Philippines: Christian city in lockdown as military pursues Islamic jihadists

No one will take much note of this. People expect it, even as they mouth the fashionable moral equivalence arguments. If this were a Christian group forcing a Muslim city into lockdown, it would be international front-page news; but this story, on the other hand, is just one of a great many. Yet people will still insist that Christianity and Islam are equally likely to inspire violence in their adherents.

More on this story. “Christian city in lockdown, as Philippine forces pursue Muslim rebels,” by Cheryl K. Chumley for The Washington Times, September 10 (thanks to Twostellas):

Security forces in Zamboanga City, a large predominantly Christian port city in the Philippines, kept the community in lockdown mode on Tuesday while they pursued a Muslim rebel group accused of launching an air-and-sea strike against the region the previous day.

Clashes continued Tuesday, and another two city residents were reportedly injured, USA Today reported.

Beng Climaco, the mayor of the community, said in a Facebook post that she was going to allow some grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies “” the ones farthest from the area of fighting “” to reopen for a time in the afternoon to let residents stock up on emergency supplies.

But ferry travel remains closed and so schools, airport services and most places of work, USA Today reported.

The city sits in the southwest corner of the Philippines and is one of the largest communities.

The city sent out a Twitter to residents: “Keep safe by staying in your homes, limit movements outside.”

Four residents were killed and 14 injured in Monday clashes with the Muslim rebel group, Moro National Liberation Front. On Tuesday, a couple of more were injured by gunfire.

The Muslim group is still believed to be holding 170 hostages from the city, a largely Christian community that’s nestled among a sea of Muslim villages.

Philippines: 67,000 people driven from their homes as Army battles Islamic jihadists in Zamboanga
Philippines: 6 killed, 24 wounded as Muslim group seizes control of four villages
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  1. says

    “Keep safe by staying in your homes, limit movements outside.”

    Coming soon to the USA!

    Welcome more jihadist immigrants! Vote for your local dhimmi politician!

    Tomorrow’s Muslim invasion of Washington is a death threat to all Americans disguised as victimhood. The real victims are the Americans.

  2. says

    “…a largely Christian community that’s nestled among a sea of Muslim villages.”

    “nestled” is the wrong verb here because is implies being safe and comfortable. NOT. And I also doubt if anything can “nestle” among a sea, even if it’s friendly. And even if it could, it wouldn’t nestle “among” one sea. Among needs three or more.

  3. says

    so sad the no one noticed this in any international news, robert is right, if this is the other way around im sure protest and burning of embassy all over the world are now happening

  4. says

    Uhhh, I think you need to re-read.

    It says: “Nestled among a sea of Muslim VILLAGES.”

    That is, there are a whole bunch of little villages, one of which is “nestled” within that sea of villages – not, “nestled” among a sea, as in water.


    Grammar Nazi Wong