Iranian Ayatollah: Americans “don’t have the guts” to attack Iran

He is probably right. Look at Barack Obama, John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, and all the rest. Are there any guts anywhere in that crowd? Do any of them have America’s best interests at heart, or are they all committed to woozy ideas of “world peace,” to be achieved by endless accommodations of hate-filled, genocidal jihadists who have made their intentions toward Israel and the United States abundantly clear, and who laugh at the easy marks in Washington who believe their “moderate” pose even as they negotiate with them and extract further concessions?

“Ayatollah Leads Worshippers in ‘Death to America’ Chants: Lying U.S. Leaders Don’t Have the Guts to Attack Iran,” from MEMRI, February 7:

In a Friday sermon in Tehran on February 7, 2014, Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Movahedi-Kermani accused U.S. leaders of insolence and lies. We should give a “tooth-breaking response to these lies, nonsense, and shameless allegations,” said the ayatollah, and the crowds responded with chants of “Death to America.”

Following are excerpts from the sermon, which was broadcast on Iran’s Channel 1:

Ali Movahedi-Kermani: Mr. Kerry and Ms. Sherman were very impolite. They said ugly things, and this ugliness befits them.

Crowd: Death to America!

Death to America!

Ali Movahedi-Kermani: Ms. Sherman says: “Iran paid its poor with our money.” Allah Akbar. What insolence. America’s money?! It is Iran’s money. You have seized that money. This is plunder. You have become thieves. Now, they’re giving us some of our own money back through the negotiations. Has this become your money?! Have we been feeding our poor with your money?!


They say clearly that Iran plays a destabilizing role in Syria, in Lebanon, in Iraq, in Bahrain, in Gaza, in Afghanistan. A destabilizing role?! Think a little. Be reasonable. It is your own crimes that we are witnessing in those countries. You have gathered some of Syria’s enemies, and they want to determine Syria’s future. There can be no greater crime, no greater mistake.


The strangest thing is when John Kerry says: “We have not closed our eyes to Iran’s harsh history and its conduct in the past 30 years.” Fine. Don’t close your eyes. Open them and see your crimes over the past 35 years.

Crowd: Death to America!

Death to America!


Ali Movahedi-Kermani: They say that they will use the sanctions to continue to exert pressure on Iran’s economy in the next 6 months, and that they will not allow the Iranian economy to flourish. In light of all these irrelevant and baseless allegations, Iran should shout to the skies: “Death to America,” should it not?

Crowd: Death to America! Death to America!

Ali Movahedi-Kermani: Our people expect the Iranian foreign ministry to give a tooth-breaking response to these lies, nonsense, and shameless allegations.

Crowd: Allah Akbar.

Allah Akbar.

Khamenei is the leader.

Death to those who oppose the Rule of the Jurisprudent!

Death to America!

Death to England!

Death to the hypocrites!

Death to Israel!


Ali Movahedi-Kermani: Unfortunately, America does not give up. The president himself, the secretary of state, and Ms. Sherman are constantly threatening us that the military option is on the table.


Iran laughs at these threats. Iran laughs at this.


We know that the military threats that all options are on the table serve America’s domestic interests. They are joking. They don’t have the guts to do it, and they know it.

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  1. joeb says

    “Iranian Ayatollah: Americans “don’t have the guts” to attack Iran”

    He’s right, they don’t. Nothing new here…it’s the whole basis of how Iran has been dealing with the West in recent years. They can demand and do whatever they like, because they know there is no downside under any circumstances.

  2. Jay Boo says

    John Kerry is growing an appeasement ayatollah style beard .
    The ayatollahs see right through his weakness, They may be fools
    but they are not stupid.

    • Ernie Banks says

      Robert has it wrong; this crowd isn’t committed to world peace. It is committed to whirred peas. He should print a correction.

  3. Jay Boo says

    Hitler Mobile
    Long time Iran regime supporter Daimler AG Mercedes
    From SS Hitler mobile (IN LINK BELOW) to the (single) S class Mercedes Benz.
    But it is now time to end the unsavory links with the holocaust denying regime of Iran.
    It is time to say ‘Never again’ to anti-Semitic collaborators.

    by German film students
    in the ending Hitler as a young boy lies dead in the road sprawled out in the shape of a swastika.

  4. Wellington says

    Favorite line in all this: “You have become thieves.” If ever unintentional irony has occurred, it has here because Islam has been a thief from the get-go.

    Mohammed was a thief, a bandit, his followers were thieves, the First Four Caliphs were thieves, as were the Umayyads and Abbasids and so many of Mo’s deluded followers who came thereafter. The Islamic world is still a thief, appropriating Western technology to enrich itself and to use it against the West, as occurred on 9/11 (the Islamic world would have never on its own developed planes—or automobiles–or telephones–or computers–or…, or…or…).

    When I think of Islam, I think of many negatives. Many. Close to the top is that of “thief.”

  5. Change Iran Now says

    The Obama administration remains committed to appeasement masquerading as diplomacy. If sanctions are effective, tighter sanctions would advance our aims — even more effectively. Our national policy should be nothing short of forcing Iran to give up their nuclear ambitions, not to elicit worthless promises from a relentless exporter of terrorism.

  6. JessieJames says

    We know that the military threats that all options are on the table serve America’s domestic interests. They are joking. They don’t have the guts to do it, and they know it.

    Of course he’s right; obama is never going to make a single move against these morons. He might throw money and arms at them, lift a few more sanctions against them but he will never fight them. There are too many muslims in our own military. They will never put brother against brother. obama-lama-ding-dong is to great an ally to them. He is a lying traitor and an insult to our brave men and women in uniform.

  7. No Fear says

    “Americans don’t have the guts to attack Iran”

    “Americans don’t have the money to attack Iran” is more accurate.

  8. fair_dinkum says

    America has the guts to do anything it wants to do..

    including NOT using its military might arbitrarily. it takes more guts to not
    attack with thousands of missiles, aircraft, drones etc.

    iran s rusty, antiquated fleet is staying at a safe distance in international waters so far.. but i think iran will actually push it and sail closer. then brag about getting away with it. like a weird kid playing chicken.

    iran will do this for years to come. they are nowhere near the level of military technology or preparedness that they imply. its an attempt at whipping up fervour at home. remember, we hear about the atrocities and human rights violations (that poor, imprisoned ayatollah who spoke for secularism etc) but most of the population isnt in jail or being victimised. its behind their mullahs and their anti west jealous zealotry.

    even in the 1st gulf war, literally thousands of aircraft took out iraqs infrastructure in a day.

    the U S would do well to sail the USS R.Reagan to iranian waters and just hold its position. run aerial exercises. calibrate its guns. test its missiles and cause consternation with the shear fact that it doesnt need to be refuelled, being nuclear driven. that it has on board something akin to the whole and total iranian air forces. that the aircraft are decades in advance of anything iran has.

    and while their watching this, hit them from behind with drones. government facilities. military targets. clean and accurate.
    i can only wish.

    watch the panic. watch the bluster and fear increase and the threats apex and then fizzle out.

  9. kikorikid says

    The secular portion of Iranian Society needs to get up, again,
    and foment revolt until it happens. Along the way the
    outside world will begin to help you, please do it.
    If not then eventually the U.S. will attack. If you had a penny
    for every American who thinks Iran has earned an attack
    you would be wealthy,indeed.
    “Don’t have guts!” Haven’t heard that since Junior High.