New York Muslim’s website incited violence against Jews, supported jihad terror

The devout family

The photo above of Yousef al-Khattab with his budding jihadi children was posted on his website a few years ago. Yousef was the openly genocidal jihadist who is now paying for targeting Jewish communities in Brooklyn and elsewhere. He was a gleefully fiendish character, running videos threatening counter-jihad bloggers and showing him munching popcorn while happily watching the Daniel Pearl beheading video.

Yousef al-Khattab also founded the Islamic Thinkers Society, which posted this riotously funny image in their password-protected, Muslims-only forums back in 2007. I happened upon by chance as I was browsing through those forums, seeing what they were up to.


“Extremist Islamic Web site founder admits to postings supporting terrorist attacks,” by Matt Zapotosky for the Washington Post, October 31 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

A New Jersey man who prosecutors say used his Islamic Web site to advocate violence against those whose ideals he found offensive to his religion pleaded guilty Wednesday to using the Internet to put another in fear of death or injury, admitting that he posted material supportive of various terrorist attacks and hinted that his followers should target a Jewish organization in Brooklyn.

Yousef Mohamid al-Khattab, 45, an American-born man with dual citizenship in Israel, told a federal judge in Virginia that he wrote the posts “out of my stupidity.” Yet he vigorously disagreed with prosecutors” assertion that he intended to incite violence.

“I never intended to physically hurt anybody,” Khattab said. “I think they could prove it, but that’s not my intention, Your Honor.”

Khattab, who court records show also used the names Joseph Cohen and Joseph Kaplan, spoke extensively during a hearing in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. The former culinary student who has a son in New York and a wife in Morocco went through his plea agreement almost line by line, questioning portions, clarifying others and saying that he signed the document because it was “the best I think I”m going to get out of this.”

“I can’t agree with every law that I have to keep, but I have to keep the law,” he said.

Khattab admitted that he helped found the “Revolution Muslim” organization in 2007 and that he wrote offensive and incendiary posts on the group’s now-defunct Web site, In a November 2009 post, for example, Khattab referred to Nidal M. Hasan “” an Army psychiatrist who opened fire on dozens of soldiers at Fort Hood, Tex., killing 13 “” as an “officer and a gentleman” who “was injured while partaking in a preemptive attack,” court records show.

In a January 2009 post, he told viewers to seek out leaders of Jewish Federation chapters in the United States and “deal with them directly at their homes,” court records show.

In another post that year, Khattab, who lives in Atlantic City, added a photo of the Chabad Jewish organization headquarters in Brooklyn with a link to a map, court records show. He noted that Chabad’s main temple was always full at prayer times and wrote, “Make EVERY attempt to reach these people and teach them the message of Islam or leave them a message from Islam,” court records show.

After the New York City Police Department parked a vehicle in front of the building, Khattab posted a slide show that alternated images of the police protection, a blood-stained Hebrew prayer book and dead children, court records show.

Khattab is among those charged in a crackdown against U.S. men whom federal prosecutors say tried to inspire terrorists to commit violence in the name of Islam. Jesse C. Morton, a co-founder of the Revolution Muslim organization, was sentenced last year to 111 / 2 years in prison after he admitted that he encouraged extremists to attack the writers of the “South Park” animated TV show because an episode featured the prophet Muhammad in a bear suit. Another man, Zachary A. Chesser, an Oakton High School graduate and former basketball and football player, was sentenced in 2011 to 25 years in prison in a similar case.

Khattab faces a maximum of five years in prison at his Feb. 7 sentencing, and U.S. District Judge Liam O”Grady allowed him to remain free on bond until then. Alan H. Yamamoto, his attorney, said after the hearing that his client is “regretful,” even if he did not mean real harm. “He posted certain items,” Yamamoto said. “People made what they would of them.”

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    I must say, that pic is quite accurate, but not in the way it was meant to be. Jihad is part of the “dark side” of islam, that thing we’re not supposed to know about, and Robert is one of the big names on the forefront lines against it. He knows a great deal about it, its causes, and how to counter it. So i guess he’s kind of a master (expert) of the dark side, although not in the Sith sense of plotting and scheming (because he’s not allah).

