Pamela Geller closing remarks at 9/11 AFDI Press Conference at Ground Zero, 9/11/13

Robert Spencer at AFDI 9/11 Press Conference at Ground Zero, 9/11/13
Nelly Braginsky and Pamela Geller at the AFDI 9/11 Press Conference at Ground Zero, 9/11/13
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  1. says

    How about that million Muslim march held in D.C. , looks like about 200 people showed up and sure enough…..there was a 9/11 Truther booth selling books and DVD’s while Chris Phillips opined on how he does not believe that 19 muslims were behind the 4 hijacked planes.
    Right Chris, and the moon landing was a hoax.

  2. says

    Pam, Keep up the good work. Your words are sinking into the American dialog. People are slowly beginning to get it. Great statement…”I expect the “moderate” (better term reformed) Muslims to stand with me! As they should.

  3. says

    it’s something like stockholm syndrome or battered wife syndrome…the trying to make it seem as if the bad guys are actually not so bad, darn nice guys, really, let’s invite them home to meet Mother even.