Abbas gives jihad murderers of Israelis, freed from prison, $50,000 and top government jobs

AbbasPrisoners.jpgTriumphant: Abbas with freed prisoners

“Of course, Israel cannot be expected to negotiate with anyone who is dedicated to its destruction. But while I know you have had differences with the Palestinian Authority, I believe that you do have a true partner in President Abbas…” — Barack Obama, March 21, 2013

“Abbas gives every freed prisoner $50,000 and a top job,” by Stuart Winer for the Times of Israel, November 18 (thanks to Daniel):

Palestinian prisoners who were convicted of killing Israelis and then released by Israel as a goodwill gesture to smooth the path of peace talks were given at least $50,000 apiece as well as a comfortable monthly salary from the Palestinian Authority, the IDF Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories said in a statement Monday.

The 26 prisoners who were set free October 30 “” the second batch of a total of 104 prisoners slated to be released “” had almost all been jailed before the 1993 Oslo Accords and had carried out murderous attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians.

The salary granted to each prisoner depended upon the length of his incarceration. Those who were held for over 25 years were entitled to $50,000, in addition to a position as a deputy minister or a promotion to the rank of major-general in the security forces, both of which earn monthly wages of NIS 14,000 (nearly $4,000).

Those who spent less than 25 years in Israeli prisons received the same lump sum as well as promotion to a deputy directorship in a government ministry or to the rank of brigadier-general, with a monthly wage of NIS 10,000 ($2,800) on the PA”s payroll, the report said.

According to information published in the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida in 2011, the average monthly stipend paid by the government to family members of Palestinian prisoners stands at NIS 3,129 ($862), higher than the average salary of a Palestinian civil servant, which is NIS 2,882 ($794). Two and a half percent of the PA”s budget for salaries goes to prisoners” families, the document indicated.

Issa Abd Rabbo, the most veteran of the prisoners released, received a $60,000 bonus, with the PA reportedly also offering to foot the bill for a wedding should he choose to marry. He was convicted of murdering two Israeli hikers south of Jerusalem in 1984, after tying them up at gunpoint and placing bags over their heads….

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  1. says

    Scandal is too “soft” a word for this. This is a freakin’ outrage! This is like a slap in the face to all Israelis (especially those murdered by these scumbags), as well as a slap in the face to all of us morons who are forced by our respective governments to pay anything at all to the “Palestinian Authority” through coerced taxation.

    Damn our current poor excuse for “leadership”. And I’m sorry that Bibi did not have the cojones to tell OBummer to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine with regard to releasing these savages.

    The message sent here was: “Great going, men! You’ve done well; and endured all that time in the hands of the filthy infidels. Here are your rewards. You’re now set for life.”