  2. says


    Why bother?
    Vain repetitions.
    Exaggerated bows.
    Self centered false humility.
    Are they talking to themselves or their neighbor?
    Muhammad is a blasphemer.
    The Quran is filth.
    Allah of Islam is falsehood.
    Guardians of Allah?
    Unmitigated arrogance.

    Why bother?

  3. says

    Islamists shout “God is great” like a “Heil Hitler” praise
    as upturned hands display, same as a Nazi stiff arm parade.
    Prayer rug thugs, like SA brown shirts try to impose untruth.
    Exaggerated bows are as pretentious as the steps of a goose.
    Head scarfs flaunt a greater purity, Nazi swastikas did this too.
    Honor killing death squad,
    Adolph would be so proud.
    Islamic religious police are just Sharia’s godless Gestapo.

    Lock-step bootlick lunatics: Ditto

  4. says

    “Projection” is a psychological defense mechanism by which an immature person rejects his or her own unacceptable thoughts and deeds while ascribing them to someone in the outside world.

    The purpose of projection is to avoid responsibility and to remain in an unending condition of childish narcissism. In the case of jihadists, it is toxic, malignant narcissism that requires ‘projection’ to agrandize the jihadist’s ego by displacing on to others the things that are blameworthy: rage, pride, lust, greed, savagery, sadism, arrogance, smugness, self-righteousness.

    All Muslims have these traits to a degree until they finally decide to leave the delusions of this death cult and seek to become emotionally healthy.

  5. says

    Teaching children to hate (as most Muslims do) is one of the WORST forms of CHILD ABUSE.

    The insidiousnss of this child abuse cannot be overemphasized. It begins the moment a Muslim child is born. It is reenforced constantly through spoken and unspoken death threats that come from the entire Muslim community.

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    Can I hijack the comments briefly?
    Here’s a New Zealand newspaper report on the Muslim girl in Pakistan who was gang raped (presumably by other Muslims), thrown in a pit and recovered sufficiently to haul herself out and seek help. You may have to scroll down.
    Note the accompanying graphic. A crucifix, signifying a connection to Christianity!

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    …in their password-protected, Muslims-only forums back in 2007. I happened upon by chance as I was browsing through those forums …

    Heh-heh, the crafty arts of Spencerman.

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    Imagine a debate with some bearded man-dress wearing Islamo-fascist like Anjem Choudary wear Robert wears this outfit while maintaining a straight face.
    This outfit is no more outrageous than theirs.

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    If Spencer is Darth Vader, does that mean that David Horowitz is Emperor Palpatine?

    BTW I as Muslim do not approve the targeting of regular Jews. My misguided brothers are targeting the normal people not involved with the Zionist agenda, while the uber-Jews who are in control of everything are laughing at them (and also at their slaves, i.e. you guys) from beyond reach, with enough money to buy personal guards, anti-bullet vehicles, tall fences, and so on.

    Making the heads of the US Federal Reserve and of the major US banks resign will accomplish much more good than any rash and brutal actions. Our Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) won his many battles because he was a good tactician in carrying out battles in the name of Islam; sadly, we Muslim lack such leaders today.

  10. says

    1) So, it’s not ok to target regular Jews,,, but other Jews and “uber-jews”, why, it’s morally ok to murder them! (That would be a good name for a comic book super hero – “Uber-Jew!” 😀 😀 😀 )

    2) There is no “Zionist Agenda” nor are “Uber- Jews. Your belief in this conspiracy theory only makes people think that your crazy.

    3) The False Prophet mohammad (War be upon him) may have been a good tactician in the same way that most psychopaths are, but it’s doubtful any new military geniuses will arise amongst your now intensely inbred moslem peoples. When you moslems aren’t killing others, you are usually busy killing each other. So, no Ender Wiggins’ will arise.