Report: Putin to travel to Iran for nuclear strategy talks

Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful. This yet again shows that to be false. Now that Obama has been proven before the world to be weak and incompetent, the Iranians, with help from the sly Putin, are ramping up their nuclear efforts. “Report: Putin to travel to Iran for nuclear strategy talks,” by Reza Kahlili for the Daily Caller, September 14:

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted Iran’s invitation to visit Tehran to work out a strategy for the Islamic regime’s nuclear program, Fars News Agency reported Saturday. The West believes the Iranian program is a front for developing nuclear weapons.

Putin, seen by Iran’s clerical establishment as a strong opponent to America and the West “” especially after his successful political play on averting a U.S. missile strike on Syria “” was approached by Iran to protect the Islamic regime in the face of continued pressure by the West over its illicit nuclear program. Russia and the U.S. reached agreement Saturday to take control of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal by mid-2014.

Fars, the media outlet run by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, said Putin will soon travel to Tehran, although details of the trip have yet to be announced. Fars said Iranian President Hassan Rowhani issued the invitation to Putin on Friday while both leaders were attending the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the Russian president accepted.

“Russia could possibly take new steps in solving the Iranian nuclear dossier,” Rowhani said. “The Russian initiative in relation to the Syrian chemical weapons and the steps taken by the Syrian officials provide this hope that a new war can be averted in the region.”

“Russia looks at Iran like a good neighbor,” Putin was quoted as saying. “I am very happy meeting the new Iranian president and personally congratulate him for his [recent presidential] victory. “¦ We are aware of the opinions on the world’s stage in relation with Iran’s nuclear program; however, we have to also consider that Iran is our neighbor, a good neighbor.”

There were conflicting reports last week that Russia might increase its arms sales to Iran should Syria be attacked, including the delivery of its sophisticated surface-to-air missile system, the S300.

The Russian newspaper Kommersant had reported that Putin had decided to deliver five battalions of the S300s should Iran withdraw its claim of $4 billion in damages due to a breach of an original contract by Russia signed in 2007 worth $800 million.

In September 2010, then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, under pressure by America and the West, signed a decree that banned the delivery of the S300 systems to the Islamic Republic. Iranian leaders, infuriated by this action, then filed a complaint against Russia’s arms export company, Rosoboronexport, with the International Court in Geneva.

Both Russia and Iran have strongly supported Syria’s Bashar Assad, with Iranian leaders warning that any intervention in Syria would cross a red line.

Meanwhile on Saturday, the leader of Iran’s proxy militia group in Iraq, Al-Mukhtar, warned that if America at any time attacks Syria, its forces would attack the oilfields of Saudi Arabia, thereby cutting off the “economic jugular” of the West.

“America’s attack on Syria will be the end of Saudi Arabia because the Saudi leaders promote the Syrian attack,” Wathiq al-Battat said, according to Keyhan newspaper, which is directly supervised by Iran’s supreme leader….

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  1. says

    Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful in the same way the US nuclear program was peaceful during the Cold War: Iran has been threatened with war many times by the US and Israil, if they get the nukes there will be peace because the US and Israil will not dare to attack a country armed with nuclear weapons. We already see this with North Korea, they bully Syria and Assad because he might have some improvised chemical weapons, while they fully ignore North Korea with its nuclear warheads.

  2. says

    if iran acquires nukes, these nukes would pointed at saudi arabia first, then qatar followed by other sunni states in the region.

    Of course, there is always the customary target, Israel. However, unlike those sunni states, Israel can completely destroy iran.

  3. says

    Americans voted for weak government, not by mistake but for two consecutive terms. The world wants a strong horse. Should it be good or evil, they found it in Putin.

  4. says

    Who is Obama blaming now for all this mess in middle east? What a fool when we need a strong leader like Reagan. However, I am still happy we are not going to any war with Obama as Chief of Armed Forces. What a joke!

  5. says

    Russia is in greater danger by the islamofascists,compered with USA. Probably Putin is choosing an inevitable ally in Iran,since Iran and the shia muslims are lesser evil and less numerous and powerfull than the Sunni muslims. Not mentioning that the russian Muslims,who are separatists are all Sunni muslims and backed by Saudi Arabia. I believe that playing on Iran card is a good choice,since even if it is an islamic country,there is a great chance the Islam to be kicked off right there,in Iran. It was a secular society with the Shah and the leftist were populat. Except that,a Persian would very much make a distinction between him self,his ancient culture and an Arab, a primitive conqurer. This is just a thought,but we shall see.

  6. says

    Report: Putin to travel to Iran for nuclear strategy talks

    Yes. Despite Putin being quite correct in advising that the US not get involved in backing the Jihadist rebels in Syria, it would do us well to remember that he is allied with Iran, and inconsistent”*at best*”in standing against Jihad himself.

