Robert Spencer: Coming attractions


Robert Spencer poster.jpg



And on October 1, I’ll be addressing the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley on the topic: “Political Correctness About the Jihad Threat: It Gets People Killed.” Register here.

Robert Spencer beginning Canadian tour
Robert Spencer coming to Alberta -- bring your Qur'an!
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  1. says

    I just came back from Prince Edward Island, where I work in the summer. There’s an eagle that glides along the cliffs at the ocean shore every morning. It reminds me that we Americans have an important mission to accomplish in Canada, to fearlessly spread the truth. Good luck to Robert and Pamela!

  2. says

    My prayers and good wishes go with you, Robert and Pamela. Thanks again for doing the thankless job of educating supposedly free people to avoid their dhimmitude!

    May God bless and watch over you both in your travels.