FBI investigates military-style attack on California power station


“Not amateurs taking potshots”¦ this was a dress rehearsal” — possibly for large-scale attacks on power stations. Although this was initially thought to be related to the Boston Marathon jihad bombing, no connection was established. This may not have been a jihad attack, but it may have been: jihadists have targeted power stations in the UK, so there is no indication that they wouldn’t or couldn’t do so in the US.

“FBI investigates military style attack on California power station,” by Ryan Gorman for the Daily Mail, December 29 (thanks to Ab):

The FBI is investigating a “˜military-style” attack on a California electric power facility earlier this year.

The April 16 attack saw as many as two gunmen storm the PG&E Metcalf substation after severing phone service and fire several dozen rounds at transformers.

Federal officials took over the investigation from local law enforcement on fears it was linked to the Boston marathon bombing only a day earlier, but those fears appear to have subsided.

At least one person, maybe two, went down multiple manholes at the facility in a San Jose suburb and cut fiber cables leading to the substation, according to Foreign Policy, which detailed the well-planned attack.

This knocked out 911 and landline service o the substation, as well as cell phone service to the surrounding area.

PG&E employees had no means to call for help when, at 1am, as many as two gunmen began their attack.

More than 100 rounds were fired from high-powered rifles at many transformers — 10 were damaged in one area and three transformer banks in another, a PG&E spokesperson told the site.

Cooling oil leaking from at least one transformer bank caused transformers to overheat and shut down. This led officials to warn locals to conserve energy, but no major power outages occurred.

No major damage or injuries were sustained either, but a stalled local investigation led the feds to take over the case.

“˜Initially, the attack was being treated as vandalism and handled by local law enforcement,” a senior intelligence official told Foreign Policy.

“˜However, investigators have been quoted in the press expressing opinions that there are indications that the timing of the attacks and target selection indicate a higher level of planning and sophistication,” the official explained.

The FBI was initially worried that the attack was somehow linked to the April 15 Boston Marathon bombing, but further investigation showed it to likely be an isolated local event, an agency spokesperson told Foreign Policy.

A PG&E official disagreed with that assertion, and told Foreign Policy the attack was “˜not amateurs taking potshots”¦ this was a dress rehearsal.”

The agency is following a couple of leads, but has yet to name any suspects. No one has claimed responsibility.

The FBI is also investigating a series of attacks on the Arkansas power grid where multiple high-voltage transmission lines were severed and one substation was set on fire, according to the New York Times.

“˜You should have expected U.S.” was scribbled on a control panel at the torched substation.

There is no indication the attacks in Arkansas and California are related.

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  1. says

    There is no indication the attacks in Arkansas and California are related.

    There’s also no indication that they are not. But one thing we know for sure. Islam has nothing to do with this, and if you say it does, you are a Islamophobe.

  2. says

    The recent ice storms in the Northeast US and southern Ontario show how dependent we are upon the electrical grid. If one were interested in injuring the flow of commerce, disrupting life and perhaps endangering it, there are few better ways of doing so than this sort of sabotage.

    Fortunately, the FBI has been re-educated so that their investigation will spend no time whatsoever following leads that link these acts to the internal spiritual journey of jihad.


  3. says

    All Muslims from now on must be assumed to be jihadists.

    So many family members now say of jihadists, ‘We saw no signs of it!’

    If they are to be believed no Muslim may be trusted…the jihadists are craftily hiding all evidence to the outside world.

    So the United States must immediately halt all Muslim immigration to the US.

  4. says

    Power stations must now put surveillance on all Muslim employees to see if they are associating with any jihadists.

    This will ad to the price of power. How much will it eventually cost to have Muslims in the West in terms of policing alone? Is it worth the cost or the trouble?

  5. says

    With all that is going on in our world today, tell me who in their right mind looked at that and thought it was just vandalism???? Are you kidding me??? I’m not in law enforcement or anything but I don’t think you have to be that smart to figure things out. Why aren’t these power plants better guarded??? That would be a big hit, and everything nearly runs on electric!!!!! Why are we not protecting ourselves better???

  6. says

    “Why are we not protecting ourselves better?”

    That is a very good question. But I strongly suspect that the very real problem of “political correctness” may very well have something to do with it. (After all, can’t have anyone looking with scrutiny at any moose-limbs, can we?)