Video: Robert Spencer, Caroline Glick, and Congressman Trent Franks on The Genocidal Axis

Here is video of the panel I was on with Caroline Glick and Congressman Trent Franks at the Freedom Center’s Restoration Weekend last month in West Palm Beach, Florida. The moderator was Erick Stakelbeck.

Robert Spencer and Michael Coren on the conviction of jihad murderers in the UK and more
Robert Spencer on Sun TV on the Sharia anti-alcohol protest in London and more
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    ‘Genocidal Axis’! This is an excellent slogan, as was ‘Evil Empire’.

    Islam’s empires are always perfectly two-faced, on one hand preaching ‘morality’ and on the other hand practicing the complete repression of women and ‘others’ and totalitarian suppression of free expression and conducting ethnic cleansing and genocide stealthily by persecution and openly by raiding which is never acknowledged or condemned.

    The end result of Islam is the Ottoman Empire of first years of the 20th century where genocidal raids were made against non-Turks every few months and continuously from 1915 until 1924 when 3 million ‘others’ disappeard from the population of the former Turkish Empire.

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    Please watch the remarks of U.S. Representative Trent Franks (Arizona’s 8th district).


    I will send him an email expressing appreciation for his courage in speaking truth about Islam.

    WHY DON’T ALL YOU JIHADWATCH READERS DO THE SAME ??? Take 10 minutes from your time over the weekend.

    We urgently need entry points for action in the lazy clueless or politically correct cowards on Capitol Hill.

    BTW, moderator Erick Stakelbeck is also wonderful, but he is unknown to me — gotta find a bio of him.

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    Would Congressman Trent Franks please publish the text of his address and make it available in print to Robert Spencer? It can then reach more people through the written word.

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    Another highly informative panel discussion.

    If you’re not with Israel, you’re with the fascists–pure and simple.

    Islam: where freedom ends and slavery begins.

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    Caroline Glick goes a bit far in claiming that Locke somehow formulated all of his principles based on the Hebrew Bible. For example his liberal views on religious tolerance runs askance to the claims of the Old Testament. Many of his political views were largely based on interpretations of Biblical passages, though not in a literal reading that many of today’s traditional Biblicists advocate, and always through the lenses of his particular Christian orientation.

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    That was great and great to see and hear..Perhaps Pamela,Elisabeth,Geert and Fjordman could attend the next one?..Hope so..
    Merry Christmas Robert and all JW’ers!

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    One aspect of Islam that our politicians and the nation in general that nobody seems to consider the seditious nature of Islam . Why is this political pseudo religious entity is allowed in our country? Bending to the power of money? At what cost? Ban the Muslims in our nation before they ban us in our nation.

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    This talk is so important especially in that it points out the wrong notion that it is only radical elements who are enforcing the sharia via jihad. it is mainstream from all muslims and until this is accepted the violence and the cowardice or just plain stupidity of the left will just continue.

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    God how refreshing it is to see and hear someone in Congress who actually takes a stand for the Jew’s and Christianity. Someone who is not afraid to speak the truth about islam and to boldly bring forth the light and truth of God to his people. Congressman Trent Franks is that person, may God bless him in his endeavors to right the wrongs on Capitol Hill.

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    Deuteronomy 7:6

    6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth.
    The Holy Bible : King James Version.

    Can’t argue with that!!

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    Do they burn gays in Iran If so, how about a link

    “-burning alive at the stake”

    His colleague, Ayatollah Musavi-Ardebili, demanded the strict enforcement of Islamic punishments for lesbian and gay behavior. Describing the procedures for the execution of homosexuals, he told students at Tehran University:

    “They should seize him (or her), they should keep him standing, they should split him in two with a sword, they should either cut off his neck or they should split him from the head…. after he is dead, they bring logs, make a fire and place the corpse on the logs, set fire to it and burn it. Or it should be taken to the top of a mountain and thrown down. Then the parts of the corpse should be gathered together and burnt.

    Or they should dig a hole, make a fire in the hole and throw him alive into the fire.

    We do not have such punishments for other offences”, boasted the Ayatollah. “There cannot be the slightest degree of mercy or compassion. … Praise be to God.”

    Deficient in their Religion. That’s Islam…

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    Agreed. I love all the speakers, and only disagree with one thing Congressman Franks said…

    IMHO, the engineer of the universe doesn’t have “chosen people”…

    That being said, I support Israel and will stand with them when they’re forced to completely crush the genocidal totalitarians that surround them.

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    If you’re not with Israel, you’re with the fascists–pure and simple.

    Worse than that, if you don’t support Israel, you are supporting Allah…

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    The Bible makes clear that the people called Israelites were indeed chosen, made to be a seperate people from others, an example for the world. Not “better”….but chosen for His purpose.

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    Okay, Tracker — will watch Franks, then email him great thanks. I second the motion — let’s all create some good buzz going his way!
    I jumped off the video before he came on due to length, but I’ll go back, and even indicate to all WHEN he comes on :)

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    As a Jew, I’ve always found it odd that our people should be considered “chosen” by God. Lately I found an interpretation I could accept, namely that they were tasked with a mission to promulgate belief in one God, and what we now call Western democratic values — i.e. the civilizing of mankind, my example.
    Rev, please correct me if you think I still don’t understand…

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    The innocent, secular Muslims must not be targeted by our rage for Islam. The reason they don’t march en mass in the streets to condemn jihadists is that they are maintained in terror by the tyranny of their cultists.
    If they burn gays in Iran, think what they’d do to the sane elements that dare to think and act on their own. Blood-lust rules!

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    If they burn gays in Iran, think what they’d do to the sane elements that dare to think and act on their own

    Do they burn gays in Iran

    If so, how about a link

    According to Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 84, Number 57: Mohammed said Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire)

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    No, I do not think Caroline Glick went too far in saying that Locke based a lot of his ideas on the Hebrew Bible. True, his ideas about tolerance weren’t from that source–although his proposal that Roman Catholics should not be tolerated due to their allegiance to a foreign potentate and that atheists shouldn’t be, either, due to the untrustworthiness of any oath they might make shows that he was a long way from the modern ideal of tolerance.

    Locke’s youth was a Puritan one. Arguments that Deuteronomy 17 subjected the ruler to law and that I Sam. 8 was a warning about what a king would do rather than a charter of royal absolutism were staples of Puritan political theory–as was David’s covenant (“league” in the KJV) with the elders of Israel in II Sam. 5 being precedent for the idea that godly government is a compact between rulers and ruled.

    And most of the idiocy about biblical “intolerance” is just cover to prove how “broad-minded” and “tolerant” the Left is–with its adulation of people like Mao and Guevara, or the O administrations sicking the IRS on non-Leftist political organizing.

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    The link you provided doesn’t say that gays have been executed by burning.

    And a rant by some Ayatollah Musavi-Ardebili demanding that gays should be thrown alive into the fire doesn’t mean that gays are executed by burning.

    Now, how about a link that is reliable, proving gays are executed by burning.