  7. says


    Looks like our latest mohammedan would-be dementor (but actually, just a wretched boggart, just like Rezali Mehil, and best dealt with by a good dose of Riddikulus!) is another Shiite.

    I am so glad that our friendly resident apostate ‘miriam rove’ – a *true* son of Persia, who has reclaimed his ancestral *non-Muslim* heritage, reclaimed the use of his brain cells, and is a proud American whose non-Muslim son and non-Muslim grandchildren will be an asset to the USA – is here to tell the hissing boggarts exactly where to go and what to do.

    One day I hope that – maybe in his grand old age – our friend ‘miriam rove’ may see emigre Iranians all over the West publicly renouncing and denouncing Islam as he himself has done, and joyfully investigating and reclaiming the best of NON-ISLAMIC Persian culture and history; that he will see beautiful women of iranian ancestry stripping off the hijab/ burqa/ chador all over the western world and piling the horrid rags in heaps and setting fire to them, and stripping off Islam at the same time; and that he may also see an unstoppable acceleration of the abandonment of Islam in Iran itself, whether to Christianity or to the old Zoroastrian faith or to the Western path of pure reason.

  8. says

    if they get the nukes there will be peace because the US and Israil will not dare to attack a country armed with nuclear weapons.

    Well then, lasting peace on Earth can be achieved if all countries have nukes. What a great idea, nukes for everyone. What could possibly go wrong?

  9. says

    You say that ‘…Iran has been threatened with war many times by the US and Israil,…’

    Iran has been threatened because Iran’s government has publicly stated that America is satanic, and that Israel should be wiped off the face of the Earth.

    You’re a clown!

  10. says

    “PeacefulMuslim” wrote:

    Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful in the same way the US nuclear program was peaceful during the Cold War: Iran has been threatened with war many times by the US and Israil (sic), if they get the nukes there will be peace…

    What absolute crap. Iran has been increasingly threatening to *wipe Israel off the map*. The idea that the brutal Islamic Republic of Iran is only interested in peace is simply laughable.

    And “PeacefulMuslim” seems to have jumped script, in any case”doesn’t he recall that Iran is currently claiming that they have no interest in nuclear weapons *at all*, and that their nuclear program is all about energy development?

  11. says

    peecefall muzlame

    The Iranian regime is an abomination of delusional lunatics.

    1. They shamelessly deny the holocaust saying it did not exist.

    2. They shamelessly insist that Muhammad really was a prophet and despite his proven evil, they claim his honor does yet exists.

    Filthy disgusting liars just like Satan’s Serpent MO

  12. says

    Peaceful Muslim,

    Salaam to my brother/sister….

    We all know that Iran’s program is peaceful and not so peacful and it is OK to say this; for this is the same as the US…whose weapons are held for the same strategy…Ask senators John Kerry and McCain…they will acknowledge it in a second.

    No one can say that the US is a peacful nation..the hardliners are all for war…only some lefty American opinion holds them back.

    Putin was their hero last week …he stopped American bombs hitting Syria.

    This week he is their enemy because he is visting Iran…

    It is not that Putin is leader of the “free” world… far from it …it is that Putin is now responsible for American foreign policy.

    America has lost credibility, political credibility…on it’s way to bankrupcy and via Obhama has no idea n how to recover the situation(s) in hand.

    For example…why has Obhama not flown to Iran for talks..he could have done that!

    It would not surprise me at all now …if American and Iranin heads are bashed together for negotiation as a result of Putin’s visit.

    I have to admit a grudging respect for some of the postees here who recogise that all is lost for them (e.g. Jan) …these will be the 1st people who will see Islam in a different light and will want to read up on the teaching of the 1st Imam Ali RA and then turn toward our glorious Koran.

    There are other Miriam ..who has nothing to contribute …nada…zilch, zero.

    Buraq…for his non ending love for clowns and …

    Gravenimage whose frustration leads to overspill. I think the best medicine for her is to spend an hour or with a baby which will help calm her down (hmmmm…I wonder if she can hire one in America for a couple of hours at a time?).

    These people will take longer to see the light…but I have faith …complete faith that if Jan can ask help from Allah SWT so can these people.

    Please make sure that you stay and continue to verbally joust …. we are on the downhill winning trend.

    More Later…


  13. says

    Are you living in the United States? I’m just curious and would like to meet up with you and discuss possibly converting to Islam.

    Please get back to me, as I am very anxious to discuss this with you.

    Best Regards,


  14. says

    Hey, Grizali,

    Looks like you have a fish on the line with this PhilipJihadski fellow. He’s considering conversion to islam and wants to discuss it with you! And, you won’t even give him the time of day? I can only guess that such failure in your islamic duty would be displeasing to allah (SMUT)?