.



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