1. Well, it is certainly safer than preaching the Gospel, right?
    Imagine if he said, “Your prophet is false, and commands you to do wrong. In harming your fellow man, you have harmed Jesus, who made you, gave his life for you, and loves you despite your wrong-doing.” That would have been hate-speech.

  2. Funny, these islamists would probably say to Fr. Rawik that he is misunderstanding “true” Christianity … according to the same book, the quran.

  3. Islam, that antichrist religion of Satan, is dedicated to try and destroy the work of Christ Jesus on the earth and this is more evidence.
    The koran deceives it readers just as its author-Satan is a liar and deceiver of this world, so it is no wonder that there are contradicting passages. I think this priest knows all this and is simply trying to protect his brothers and sisters in Christ.

  4. Fr. Rawik appears as uninformed about basic Islamic doctrines as most of our Western clergy do not. Rawik does not know the primary Islamic doctrines of the kafir, of al walaa wal baraa (Islamic apartheid) or of jihad.

    Westerners commonly mistake Sunnite Muslims and Shi’ites with Ahmaddi Muslims.

    Sunnite Muslims in Syria see all Shi’ites and Christians as Kafir enemies who must be fought and conquered because they are in a conspiracy against Allah.

    The Sunnis must first create a ‘great slaughter’ to cast terror into the hearts of those who still have not surrendered to Allah’s righteous party. Easy to understand when you know the verses.

    Fr. Naaman Rawik has not studied the doctrine of jihad. It is urgent that he do so now. To understand the enemy is to predict him.

    Our condolences to Fr. Rawik and his grieving flock.

    But, no, Islam does not teach ‘tolerance’ of infidels; rather, it teaches the political suppression of infidels under discriminatory Sharia law and the supremacism of Muslims with the ‘correct view’ of Islam. In other words, political Islam only allows one ‘party’ to rule in the government. Therefore, oligarchy and absolute dictatorship are the only two choices for Islamic government. Pluralism is not possible because it is heretical and from satan. The ‘party of satan’ (Christians) must be removed from governing Muslims.

  5. Fr. Rawik was unaware that the stability of Syria relied on the ‘dhimmification’ of Christians and other minorities and importantly it relied on the absolute control of the Allawite hegemony over fanatical Sunnite and Shi’ite minorities. The Syrian government was established in the 1920s to ensure no fanatics seized power.

  6. He is treading water trying to appeal to their vanity which is at the core of every Muslim above all other values.
    Meanwhile leftist Christians turn off Fox and tune into NPR in order to assuage their conscience of any responsibility to fellow Christians that might risk tarnishing their carefully crafted image of tolerance.

  7. You know, I have to wonder. Maybe the Fr. is remembering a time of more sane, tolerant Islam. Which, if you ask me, is probably because the Alawites oppressed the heck out of the Sunnis and maybe even some Shi’ites, to make SURE there was some ‘sane Islam’ going on there.

    But in any event, what he’s saying is certainly worth a try, and for this reason: he is trying to shame the terrorists. Shaming is a powerful thing in Middle-Eastern culture. Since last I heard the Christians were never allowed to even have weapons to defend themselves at any time, I think this is the best they can hope for, for now.

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t backfire too badly…

  8. I won’t be too hard on Bro. Naaman. Like his namesake, the circumstances of where he lives and works demand that every so often he must say, “In this thing Jehovah pardon thy servant: when my master goeth into the house of Rimmon to worship there and he leaneth on my hand, and I bow myself in the house of Rimmon, Jehovah pardon thy servant in this thing. And he [Elisha] said unto him, Go in peace. (II Kings 5:18).

    But I will not be easy on those glib liberals in the West who presume to tell the world what “real” Islam is. They are a willfully ignorant bunch who are betraying people who trusted them.

  9. Islam, the duplicitous ‘religion’ of con-man Mohd, more slimy and convoluted than a snake. Father Rawik is giving back to the Muslims what they try to tell us
    as their fellow Muslims riot and kill indiscriminately, that Islam (the greatest evil to appear on earth) is a religion of peace and tolerance. Good on you Fr Rawik.
    Not that it will change Islam and and its brain-dead followers.

  10. I don’t know where on JW this belongs, as it doesn’t specifically relate to this article.
    I only want to point out that, in their tit-for-tat junk rhetoric, these poor-me, hand-wringing victims of everyone else like to heap all the blame for jihad on:
    1- Israel and U.S. policies re: the MiddleEast.
    2- The Christian Crusades, and
    3- How badly Muslims are treated in the West
    Of course, the Koran’s injunctions to perpetrate jihad in the entire world have nothing to do with it, right?
    Let’s all remember how genial these Islamists are in assigning blame to the actual victims in order to deflect attention from their own bloody motives. They simply can’t refute any rational argument: all they can do is hide behind the motto, attack is the best defense. So excuse us if we must retaliate by slaughtering innocent lives!

  11. this is more of a begging and than anything else. In fact that is a problem through out the muslim countries. As soon as a muslim commits a crime, they say that is not a real muslim or this is not Islam/ another words Islam is peaceful. M

  12. In reference to:
    “I think this priest knows all this and is simply trying to protect his brothers and sisters in Christ.”



  13. I know it’s an act born out of despair, but for all intents and purposes he’s trying to school muslims on what islam is, which is something dhimmis aren’t supposed to do.

  14. I used to be a liberal, believe it or not. Now, not so much… You’d have to be blind not to notice how PC is pulling us down into the pit of Islamic hell, thru self-censorship and societal censorship wherever they can apply it, starting with the Islamic white-washing content in our American educational textbooks. I’m currently involved in ferreting out the wrongful PC statements in my school district, to have these books pulled until the matter is corrected. So, do I hear a hip-hip-hurray!?

  15. Good point, Kepha. Since the world Christian community is letting the Christians in Arab lands slowly twistin the breeze, this Priest has to appease the Muslims so that his flock can survive. The great Jewish philosopher and doctor Maimonides converted to Islam in the 12th Century because a Muslim regime gave Jews a choice, convert or die. He justified his act by resort to the Jewish principle that life is most sacred. He escaped and revoked his conversion in Egypt where a tolerant Muslim ruled.

  16. Ralph, thank you for your historical insight into the great Maimonides’s adventures with Islam.
    Allow me to add one thing to your correct statement, “…the Jewish principle that life is most sacred.”
    Jewish doctrine (which he followed to save his life) also mandates that, wherever practicing Judaic rituals conflicts with indigenous laws and traditions in their host countries, Jewish people are commanded to bend their traditions in favor of the laws of the land.
    Therefore, Jews assimilate into those countries (without abandoning their religious beliefs, of course).
    Now compare this to the Islamists who insist on special privileges like foot baths in schools and airports, and many other such cultural outrages… They don’t WANT to assimilate but at the same time, complain about being viewed as different. Wow, that makes sense!
    Another mind-bender courtesy of our Islamist invaders.

  17. Re: Shiites and Sunnis, a Moroccan told me that the Shiites are considered fanatic in Morocco, that they run against the grain of the Sunni majority, as though they were a separate culture.
    Let’s just hope we’ll see the crazy Shiite Hezbollah terrorists and the killers in Sunni Al Qaeda butt heads and wipe each other out… For the West, these internal hostilities are a very good thing, indeed! (Except when innocent families are forced to pay the price.)

  18. I’m thinking that as we speak, there MUST be many Christian orgs planning various interventions, there must be! But the media is still silent in that regard… What about the Pope? Has he said anything about these continuous atrocities in all those Muslim countries??

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