FBI investigates possible water supply threat in Wichita, Kansas

The thoroughly compromised, clueless and politically correct FBI refuses to “discuss the nature of the threats or the number of cities affected.” That reticence in itself points to Islamic jihadists, the one threat that the FBI is forbidden to call by name or confront directly. But even if these threats come from those mythical “Christian extremists” or some other source that our political and media elites love to scapegoat, the jihadi threat to the water supply is real. And as far back as 2002, the feds arrested two jihadis who were carrying plans about how to poison water supplies. In 2003, al-Qaeda threatened to poison water supplies in Western countries. In 2011, a jihadi in Spain likewise planned to poison water supplies.

And in May 2013, seven Muslim “chemical engineers” were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir, a key supply of water for Boston, after midnight. Only months later and indirectly did we hear that it was a “criminal matter.” That same month, jihadists were caught in Canada who had considered poisoning air and water to murder up to 100,000 people.

“FBI investigates possible water supply threat in Wichita, Kansas,” by Alice Mannette for Reuters, October 18 (thanks to Lookmann):

(Reuters) – The FBI is investigating possible threats to the water supply systems in Wichita, Kansas, and several other Midwestern cities that are as yet unsubstantiated, a spokeswoman said on Friday.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation learned of the threats in the past two days and has contacted the water supply facilities and law enforcement offices for the municipalities, said Bridget Patton, a spokeswoman for the FBI office in Kansas City, Missouri.

Patton declined to discuss the nature of the threats or the number of cities affected. She said investigators had been sent out in response to the reports, but offered no details.

“We were made aware of the threat,” Patton said. “We have not been able to substantiate any of the threats.”

Wichita city officials warned employees in emails to be on guard for suspicious activities. City officials also told residents the water is safe to drink and the public will be notified immediately if this changes….

Boston Marathon jihad mass murderer Tamerlan Tsarnaev tied to 9/11/11 murders of Jews
New York Muslim arrested on charges of trying to join al-Qaeda and murder "enemies of Islam"
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  1. says

    FBI investigates possible water supply threat in Wichita, Kansas

    Well, why not? There have already been suspicious Mohammedans skulking around Boston’s water supply…

  2. says

    The trouble is, the authorities try to cover these terrorists acts up, even when they are successful.

    Remember the AZF chemical factory explosion in France – just after the Twin Towers attack?? Well the prime suspect (deceased) was discovered to be wearing seven pairs of underpants, to protect his family jewels for the 70 virgins in the afterlife.

    But despite all the evidence, the incident was NOT classed as terrorism.

    How can we fight terrorism, if the authorities will not even admit that it was terrorism??


  3. says

    >>There have already been suspicious Mohammedans
    >>skulking around Boston’s water supply…

    Just as bad, we had a Moslem aircraft refueller at Manchester Airport. But against all the rules he continually parked his car right next to the fuel farm, in contravention of the regulations.

    He was reported by several people, and they were disciplined for being ‘racist’. I am afraid, we have lost this war before it has even begun.

    In addition, although we were divested of all sharp objects and all liquids, on passing through security, Sikhs were allowed to carry daggers airside (a part of their religion).

    Personally, I would never travel out of Manchester Airport. There were too many similar incidents.


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    I live near Quabbin and was in disbelief that these people were not arrested. I believe they were caught after midnight and had the excuse that they were engineering students on a study project. They were let go, I am happy to hear there is some some action being done. I have no doubt they would poison our water if able.

  5. says

    Of course, Muslims poison the water supply.

    They poison everything.

    They poison children.

    They rape women.

    They wage holy war.

    They are the poisonous tree of humanity.