Jihadi media company releases Arabic translation of U.S. Department of Defense handbook on combating terrorism

How did they get this? One might almost think that jihadi sympathizers had infiltrated high levels of the U.S. government. Naaah — that would be “Islamophobic.”

“Jihadi Media Company Releases Arabic Translation Of U.S. Department Of Defense Handbook On Combating Terrorism,” from MEMRI, October 4 (thanks to Pamela Geller):


On October 4, 2013, Fursan Al-Balagh, an independent online media foundation which specializes in translating jihadi materials into various languages, released an Arabic translation of a U.S. Department of Defense handbook that provides protective measures for counter-terrorism personnel.

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    Obviously, US government is full of jihadi spies/ Do you have any idea how many Muslims are appointed at very high levels. They are paying us back for our generosity(aka stupidity. No surprise here!!

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    Is Obama’s government filled with jihadists? Yes.
    Who brought them in? Obama.
    Who can kick them out? Obama.
    Who won’t kick them out? Obama.
    Who can kick out Obama? Congress.
    Why won’t they kick out Obama? No grounds.
    Is betraying the US by bringing jihadists to top secret jobs a ground for impeachment? Yes.

    Is Obama then a traitor? Yes. Impeach Obama.

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    Obama is putting the life of every diplomatic staff abroad at risk.

    Obama is putting the life of every soldier, sailor, airman and marine abroad at risk.

    Obama is putting the life of every American travelling or working abroad at risk.

    How? By bringing jihadists into the top secret level of his government. They pass information on the best ways to kill Americans abroad.

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    This reminds me back circa 1980 we had anti-war activists, lots of Nuns, traveling around the High Plains plotting coordinates of every Minuteman missile launch silo and then publishing their locations. It was a real joke with AF personal because the USSR already knew here they all where. If you think this translation of this DOD handbook will be a revelation I have news for you they have had this handbook for years.

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    Well, nothing to worry about. The religion of peace has nothing to do with terrorism anyhow. It is only few extremists who keep on killing for centuries.

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    Nothing to worry about here, words such as “Muslim”, “Jihad”, “Jihadi”, “Islam”, “Islamic”, “Qur’an”, “Mujahadeen” and “ShahÄ«d” have all been expunged. The crazies will think they are reading ‘Winnie the Pooh In Which Pooh Goes Visiting and Gets into a Tight Place’. They will probably wind up with harmless honey bombs.

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    We all know that no action will be taken against those who have leaked this information… the odds are the obama cult would have rewarded the leaker by now…. But, if you were to translate this manual from arabic to English….

    That ominous clanging sound you would hear would be the jail cell door slamming shut behind you…

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    Obama and his Islamist supporters would try to define all criticism as to be coming from far right paranoid Islamophobic Tea-Party Christian fundamentalists clinging to guns and religion.

    If only our FBI were as good at obtaining material information on terrorists, the Boston Marathon attack might have been prevented.

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    “Who can kick out Obama? Congress.”

    Wrong. Only you, the people, can kick Obama out.

    “The Obama regime is utterly, completely and totally illegitimate, therefore insurrection and counter-revolt against it is NOT sedition, it is a moral imperative. Either you depose these demonic wretches in Washington or they will start World War III without hesitation or compunction. It has been their plan since the beginning. Chaos is their stock and trade. These people will NEVER give up power peacably. The necessity for war with them was locked-in on November 4, ARSH 2008. The only question for you all to decide is WHEN. Will you do it now or will you do it when your world is a smoldering rubble and the New Caliphate is marching over Europe like the Uruk Hai marching to Helm’s Deep? Don’t say you weren’t warned.”
    (Ann Barnhardt)

    Scroll down to #6


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    Sheikh Barak Hussein Mohammed Obama is the end result of what started in the western world during early 90’s. In near future we’ll see more of such people ascending to the highest levels of govt.
    I suppose most of the political leaders of that era are responsible for this situation.
    Pick any: Clinton in USA, John Major in UK, Jean Chretien in Canada, John Howard in Australia, Jacques Chirac in France, Helmut Kohl in Germany. All hard-core liberals/democrats and friends of mohammedans. In an ideal world where people live by ethics & values these politicians should be charged with treason.