Pakistan’s UN office warns of “huge security threat of hostage situation and mass killings”

Hakimullah Mehsud is dead, dead as a doornail, and that means more jihad is coming. Of course, if he were still alive, more jihad would still be coming.

“Fear of reprisal: Pakistan’s UN office warns employees,” by Asad Kharal for the Express Tribune, November 5 (thanks to Lookmann):

Fearing a reprisal following the killing of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud in a drone strike on Friday, the local UN office has issued an alert to its employees, The Express Tribune has learnt.

“Imminent security threat at Centaurus Mall, Islamabad, for two (02) weeks. Huge security threat of hostage situation and mass killings,” the UN office’s alert says, according to a circular of the Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP).

“Therefore, necessary actions be taken with the cooperation of their management, to enhance the security of important shopping malls, especially those being run by or franchise of foreign store chains,” circular further stated.

Another report issued by the Punjab Home Department reveals that the TTP is planning to target the US and other Western nationals.

“They are likely to hit top political leaders, senior government functionaries, key government installations and army/police establishments/envoys. Foolproof security and precautionary measures are therefore warranted to avoid any mishap,” reads another alert.

According to yet another report, the leaderships of banned outfits have jointly decided to execute attacks on armed forces” personnel and installations, law enforcing agencies” personnel and installations, government setups and foreign missions, embassies and consulates.

“The volatile situation in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata), existence of terrorists/extremists elements in settled areas and vested interests by hostile intelligence agencies present reasonably potent threat to internal security of the country,” another alert states.

It says that under the prevailing security environment, terrorists and anti-state elements are likely to intensify their activities to foment sense of insecurity among the masses.

Yet another alert reveals that the TTP spokesperson Shahidullah Shahid has allegedly threatened to target media offices of Voice of America (VoA), BBC, Diwa/Mashal Radio and Daily Mashriq.

“The TTP is of the view that the mentioned media outlets are tarnishing the image of the Taliban and unnecessarily criticising them, says the alert. It has also been learnt that the TTP intends to target those who will sell book “˜I am Malala”….

After all that the VOA and the BBC have done for Islamic supremacists everywhere, you’d think they’d be more grateful.

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  1. says

    And who are the targets of JIHAD in Pakistan? Why those nice ‘moderate’ Muslims, of course!

    Anyone who wants a more rational, secular society in Pakistan is a traitor to Islam who must be murdered. Because these people are ‘moderate’, they are sitting ducks and the police and security people are unsure how much protection to give, because they know … the police officers who help the disbelievers will be targeted NEXT!!!

    Oh yeah. Moderate Muslims know when to shut up… that’s ALL the time.

  2. says

    Just as with Osama Bin Laden, his death is meaningless. He simply gets replaced with the next jihadist in line. And so on, and so forth.

  3. says

    According to yet another report, the leaderships of banned outfits have jointly decided to execute attacks on armed forces’ personnel and installations, law enforcing agencies’ personnel and installations, government setups and foreign missions, embassies and consulates.

    banned outfits…..bwahahahahaha…still can’t say Islam or Muslim…even when it is known who they are…

  4. says

    Much truth in your ‘line up’ explanation, however, the line up of top jihad talent isn’t endless. A lieutenant or sargeant isn’t always suited to be a general.

    However, point taken, the real problem is the doctrine of jihad, rather than the jihad leaders and their personalities. Western governments are in fact losing because they cannot admit that Islam is the source of the ‘warfare against the disbelievers’ unto victory and imposition of Sharia universally.

    Western governments are universally in denial of the authentic Islamic doctrine of jihad.

  5. says

    Many westerners labour under the misapprehension that OBL somehwow “invented” jihad, and when he was killed, that would be it.

  6. says

    Secular and cultured Muslims live in fear of saying one word against Islam and its vile injunctions. Since I don’t walk in their shoes, I really can’t throw the stone at them: they live in fear for their lives if their mentality be known…

  7. says

    Not Muslim, but IslamIST — actions perpetrated by doctrinaire fundamentalists and jihadists. Look up “isms” and “ists” and notice the suffix applies to the belief in applying doctrine. Just saying… :)