New York: Muslim accountant gets 18 years for aiding al-Qaeda

But the U.S. is aiding al-Qaeda in Syria. Shouldn’t this guy get a medal rather than a jail term?

“NYC accountant gets 18 years for aiding al-Qaeda,” from the Associated Press, September 30 (thanks to Lookmann):

NEW YORK (AP) “” A successful accountant who admitted supporting al-Qaeda with money and supplies was sentenced to 18 years in prison Monday by a judge who said it was necessary to deter others from developing similar violent aspirations.

Sabirhan Hasanoff, 37, a citizen of the U.S. and Australia, was sentenced in Manhattan federal court, where he pleaded guilty last year to supporting al-Qaeda and conspiring with others. He was also ordered to forfeit $70,000….

Prosecutors said Hasanoff provided extensive support to al-Qaeda from 2007 to 2010, including by purchasing an advanced remote control for explosives attacks and by reporting rudimentary information about the New York Stock Exchange. They said he also made regular cash donations to people he thought were affiliated with al-Qaeda….

In a letter to the judge, Hasanoff expressed regret for abandoning his life in America, where he lived in Brooklyn with his wife and three children after graduating from Baruch College in Manhattan and obtaining a job as a senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He was working as the chief financial officer for a large company based in Dubai when he was arrested there in 2010 and brought to the United States to face charges.

“I made a good living and my family and I enjoyed a very comfortable lifestyle,” he wrote. “And then, for reasons that I still have trouble confronting, I threw that all away.”

Wait…what? I thought poverty caused terrorism, and that all the jihadis need is more economic opportunity to turn them into upstanding citizens!

Inspired by radical clerics, he said his desire to strengthen his Muslim faith and fight atrocities committed against Muslims around the world mixed with guilt about his comfortable life.

“I completely renounce any view of Islam that says that violent jihad is in any way acceptable,” he said.

Hasanoff told the judge Monday: “I’m very sorry for my conduct. I should have known better, and I don’t have any excuses.”

An indictment alleged that Hasanoff and met with two men in 2008 to discuss aiding al-Qaeda. It said one of the men paid Hasanoff $50,000 to transfer money and do other tasks for the terrorist network.

The government said Hasanoff and his co-defendant used code words in Internet chats in 2009 about fighting jihad and finding other al-Qaeda contacts. In their coded language, “safari” was used in place of “jihad” and saying a friend was “hospitalized” meant that he was in prison.

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  1. says

    Accountancy for Ascendancy.
    Structure the GL codes, play the inputs, slam the ham, re-flip the numbers,
    These are fighting dollars, erect missiles, rocket dollars flying like cucumbers.
    Hey, this fine man passed the FASB, a real guy who kept score, wasn’t no whore,
    He did the books for the Jihad, the skull cap Mod Squad, through the forensic door.

  2. says

    Here we are again, the excuse of “atrocities” against Muslims, as if everyone else is not only against Islam, but deliberately committing “atrocities”.
    When it’s the other way round.

  3. says

    He was born in China, to Uzbek Muslim parents who then moved to Australia and settled in Adelaide – of all places! Adelaide is a glorified country town! sometimes called ‘The City of Churches’ – where he spent most of his childhood. Then he went to the USA.

    Here’s the ABC (Australian) report on him.

    Australian Sabirhan Hasanoff jailed for 18 years in US for helping Al Qaeda

    ‘Australian’. Nah, he ain’t Australian and he ain’t American, he’s just a mohammedan mobster, an agent of the de facto Empire of Islam.

    The article itself has this very telling sentence: “Hasanoff, a Muslim who only in recent years adopted an orthodox approach to Islam..”.

    Well, there it is. “An orthodox approach to Islam”. And what is an orthodox approach to Islam? Hatred of the Infidel, and Jihad, Jihad, Jihad.

    “Born in China to Uzbekistani parents, Hasanoff’s family moved to Australia when he was a baby.

    “They lived in Adelaide, where he went to school, before moving to Brooklyn, New York..”.

    Frankly, once his sentence is served, he and his wife and his offspring should be stripped of their US *and* of their Australian citizenship and packed off to …Islamic Uzbekistan, where they should fit right in. After all, I very much doubt that China will want him, even if he was born there.

    Uzbekistan, that’s the ticket. Back to the dar al Islam, never to be permitted to return into the lands of the non-Muslims: not China, not Australia, not the USA, not *anywhere*.

  4. says

    Muslims constantly engage in scapegoating, blame-shifting, reversal of reality, turnspeak, projection.

    I’m sure you’ve read Daniel Greenfield’s excellent article on the danger of legitimising Muslim ‘grievances’ (which are manufactured at the rate of a mile a minute, they always have a new grievance, a new excuse to kill), but I’ll post it here anyway, for the benefit of all the new readers – hopefully, some from Anglophone Africa – that I hope we are getting in the wake of the atrocity in Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya.

    Sunday, November 13, 2011
    The Dangers of Legitimizing Muslim Grievances

    “…Grievance is the stories that Muslims tell themselves to justify their violence.

    “To explain why they kill children and why they murder the innocent.

    “The list of grievances is an endless as the violence.

    “Every act of violence carries its own narrative.

    “The endless Muslim conflicts throughout the world all carry their burden of history.

    “But it isn’t a history that can be resolved with a tolerance session.

    “**Muslim grievances are the frustration of conquerors, the broken teeth of predators who weren’t allowed to feed on the world until their stomachs burst…** {my emphasis – dda}.

    “…The fundamental Muslim grievance is that they are not in power, not just in Israel where the world has accepted their demand to be in power as a wholly moral and legitimate demand, or throughout the Muslim world where Western governments have helped bring the Islamists to power with bombs and political pressure. The fundamental grievance is that they are not in power… everywhere..”.